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LEGO - Volkswagen Beetle $99 | Volkswagen T1 Camper Van $119 | Star War Helmets $69 | Hogwart's Castle $499 @ Big W Online

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  • I really can't justify buying Lego for myself.

    I will probably grab a couple of the classic boxes, some Lego Frozen and Lego Friends sets (either Amusement Pier or Water Park) for the kids.

    One of my daughters is still 3. She is right on the cusp where the Duplo stuff is too babyish for her, but the 4+ Lego is still a bit too complicated.
    Anybody have any suggestions?

    • 1500 classic box, my 3 year old loves just putting pieces together (I got the 900 classic box mid covid). You can always join in and help build something more substantial like a house, car, pool, bunk bed, bus.

      Alternatively pick up a Lego Friends set with little animal figurines, really good for role playing or making up stories at that age. Definitely stop with the Duplo, good decision.

      • Cheers, appreciate the suggestions.
        Do you have a link to your suggested Lego friends set with the animals?

        • All the new jungle sets are your best bet:

          Lego Friends Jungle Rescue Base 41424 $119
          Lego Friends Alpaca Mountain Rescue 41432 $69

          I'd be after them if my 6 yo wasn't so hot on the waterpark.

          The one we recently picked up was the Lego Friends Dolphin Rescue Amazon Link

          Submarine is very cool, two dolphins very nice, sunken ship looks nice but ultimately forgettable.

  • Will amazon price match??

    • Let's hope so. (Prime free shipping)

  • umm in a 1 hour queue ….

    • Yeah ridiculous, not waiting for that long for this.

    • absolute bullshit. I had everything ready to go since 8pm. 1.15 hour queue, get stuffed.

      • Try a refresh, worked straigth away for me (see below order).

        • Refresh doesnt work unfortunately

  • 1h 15min wait time.

  • woooot!!!!!

    90 mins wait time.


  • I got 30 min wait time… it seemed to start a few mins before 12.01.

  • -3

    Got in, placed and order for assembly square and water park, fingers cross no issues. Delivery was $7.90.

    Good luck all!

    • +2

      I clicked refresh at 11:58, got 1.15 queue, so bullshit. Had I known to click refresh earlier I would have, but they said the site is "down from 10pm" and will "come back online at 12.01". Bullshit

    • Were there limits on the Lego purchases?

      • I only bought one of each set, so didn't run into any limits.

  • +3


    Go get your Lego Car Transporter!

  • From looking in the "Toy List" while in the waitlist it seems like there is nothing good left.

    Edit: No, don't trust the toy list, Camper Van is still there.

  • I had the craziest experience, I had Big W open on my laptop, PC and mobile. My laptop had been on the page since 10:15pm, then said I had an 1hr wait. So on my PC I just went straight to bigw.com.au and I got straight in.

    • Yeah I found that too, except I just used different browsers. Opened Mozilla and got a 1 hour wait time estimate; then opened Chrome and instantly was able to place an order.

      • I can confirm, I got straight through using Chrome as well. Firefox browsers stuck in the queue.

  • All big sets are now gone.

    • +1

      My credit card payment was lagging and not processing, quickly paid via PayPal and seemed to get the Assembly Square, Camper Van and Beetle. Now just waiting for the refund email saying they over sold the items lol

    • +2

      So devastated, planned for a week to get millenium falcon and this stupid queue screwed it all up.

      • u missed out on the three they had a full page ad for?

    • +1

      wow, I am still queued. by all I guess u really mean all. What a bs experience

      • +1

        Try going directly to www.bigw.com.au in a separate tab. It worked for me on a separate computer strangely enough.

    • I just bought the Camper Van. It still appears to be available.

      • And now it's gone.

  • hmm im in there now…all the star wars stuff is gone already
    assembly square gone
    Hogwarts Castle gone

    roller coaster is still there

    • probably had nearly nothing

  • +2

    I got hit with a 10 minute wait and guess what, the LEGO Falcon was already gone by the time I got in. Complete waste of my time.

    • +2

      shows how strong our economy is at the moment!

  • More stock release every hour (wishful thinking)

  • Sad… missed out on hogwarts and assembly square. Had both in the cart along with the Beetle and Combivan. At least got the Combivan and Beetle

  • So seems like of you opened the pages before 10pm and still had it open then you were at the start of the queue. My phone said 15mins but was in by 10mins. Tablet said 10mins but had issues loading.

    • +1

      My two PC's had the pages open at 8pm. They got 1.15 queues. I opened it on my Ipad at 11, I got 30 minute queue (although has been stuck at 15 minutes for 15 minutes now and not going down).

    • That must have been the trick. I clicked into big w exactly 12.01 and copped a 1 hour 15 min queue.

  • I missed out on everything because I'm still in a one hour queue and I just hit refresh :)

  • Tab open waiting since 10pm hit refresh at 12:01 and says wait 10min finally get in and all big sets out of stock huge waste of time. If you're in a queue right now for big Lego sets ie, UCS falcon, Death Star and Hogwarts castle they are all out of stock.

  • Beetle and Camper Van now sold out

  • Assume everything is gone now.
    Don't bother. Site is kicking people out as well. I got booted after 15mins

  • Did anyone else checkout as a guest and just get thrown back to the login page after completing payment with no order confirmation?

    I got a PayPal confirmation email but nothing from BigW.

  • +4

    I added the Bugatti into my cart successfully and then watched it slip away as an error occurred during payment. Thanks for nothing. All major sets were gone when I got access at 12.08am! I reckon they had less than 5 of everything. Poor form BigW!

  • ffs. this feels a lot like one of those horrible ebay plus days. been waiting since 10pm and got hit with a 'lounge waiting area' page. got in a few mins past midnight most lego sold out.

    • +1

      been waiting since last week

  • wish they posted the stock levels. seems impossible to get a millenium falcon. can only hope they release more stock soon

  • +1

    What on earth is going to be left to put on their shelves for the in-store sale now?

  • Whats the chances if a confirmation email was received but they will actually not fulfill the order due to errors. I got my order confirmed at 12:08 but I'm beginning to wonder if I will actually receive it.

  • 10 Min queue for the past 25 mins. Seems broken.

  • I added all I want in the cart and checked out with 2mins. Then I was kicked out from the payment sections twice. Then Finally, get through to the payment section the third time and had to select PayPal to check out. But all items I wanted out of stock. I got access at 12:02 AM !!!!!!!!!
    Even for the Paypal payment, it crashed once.

  • yup, had the helmets in my cart then got booted from payment and then all were gone. wondering if anyone actually got one

  • tip for anyone who manages to get whatever is left. don't use credit card. wouldn't process. went all laggy. got through with paypal eventually. just missed out on the lego i came for though

    • Yeah this is exactly what happened to me. Credit card payment stalled twice. Switched to paypal and seemed to go through.

    • I used Wish gift cards. My downfall was I had $700+ in my cart so needed to swap apps to get another gift card code. By the time I got back the big Hogwarts set was gone :(

    • I went via PayPal as well but still got booted back to the login page after the payment processed.
      I got a PayPal confirmation email but nothing from BigW.

      • Best of luck. Hopefully you get a confirmation email. I got mine pretty much instantly when I paid via eGiftCard.

        • It was really weird. Chose to Click & Collect the order, paid via PayPal, the payment went through but no confirmation email from BigW. Tried to order and pay via PayPal again and it kept failing several times before the item suddenly showed as unavailable for Click & Collect; then I switched to delivery and paid via CC and it finally worked and the confirmation email arrived straight away.

  • All I will say is I'm glad I loaded my Amazon AC's with discounted gift cards .
    My BigW started with a 5 min wait and is around 1 hr now .

  • +1


    • +1


      • Gone now but was up for 10-15 mins .

        • Bugatti gone, Rollercoaster still there surprisingly. Still have mine unbuilt otherwise I would have bought it.

  • There App , different browsers , mobile devices all are stuffed and now at 1 1/4 hr wait : (

    • +1

      Yeah seems to have stuck at 45min for 1hr now.
      Gonna give up with Big W.
      Luckily didn't buy myself few hundred $ of Wish gift cards.

  • Mine just jumped from an hour wait to 'in' literally just now… but I had another browser where it was the same wait (1 hr) and accidentally hitting back while browsing the catalogue let me in so I've ordered already… The whole wait lounge is kind of broken.

    • The whole site was broken; waiting lounge, checkout and payment processing.

      They definitely weren't ready for the amount of traffic or orders.

      • Yeah had a few 405 errors trying to access the shopping cart.

        I felt they were pretty well prepared though overall, nice that Amazon price matched and beat a few items :)

        • I was on at 11.30, no queue. Went back 11.45pm, 1 hour queue. Waited 70mins to see my wait time jump to 4 hours. Meanwhile others were able to circumvent the wait lounge? I disagree this system showed preparation or was in any way first come first serve. Congrats on your scores though.

          Update: 1.20am. Wait time 30mins. Go to bed folks. The good stuff is gone.

          • @Sploo: I ended up cheating the game, had 30 mins wait for over an hour and so just opened the Big W site in incognito on my phone, after a 3 tries it dumped me to the main page. Takes some talent to mess up a queue system but here we are

    • Was sitting at 30 mins for the last 45 mins and now it's jumped up to 4 hours!?!

      What a waste of a night, here's hoping the stores have some stock of the Technic Ducati I had my eye on.

      • Pretty sure it was online only like the other expensive sets :(

        • Not it was available for Click & Collect, at least initially in WA, but after repeatedly attempting to place a C&C order with no luck, my selected branch mysteriously reverted to not being available for C&C (I'm guessing their stock levels were taking a while to update with the volume of orders), so I ended up finally succeeding by placing a delivery order for it.

          There should still be quite a lot of stock for the Ducati Panigale, it was by no means sold out even within the first two hours of the sale (last I checked) and I could see several branches stocking it in WA alone.

      • Rick James Bricks - $75

  • Glad I gave up at 10:30pm and went to bed. Did anyone else poke around the sites code and realise this was always a tighly controlled exercise from the start and by inference they had little stock. The queuing system was based on your browser being issued a specific cookie, and that I assume was queued up server side. I suspect some folk who loaded the page just after 12:01 actually got in before those that waited the 2 hrs.

  • I had the PC open at 10pm when they took the site down. Waited until 12, site gave me a waiting time of 30 mins. Then all of a sudden 12:01 I was in! Quickly added the car transporter, ducati and falcon and checked out. 12:04 bedtime! :D Finally an online sale that worked for me haha.

  • I put a few things in my wishlist yesterday, woke up this morn at 6am and jumped on my phone. Doms Technic was already sold out but managed to get a technic transporter pickup. Took 3 mins. No idea if they actually will have stock though :|

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/stores/page/D1EF006F-04F3-4BC1-847...

    Hottest link to wait for a restock , or a price match :)

    Better than the permanent lounge at BigW .

    • Has Amazon ever stocked the UCS Falcon?

    • camping there now. thanks.

  • +1

    I AM SO BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • +2

      Broke like the BIGW site 🤣

  • WTF, Big W overcharged my gift card!

    • Holy shit! Same here. Took over $700!

      • lol, mine was a legitimate overcharge

        • I emailed them. Will need to call as well I think.

        • PHEW! Just received an egift card with $499 which is what they overcharged me. Was dreding I would have to battle this.

          • @julz: did you get another email today with an apology?

            • @zuuutoootuuu: Yeah I did. They said they were going to send me a $30 voucher

  • -3

    LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet 75274 Building Kit https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B085LGR5TT/


    I bought 4x and it still says 2 in stock..

    • Gone again

  • Just checked my order status from last night. I ordered Beetle, Camper Van and Assembly Square (1 of each).

    Delivery 1:
    * Beetle - Shipped/Awaiting Procesessing
    * Camper Van - Shipped/Awaiting Procesessing
    * Assembly Square - Cancelled

    Delivery 2:
    * Assembly Square - Cancelled

    Delivery 3:
    * Assembly Square - Picking in process

    No clue if it's a good thing or not for actually receiving the Assembly Square?

  • BigW's poor launch of the ToyMania sale made the news apparently.

    The article's mostly a parade of first-world problems and angry Karens but it does go to show that it wasn't just some OzBargain hysteria; plenty of people were having issues with the queue/virtual lounge system and placing orders, and the stock levels were ridiculously inadequate nation-wide.