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Seagate 16TB HDD Exos X16 7200 RPM 512e/4kn SATA 6GB/s 256MB $646.24 Plus Delivery @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


This deal is back! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/513719 $11 dearer but still a cracking deal

14TB model is also on sale: $574.26 + Delivery: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07T63FDJQ/

EDIT 11/6: 16TB no longer available, 14TB price dropped to $557.22 + Delivery (free delivery with Prime)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I can see people have used these for NAS Drives, I can also see they think they are as fast as SSDs (gotta love Amazon product reviews)…. but thoughts on putting 4 7200rpm drives in such an environment? Can't help but think heat and noise will be noticeably different (over 8tb Reds in a DS918+)

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      I'm recall these are not quiet drives… so yes they would be louder than Reds which are known for their quietness.

      Does the NAS sit next to you? Can you move it to another room?

      • Unfortunately it does, right near my Modem.

        Really gives me the shits as my PC is dead silent, and built for that reason, yet I hear this NAS all the time… have tried alot of padding underneath which occasionally helps but the fan is obnoxious too (relatively speaking).

        • Mechanical HDDs are banned in my room. You really can't move the NAS?

          • @nfr: Can't have it in a living area, that'd be tacky and even more annoying, don't wanna put it in a cupboard either for obvious reasons. So as bit limited.

        • Use the savings to investing in some Bose QC35’s. Problem solved!

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      Check the comments in this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/534919

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      All depends on the environment you keep the NAS in. Enable SMART monitoring and put it in a sensible location and it'll be fine. 44TB (N+1, usable) for under 2k I guess seems ok but I'm sticking with 8's for now till I get close to 50% capacity!

      • I'm running 4 8s but in one big volume, I have external backup and it's only really for Plex so not the crucual need for RAID setups IMO.

        But the room is downstairs and cool so it's a great spot otherwise.

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        [edit] i can't maths.. under $2500 i should say.

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      I share the same sentiments. It never ceases to amaze me that some people refuse to do their homework when building a NAS and then vent on here, Amazon reviews etc. about how much heat and noise they have created and are happy to shoot the manufacturer/retailer etc for their poor decisions.

      • I think people just can't fathom how loud/noisy it is since it's all relative to whatever setups they've previously had. In my case I have two HGST 3TB 7200rpm drives in an old 2 bay Synology and I find it noticeable but not disruptive… I don't know if using 2 of these would be similar or worse.

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    Man that's a lot of linux.

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      Or pr0n.

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    Isn’t it risky to use a single drive to store everything? Aren’t you better off using multiple smaller drives?

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      Or buy more big drives

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      If you can afford to buy one of these, you can/should be able to afford to buy multiple for backup.

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      I agree that storing this much data on a single drive is risky, but everyone really should have a backup strategy or use some form of disk redundancy. I can see this aimed at someone who has very limited drive bays in their NAS but needs to store lots and lots of linux distros.

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    Glad to see HDD pricing finally returning to normality, gotta keep all those linux distros backed up. This is a really good price for a 16TB enterprise drive, still not quite on par as the best deals we have seen on a TB per $ scale. The sub-$300 deals last year for NAS grade 8TB drives were amazing.

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      Fair price to pay to cram more TBs into the same no. of drive bays

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        100% agreed. Great deal for someone with limited bays.

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    Does anyone know if these are retail drives and covered by Seagate warranty?

    I bought the Ultrastar drive from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/533699 and was told by Western Digital that it was an OEM drive that not covered by WD's warranty. Amazon told me that this harddrive only came with 1-year Amazon warranty despite showing 5-year warranty on their website and numerous other people here had managed to get assurance from different Amazon reps that Amazon would offer 5 year warranty if the manufacturer won't cover it. I am preparing myself for a nasty ACL fight with Amazon if the Ultrastar drive fails within 5 years but would like to avoid this for future purchases through Amazon.

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      I pretty sure the Exos drives come with a 5 year warranty. These are their enterprise line of products and are rated for higher MTBF numbers than their Ironwolf or Ironwolf Pro lines.

    • Ah wait, I misunderstood your initial post, your question was if the drives are retail or OEM. I would assume retail, but impossible to tell until you check the serial numbers.

  • You can get the 2x 12TB WD drive for $700 then suck them out.

    • thought you mean 2x12TB for $700 in total and got excited for a sec

    • +1

      presuming you mean "suck" = "shuck" (some OzB folks may not know what the expression means).

      Shuck = Removing a HDD from an external enclosure and re-purposing that drive in another device.

      • Thanks for the corrections :)

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      Things to take into account are loss of warranty and the quality of the internal drive itself. Most shucked drives tend to be consumer product lines which are SMR based and not rated for 24/7 use within a NAS.

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        Some are. Anything below 8 terabytes from WD can be a consumer drive, but as of right now 8's and above are all CMR. Some are even helium drives.

  • Max order quantity is only one drive?

  • FREE international delivery on Prime import orders over $49

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    Is the picture on the drive a T-Rex holding a tanto knife in front?

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    Just ordered 11. 3 left in stock! Yes I had to ordered one at a time, but they do allow it. Been wanting to upgrade of of my 12x4tb Raid 6 arrays for a while, and been waiting for these drives. I already bought 2 for testing earlier. Works great with my Areca ARC-1883ix-24! On ARECA Official HDD compatibility list too!

  • Picked one up, hope the warranty is worldwide :/

    • Make that two.

  • thankyou for the 12tb that appeared here a few weeks ago. The price on this is crazy. $28 per tb opposed to $40 per tb is a no brainer.

  • What are the chances this will be available again?

  • Looks like 16TB is still available for ordering if you want to lock in a price with stock arriving 22/6 (so presumably won’t reach our shores until a few weeks after).