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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus $155 Delivered (Grey Import) @ TobyDeals


Been looking for these recently and found them cheapest at Toby Deals. Other colours available and are cheaper, black seems to be the most expensive (by ~ $4 :-)

RRP is $299 and checked out Ozb but didnt see many posts with pricing nearly this low.

Yes, they will be grey market, but they are also almost 50% below rrp so IMHO worth the risk.

Possibly may be able to get local warranty support through Samsung at kiosks etc, not sure.

Shipping 6 - 8 days so quite quick which is good.

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    "Possibly may be able to get local warranty support through Samsung at kiosks etc, not sure."

    Are you kidding me?Samsung Australia will not touch this.How else will they convince people to pay more for local stock?

    • Samsung Australia are closing all but 6 stores/kiosks also. The only one in Sydney opening again is George St.

  • CART3 always work for an extra 3% off at TobyDeals

    • I missed out on this code, thanks for the heads up for next time.

  • Just FYI Samsung education store has restocked the buds plus now as well. Using the $50 discount I got the red version and a Samsung silicon case delivered for ~$206 just last week. Does come will full warranty then as well.

    • What's the base price for the buds themselves on the Education portal? Just looking on the gov portal, $254

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        I think it was about $239 (not on my laptop atm), so when i added the case it bumped it over $250 so allowed me to use the $50 voucher.

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      Just FYI that is 33% more expensive than the current deal.

      • Ok got the receipt with the discount order this is the breakdown. Honestly thought it was pretty good and delivered next business day.

        Red galaxy buds+ = $183.01
        Galaxy Note10+ Silicone case = $23.87

        Total = $206.88

        I thought it was pretty good tbh.

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    Best wireless earbuds for sound quality according to rtings. https://www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/best/sounding-wire...

    Strangely enough people happily pay double this and more for other brands which are not as good.

    • you re looking at airpods aren't you

      • I'm an iPhone user and I gotta say, the Galaxy Buds are far, far superior in terms of sound quality.
        AirPods shine in call quality/mic, but pure sound wise, Buds all the way.

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    Plus for the price, but minus for TobyDeals, so not vote from me.

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      Yeah, we need an AU stock bargain

  • Oh only if it would have an IPX rating.

  • Not worth the risk. Go to JB and ask them for a price match to Samsung store. You will get it for $189

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      but Samsung Store doesn't have them for $189…not even the older Galaxy Buds are $189.

  • Or just get them on FB or Gumtree.

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      wow… used earbuds?? yuk…

      • When did I say used?

        Plenty of new redemptions for sale

        • yep. i have a pair sitting in a box never opened - my wife and i both pre-ordered S20+ phones which came with these as a redemption bonus. she doesn't like buds so even tough we redeemed them they are sitting in a drawer unopened.

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            @Tejas57: Easy $150-200, though plenty of idiots think they can sell them for RRP or near enough to it…

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            @Tejas57: @Tejas57: I'm interested in buying them hassle free. Please PM me if you're interesting in selling them.

  • I bought mine 3 weeks ago from Toby. They took 1 week to post out plus another 3-4 days for it to get delivered. Go ahead with them if you dont mind waiting 2 weeks or so…

  • Also available in milkyway Galaxy

    • Lame…

  • I bought 2 pairs from their last deal and it took 30 days from order to arrival in Sydney. YMMV

  • Hi guys,

    Seeking advice: I know its dearer at Dicksmith but do dicksmith sell genuine products with warranty? Is it safer to buy the buds from them you think? https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/samsung-galaxy-buds-plus...

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      Far more likely to get warranty…. and they definitely sell genuine products. Looking at the site it does say AU model, so shouldn't be an issue.

  • Toby's website said faulty products return to their own repair centers in AUS/NZ. Whatever that means but looks like need some luck if to claim local warranties. JB and OfficeWorks fully aware toby is grey import so wont price match.

    • I thought OW now price matches grey import too. They even PM ebay ain't they?

      • I checked the OW PBG policy again and it seems like they reverted back to the old policy. Probably why this post has expired https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/399699 . Seriously when it came out everyone was so hyped about it.

        • They still do price match with grey import(not ebay though) as long as the item is identical. But most OW stores already blacklist TobyDeals for price beat.

          The old policy was they need to have same warranty policy, which grey import item doesn't have.

          • @Kupret: I called and they said they only price match same product code. TobyDeal/TecoBuy they had SM-R175 where as OW has

            Also tried to price match Kogan via marketplace store HeyBattery. They said they don't price match marketplace because it could be second hand….

            Regarding the policy this post mentioned the below https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/399699 :

            Old Policy:

            Our guarantee applies to all identical products and services with identical warranties that are:

            stocked at Officeworks
            in stock at our competitor; and
            not excluded from the PBG (see below).

            New Policy:

            Our guarantee applies to all identical products and services that are:

            Stocked at Officeworks
            In stock at our competitors and
            Not excluded from the PBG (see below)

            If you go to https://www.officeworks.com.au/information/policies/price-be... you can clearly see that they've reverted back to the old policy.

  • Bought a Samsung mobile from them recently. Took them 4 weeks to post it and another week for arrival. Wasted my money by paying extra for speedy delivery. Terrible communication. Will never ever buy from them again.

  • Very happy with my buds but I bought them for 210 with local warranty.

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    FWIW I took this deal to Officeworks and they price beat it for $147.5.

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      Can you upload the pic of your receipt please!

      • Wow that's great! Did you have to go in person to get the Pricematch? Also did you show them the TobyDeals website?

    • Can you please upload receipt, will make my life easier trying to get a price match :S

    • Can you please upload reciept, will make my life easier trying to get a price match :S

  • Just tried to price match this at Officeworks. Turns out TobyDeals is "banned" from being pricematched

  • My galaxy buds arrived during the week while i was away on a business trip. Cant complain with the speed of delivery or the item, purchase went very well.

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    Ordered on a Thursday afternoon, arrived the following Monday morning, I was shocked how fast it was. Very happy with them.

    • Have ordered them on Wednesday 24/06 and received order confirmation within hours. Dispatch email followed soon after and received a tracking number is day later on 25th. Was the product in a brand new sealed box?

      • Yes

      • Let me know when yours arrives, i ordered the same time and curious how long delivery will take, mine is still in transit now

        • got mine pretty quick, + for delivery

          Dont sound as good as the bose soundsport free i have as well but heaps more features

      • My brand new Samsung galaxy bud plus arrived following Monday on 29th June. Pretty good for overseas shipment. So far loving them, they are really good even with iphone.

  • Yep can't complain, arrived quickly.

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