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Kogan 10000mAh 18W Textured Power Bank with QC 3.0 $15.99 + Delivery ($0 with First) @ Kogan


Power up quickly with the Kogan 10000mAh 18W Textured Power Bank with QC 3.0, featuring 18W PD & Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 to charge up to 70% faster.

2020-06-26: Now with free shipping until 30 June 2020

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  • Does anyone know if this will charge a nintendo switch while playing? Thanks!

    • the description does say the switch is compatible, and there have been other users on ozbargain who swear by these chargers. not sure how well it charges while playing.

    • Switch is meant to draw a maximum of 18W. When docked the dock draws a maximum of 39W (with up to 18W of that for the switch itself).
      Switchchargers website seems to say that the switch can draw its maximum 18W via type c pd at 9V and 15V, but that could be situation dependant. Something that does [email protected] should guarantee maximum charging rate, i'd be less certain of [email protected] The switch does not use "standard pd or qc" power profiles, and uses different profiles depending on whether docked, undocked, being played, just charging and even depending on the game played (system load) - breath of the wild in testing was one of a few games that was able to get the switch to draw max power. It also differs between models - old switch, new switch, switch lite.

      TLDR - probably, double check switchchargers website for more info.

      • What I read and understood is that when you output your Switch to TV (docked mode), it uses 39W (15 volts @ 2.6 amps) charging profile. So this may not work when docked.
        For standalone I think it uses 7.5W (5 volts @ 1.5 amps) so hopefully should work unless Nintendo have also started to do those stupid certifications (like Google and Apple) throttling non-branded chargers.

        • Thats pretty much what I said, but the switch itself as a device seems to draw a max of 18W when docked (it gets the 18W from the dock, the dock takes a max of 39 from the wall), and can also draw that max of 18W when being played while undocked (charging while playing handheld). I suspect the 7.5W number is the max for charging while the switch is not being played. The 18W while being played undocked doesn't always happen either - only demanding games cause the switch to request the full 18W to charge while playing. Less demanding games it would probably draw between 7.5-18W.

          The only reason I say to check, is because in the playing while handheld and charging (not just maintaining battery) scenario the switch may not be able to draw the full 18W over 9V - that might be limited to 15V, as it doesn't fully comply with PD spec. From memory this differs slightly between the first and second gen switch (full size not lite).
          This makes some sense as the oem switch charger seems to only have 2 modes - 15V at up to 2.6A and 5V at 2A (from memory). That might mean the switch itself also won't charge at 9V (the max this powerbank is capable of), and 18W can only be drawn at 9V and above under PD. So this powerbank can only provide 18W over pd, as it doesn't have 15V and the limit for 5V is 15W (5V3A). If the switch doesn't play ball at 9V, the max charging rate from this powerbank could be 10-12W. Switchchargers has the full graphs and breakdowns though for all the models.

          I beileve from memory the switch lite is limited to a max draw of 12.5W also.

          I suspect it will be fine what coldazure wants, but it pays to check to be 100% sure. That being said $16 isn't that risky an investment anyway.

    • Using A-C cable it'll more or less hold charge level but it's going to take a very long time to charge fully like that. This is playing AC which I think is pretty heavy on the switch, lighter games may far a little better. You'd probably see some improvement using C-C as it can use the faster PD charging.

    • This charger will supply:
      -original Switch 12W max (12V/1A)
      -updated Switch 18W max (12V/1.5A)
      -Switch Lite 13.5W max (12V/1.1A)


      From memory, the max power drain of the original Switch (under heavy load) is something like 8.75W, so 12W will be fine for charging and playing, even if it's not the full max charging rate (for 18W max charging on an OG Switch, you would need the 15V profile OR the 9V profile without 12V).

      The Switch will select the higher V first, so that's why this charger will charge an OG Switch at 12W (12V/1A) instead of 14.4W (9V/1.6A). You would need a 27W charger (9V/3A) without 12V profile in order to charge at 18W (9V/2A). (Or a 15V/2A charger, which will supply 15V/1.2A)

      This shit is far too complicated!!! :)

  • It's actually $15.99 so closer to $16 than $15.

  • Delivery $11 for me :(
    Kinda kills the deal

  • Can anyone recommend a good powerbank with 15000mah? Preferably thin design.

    • ZMI QB815, if you can source one for a good price (not sure if it's been replaced by the ZMI 10 Pro, or whether they are continuing to sell both side by side).

      I have ZMI 10 QB820, which is the older 20,000mah version, and it's great!

  • FYI this is now sold out

  • $16 delivered with code "FREESHIP"