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Free Shipping on Almost Everything - Foxtel Now Box $49 Delivered @ Kogan


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Foxtel Now Box $49

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  • Thanks OP - free shipping worked on the Ovela bamboo sheets i was after!

    • So long as you know anything marketed as bamboo is not really bamboo. It's processed to the point it's just cellulose, ie: rayon.

      There is a mechanical method of processing but I could practically guarantee you won't find anyone that uses it. There might be some eco shop internationally that does, but certainly not any mass produced product.

      If I was you I'd cancel your order because you're being ripped off.

    • I bought one Ovela Queen bamboo sheets when it was $34.99 and Ovela bamboo quilt cover for $29.99 last month to try them out. (Kogan First member price)

      I'm not sure they're real bamboo or not, but I can vouch for their quality, silkiness and thickness for sheets under $50. It's totally worth what you pay for compared to those microfibre, cotton or polyester sheets around the same price that you find on eBay, Kmart, Bigw or Target, which are usually thin and rough.

      They're also much more affordable compared to other brand-name bamboo bedlinen sold for $150+.

      You might not like it if you're a hot-sleeper as they seem to feel cold compared to cotton/polyester sheets.

      • yeah i got the same, like them a lot but this time of year have tbh it's kinda cold with them.

  • Been holding off on getting a new tv for the bedroom and free shipping might make me pull the trigger.
    Thanks OP

  • Foxtel now or vtv? It's the $30 tradeoff good enough?

    • Would not recommend Foxtel now box. I find that the Android TV interface is almost unusable at times and that the Chromecast option doesn't work consistently either.

      • I've been very happy with Vodafone TV box (have two) and have set up one for a person who is completely IT illiterate and it's been operating for them for a few months without a phone call about it (so it's obviously stable and working for their needs). The VTV is now also $72, so a bit better value than it was when I bought them. Sorry if this sounds like a sales pitch - I promise I'm not getting a kickback from Vodafone :)

        • Yeah I've got vtv and it works consistently well for months. Thought for the parents of save a few bucks, but I think I'll go the tried method and buy a vtv

        • I have three VTV boxes. I can also confirm that a totally IT illiterate people can use it. It just works!
          (except for TV channels "flickering issue". Not that it affects the experience much).

    • Does anyone have the link for the vodafone tv box? I can seem to find it. Thanks.

  • This box hAs a tv tuner built in? Can I use it with a Foxtel go sign on?

    • Yes a tv tuner and no you can’t use Foxtel go sign in. I do believe you can get the Foxtel now trial and cancel and continue to use the box. However if you don’t have Foxtel now box. I’d recommend the Vodafone box.

  • Damn, I just placed an order last night. Should have waited a few more days for kogan specials

  • Is a Foxtel now box any use with a Foxtel login ?

    • Yes, you can sign up for a trial of Foxtel and cancel immediately and the account will still work after the trial has expired. However I think you are better off spending more on a Vodafone TV.

      • Thanks. So sign up for a trail of Foxtel now correct?

        I already have a Foxtel go.

        Why do you recommend Vodafone tv Over this?

        • I believe you can use Foxtel Multiscreen with this, and if you have Multiroom already it includes Multiscreen, however I could be very very wrong.

        • Well if you have Foxtel then i suppose it is different but I've been using it without Foxtel and find the experience quite buggy and slow.

  • This Popular power bank is now included for Pre Sale with free delivery for $15.99.


  • Thanks - worked on Korjo UK to AU power adaptor only $7 vs $12 at Amazon.

  • These popular smart plugs (Tuya based) with 2 x 2.4A usb ports (narrow enough that you can fit two plugs side by side in normal GPO) are eligible for free shipping with the FREESHIP code.

    $49.99 Kogan SmarterHome™ Smart Plug With Energy Meter & 5V 2.4A USB Ports (4 Pack)

    Brings them down to $12.50 each in a 4-pack. Voice controllable with google home etc. Although I haven't seen how I can link them to my IFTTT, not sure if Tuya stuff works with it. I've had 4 x running for 6 months reliably, only one or two dropouts in that entire time.

  • Hi all,

    I know this cant be compared to the brand names but is this a decent monitor for productivity? Not 144hz but I'm not a gamer. Ticks the box for resolution and tax deduction.


    • If it's anything like their TVs, I'd stay away from it.

      • I do hear mixed things about their tvs but have always wondered how they are compared to the other low end brands? Are they worth while?

    • I've got a different Kogan monitor and I'm very happy with it, whatever help that may be to you

  • I wouldn’t touch anything bought from Kogan with 20 foot bamboo pole. If you have any problems with the product their customer service is terrible.

    Get a warranty claim honoured and the item fixed, replaced or refunded can be extremely problematic. Depending on what you are requesting. You will usually get the run around.

    Quoting from choice article - “ And Kogan has been near the top (or at the top) of the NSW Fair Trading Complaints Register list in every 2018 monthly report.l”

    They also won choice Shonky award in 2019. An award many retailers dream of getting.


    Good old Kogan long after price is forgotten warranty claims and defective product headaches remain

    • I've never had issues with anything expensive from Kogan, but claims i've made on small items ($30 item broken in transit, etc.) were resolved fairly quickly with a photo etc. I can see how the above would deter people from buying large/expensive items requiring repair - myself included, but i would still recommend them for the price on small purchases

    • I had a warranty claim for a vacuum sealer sorted within a few days. Didn't experience any run around.

      • I had a portable air condition break and they picked it up and sent me a new one.
        Honestly they’ve been ok, no worse then any other online company.

    • I had the complete opposite experience. One of my Nintendo Joy-Cons from the Nintendo Switch I purchased from them went faulty and it was out of warranty (over 2 years after purchase). They asked for video proof and asked if I could go to Nintendo but I said both were difficult, so then they dispatched a new pair of Joy-Cons free of charge. So not only did they replace out of warranty but I ended up with two brand new joy cons, and I sold my old ones on eBay!

    • They've been very good for my purchases whenever I've had an issue.
      I think kogan has improved significantly lately.

  • They have the AudioEngine 2+ speakers in stock for $339: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/audioengine-2-wireless-desktop-...

  • I was waiting for this deal to use my Citibank order !! Woot!

    • So I used my Citibank card for the $20 offer yesterday and wake up to a charge of $8000+ on it that was blocked. The only thing I have used it for is Kogan in the last year (it's my travel card). Coincidence? I think not. Please be careful as it seems kogan security is complete trash.

  • Kogan consistency gets reported to NSW fair trading for failing to live up to obligations to consumers.

    So just because anecdotally few people in forum “claim” they got good service doesn’t hide the real facts of what is reported and published.

    Sure few people may get their consumer rights respected. Even broken clock is right twice day.

    Doesn’t discount or hide the fact that “ Kogan Was The Most Complained About Company In NSW Last Month” from life hacker


    But maybe a leopard can change its spots. And now Kogan does care about its statutory obligations and conforming to the law.

    But that’s not been my experience or any google searches I have done point too Kogan and outstanding Service. In fact most searches for Kogan and warranty lead to reports of shocking service and not conforming to its legal obligations

    • +6 votes

      Bit of a rubbish move to put the word claim in quotation marks. People commenting are only helping others out and they are not at all discounting the fact Kogan has had many reports against it, they're just providing two sides to a story of which you have jumped into on one of Kogan's deal posts.

      • Exactly, people are more likely to share bad than good, so I just wanted to share where I had an unexpectedly very good experience.

    • Lol @ posting a new comment instead of replying to people who rebutt you.

      But that’s not been my experience

      Why not share your actual experience rather than faceless websites which are more likely to reflect negative reviews?

  • Thanks Op - picked up another box of 100 Pack Perfetto Caffitaly Compatible Coffee Pods (Milano) (4/5 strength, the other 2 are OOS) $25 down from $49, but this price cycles so regularly according to PriceHipster not sure it can really be considered a "deal" (free to post if anyone feels it is)
    This is a Presale and expected shipping of 13 July.
    3 Months in lockdown I'll be out of the last box soon, and these machine-specific pods are harder to find at a good price nowdays

  • Thanks, was considering this, but shipping was too much. So bought and add small item to use the Citibank $20 code. Nothing to lose for $30 to replace my Chrome Cast 1 (can't imagine it could be worse, as it has Chrome Cast + Android Box?)

    • what small item to tip over 50 … can't find anything useful

      • I think cheapest is small hand sanitizer for $2.5. I picked HDMI cable for $7 (same thing on ebay is maybe $4-$5, but I need a cable anyway)

  • Foxtel now box or spend a little extra for Chromecast Ultra?
    Can anyone shed some light please?

    • Foxtel Now has a remote + an on screen menu etc with the ability I believe to not only download some apps but also sideload others available for Android, on top of this it also allows you to cast to it just like the Chromecast. Says it supports 4K casting too.

      Chromecast Ultra is purely for casting from your phone/tablet etc so it can be a bit less intuitive.

      • Cheers. I'm not seeing much benefit to the chromecast now than, except that it's small and easy to hide?

  • Can't find the place to input coupon code. Already in check out page.

    • same here, no place .. its not for all items.. i tried to shop a ladder, $27 delivery and no place to enter code.. then i added a fridge along with it and I got the place to enter the code in the cart and the code worked for fridge but not for ladder.