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[VIC, NSW, QLD, WA] 20 Frozen Airline Meals $40 | Airport Pickup @ Gate Gourmet (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane Airport)


Gate Gourmet - one of Australia's airline food suppliers, is selling airline food for around $2 a meal.
$40 for 20 meals, which includeds
10 breakfasts and 10 main meals.

What's on the Menu?
Assorted Frozen Meals in ready to heat packs. Just store in your freezer, heat and enjoy!
10 meals per Meal Pack | Try the Combo Pack (Breakfast & Lunch/Dinner)

How to Heat & Eat
Microwave: Heat 2 - 4 minutes
Oven: Defrost and bake for 15 minutes at 160 degrees
Cooked with care by our professional chefs. Available until stocks fly out the door..

Available for pick up at:
Melbourne Airport
Sydney Airport
Brisbane Airport
Perth Airport

Pictures of items:
📷 Photo 1 – Exterior packaging https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/112760/80583/img_2555....
📷 Photo 2 – What you get https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/112760/80584/img_2556....
and here: https://imgur.com/gallery/S2908hv

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  • +78

    But airline food is shit?

    • +9

      Ya'd need aleast four of these to be a full meal

      • +1

        That's kind of intentional. On a plane you're expected to be basically sedentary for ridiculous amounts of time, so they deliberately make menus with macronutrient breakdowns intended to support extended inactivity. These would be fantastic for someone on a CICO diet!

    • +15

      I dont know why you got downvoted, it's a fact it is total dogshit so why you would choose to buy it at home is beyond me.

      • +5

        I was thinking that lol.

      • +4

        buy it for your dog

        • You buy dogshit for your dog?

    • +30

      Maybe they taste better on Earth? Altitude is supposed to affect taste.

      That and the aeroplane kitchen is basically a pie warmer.

      • -3

        DONT BUY THIS. On my last flights I found the lobster only came with thermidor sauce and the Wagyu Beef was five star not six. AND there were all the cattle packed in behind me as I could hear alot of the cows complaining beyond the closed curtain.

    • +1

      Good shit though

    • +3

      Airline food tastes like shit because at altitude, you lose taste buds. Now if the food is actually shit is a different question.

      • +5

        you lose taste buds from flying??
        Does travel insurance cover that physical loss😉

    • well for 2 dollar might be worth the price still, both are right, shit (well you also feel like shit in the air if you are provide a meal) and definitely still bargain (cause it tastes change at alt), especially if you live very close to airport. I mean where else am i going to be able to use all that toilet paper :D

  • +65

    What an age we live in… People choosing to buy airline food

    • +3

      Maybe they come with an unlimited drinks cart???

    • This is the company that has been supplying people in quarantine hotels with food.

      • +2

        Gawd….what's worse than a long haul flight, screaming babies, inflight meals, kids belting the back of your seat?

        2 weeks cooped up in a hotel room, eating nothing but airline food.

  • +16

    What airlines are we talking, Jetstar or Singapore airlines?

    • +7

      I know Virgin Australia used to use them. Not too sure about others. Majority of airlines use DNATA or QCatering (which is also now DNATA).

      • +7

        Air China and Hainan Airlines use gategourmet

        • +1

          I flew hainan3 times, all very good for economy.

    • +2

      If it's Fiji airways it's going in the bin

    • +11

      SQ, CX, JAL, VA uses gate gourmet.

  • +21

    Too bad I'm not close to the airport to pick up. At $2 a meal, I'd at least consider giving them a go

    • +1

      Same here :( Not worth the drive. I would definitely give it a try at that price point

  • +57

    Airline food is underrated imo….$2-2.50 a meal is cheap cheap cheap
    However, I'm not driving all the way to the airport for it

    • -2

      $2 meal, $20 airport parking to pick up…

      • +8

        Ever seen a catering building at the terminal?
        Really poor effort man.

  • +18

    Looks better than the frozen food at the supermarket . I'll ring some1 near the airport :)

    • Wolli Creek train-station.
      20-minute walk to the airport :-)

      • +1

        except its not near the airport. however is a 15 minute walk from mascot station

  • They don't mention what those meals are?

  • +3

    Beef or Chicken?

  • +4

    Can I get a glass of scotch on ice with my meal please.

  • +4

    Be your own airline

  • +27

    Too far for me to drive to, but a definate upvote to a business trying to survive…

  • +3

    Site is down. Ozbargain hugged it to death :-(

    • +1

      I'm browsing the website just fine?

  • +6

    I wouldn't trust an airplane fish meal.

    • Great minds :)

  • +34

    AirAsia Nasi Lemak is hands down the finest cuisine you can get in economy airline. Back the truck up if they’re throwing that out for $2.

    • +1

      This is exactly true, Only thing i have found competitive is Bangkok Airways Kra Prao Gai and Singapore Airlines business class.

    • +1

      I can have 2 of that at one go. And it's dirt cheap, from my memory it was ~$5-ish?

    • I havent flown AirAsia in a few years but when I did, their food was fantastic for the price. I tried Beef Rendang for the first time and it was amazing. The perfect meal for flying.

    • No way, just like the cup noodles from Cole's, it's really not good at all

  • Has anyone ordered? Do you get to choose your pick up date?

    • +3

      Yes you do. I arranged one next week and another at the end of the month.

      • Any idea if the combo pack is veg or non veg? When you buy individually it gives you a choice, but not with the combo pack. I am looking for non veg

        • Not too sure about that, I'm hoping for non veg too. You can put a request before checkout, not sure if they'll honor your request though.

          • @j0hnd0e: I might just pay the extra $5 and make sure it's no veg

            • @unity1: I bought the Mixed Lunch/Dinner Meal Pack (10 meals) for $25 too but it doesn't specifically say there wouldn't be any veg meals. From the description, it says "hearty assorted meals for lunch or dinner. Lunch/Dinner Packs include a variety of chicken, beef, vegetarian meals, and more."

              • @j0hnd0e: There's a drop down menu with two options. One says (vegetarian) the other doesn't. It's possible the first option still includes vegetarian meals.

                • -1

                  @unity1: Yeah, I hope not. Not a fan of veg meals. I wrote in the request box for non veg meals, hope they read it.

      • How did you choose date. Mine just said day and after 1pm.
        Edit: Nevermind, it's in checkout.

  • +24

    Ah now we know the margin on airplane food

  • +3

    $2.50 per meal, i wouldn't mind giving it a go. It's honestly not that bad, and people are willing to pay ~$15 for a meal on board jetstar.

  • +20

    Why so much hate :-/ It’s good for busy people for a change.

    • +6

      Agreed. It's much better than eating those highly processed instant noodles!

  • +11

    Airplane food isn't necessarily terrible. It's usually because of diminished senses onboard aircraft

    • +9

      Airplane food is usually made a little saltier/sweeter than usual to combat that. But yeah, I have no qualms eating airplane food, especially for $2.50 per meal!

    • +1

      I've brought my food on the plane more than once and it tasted as good as it did on the ground while the standard airplane meals were consistently terrible

      • +10

        That's called confirmation bias.

  • +12

    OP, just curious. How on earth did you find this deal? It’s so random.

    • +17

      Something popped up on my facebook 'local' page - I work near an airport.

      • +1

        Wow. It’s too bad there’s not some central clearinghouse.

      • Good social advertising investment effort.

  • +16

    These are some sky high savings and should be flying off the shelves

  • +4

    Also fyi, Singapore airlines uses gate gourmet as well. Flown with them several times and found the food to be pretty good. https://www.spencertravel.com.au/penny-singapore-airlines-ki...

    Edit: CX and JAL uses gate gourmet for their catering as well.

  • +1

    Sorry we've run out of the chicken. Fish?

  • The breakfasts could be ok for work…

  • +17

    What's the deal with airline food?

    • The main selling point is that it's cheap and convenient. For $2.50 a meal, you can't go wrong.

    • +6

      Upvote for Seinfeld reference

      • +1

        Here's the transcript from the "Saturday Night Live" episode where Jerry Seinfeld, as Bobby Wheat, asked that question.

        And the answer:

        Billy Rob Schneider): I know! Could this stuff taste any worse? It’s, like, “Thanks, but no thanks. I’m still stuffed from that huge bag of smoked almonds!”

        My favourite, though, is this Q & A:

        Bobby Wheat: “Airplanes” for $200: “And what is the Deal With the Black Box?” [ Tommy buzzes in ] Tommy!

        Tommy (Dana Carvey): It’s the only thing that survives the crash – why don’t they build the whole plane out of the Black Box!

        EDIT: Full episode video "Stand Up and Win" starts at 6'28".

  • +2

    Thanks OP, ordered 20 lunch/dinner pack.

  • -1

    I wonder what the used by date is. I presume they've been sitting there for a few months while there have been no planes to put them on.

    • +12

      They might actually just be supplying to the public so they can keep workers working, i don't know?
      They wouldn't sell 'expired' food though.

    • +1

      It's frozen so it should be able to be kept for quite awhile. Also, you are able to schedule pick up even in September.

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