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[NSW] JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Portable Speaker $50 ‐ Target


Spotted these at Target Castle hill for $50

Recent popular deal was $79 from Amazon, currently with +138 votes so seems like a good speaker - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/541404

They had a few blue and red units left

The boxes say display because they are just empty boxes

Update: Rouse Hill had quite a lot of blue units as of 4pm

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    R these nationwide?

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    Just talked to target customer care to check stock in Victoria. Apparently it’s available at Forest hill, airport west, Dandenong, Waurn Ponds, Glen Waverley and Greensborough.

    But be aware that Target stock reports run 48hrs behind sales. So try your luck if you live close.

    • Waurn Ponds out of stock. Got the last one

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      “This product is sold out online and in store"

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        just a product link. use the SKU to ring around

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    This is a great price for a great speaker. Had mine for a few years now and love it.

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    Now this is a great deal.

  • Got one of these at $79 in the Amazon deal and very happy with it. Terrific sound for its size. And the microphone for phone calls is perfect.
    I'm guessing these might be ozbargained already but good work if you get one for $50.

    EDIT: just checked Target website: "This product is sold out online and in store."

  • 61516045 I need to advise you our stock reports run 48 hours behind sales so the following information is just a guide to go by. Stores that could potentially have stock are: Penrith Dubbo Roselands 
    Erina Canberra Civic Parramatta Castle Hill

    Is what I got from the rep for the people looking in NSW

    • Called Parramatta, nil stock there.
      Unable to find any JBL Flip 4s in officeworks for PM too.

  • If this is the price they're going for, I'm sure other companies will follow suit like the previous JBL Kids Mini speaker. -(if they even hold stock for it)

    Officeworks, JBHIFI, Target etc.

  • Hmm…This? Or this?

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    There's a whole cabinet full at Rouse Hill Target, I've just picked up two for the stereo linking.

    • You weren't kidding, maybe 50 units of the blue

      Saw bunch of people buying them though so won't last long

      • I hope there are still some left tmr

        • they close at 6pm today

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        I just bought it from there and there are 30 units left

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          Dont bother. A bunch of guys came in and picked up 1-2 each but a couple came down and brodened most of the remaining. Only 2-3 left

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            @Qmar: 10pcs left around 5mins ago. Thats too fast 😁

            • @clartan2015: Cashier told me most of them were on hold tho?

              • @Qmar: Yeah they took out the ones on hold and 10 got left when i was there

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              @clartan2015: Then there was 8

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                @qtvinsta: I got 2 from rouse hill at about 9:30 am. The guy was constantly on the phone with people trying to put some on hold. But he was refusing due to demand. He told me there were people queuing in front of the store this morning before even it opened ( go ozbargajn!!).
                When I left, I feel there were about 6-8 in the front shelf and another about 6-8 on the back shelf. They are all locked up and you need to find a staff member to help grab one.
                Good luck! And I hope this one lives upto the hype 😀👍

                Edit: take my words back - I just set one up and my mind is blown! It’s awesome. Worth every penny! Thanks again Op!!

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    1 blue left at Forest Hill

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    Got this one in the last amazon deal posted here and been giving it a good work out over the past week or two, I'm seriously impressed.

    Some of the reviews I read had me a little worried with reports of audio clipping at high volumes and weak bass, but this may well be the best Bluetooth speaker I've ever owned. Great battery life, plenty loud even at 50% volume and music just sounds great.

  • Airport West in VIC has around 6 of the blue left. No shelf ticket so if you call ahead they will hold one at the service desk.

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    Awesome deal op. I called around and managed to grab the last one I could find in Adelaide. Thanks mate 👍😊

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    That's a true deal. One third of original price for a fantastic speaker. Just got one. Now I can pair it with my the other Flip 4 to make a sleek stereo sound out of my TV.

  • Is it possible to price match say at officeworks by citing a local target with stock?

    • You can only try. Best outcome is they say yes.

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      Question is, do OW even have stock?

  • Grabbed one from Greensborough Target! Thanks OP

  • Got the last 2 black from Target Broadway. The last 2 blue are on hold. So these are pretty much sold out across Sydney area.

  • Has anyone checked QLD?

  • Just called Canberra Civic. They had nine in stock out the back in black and blue - put one on hold for myself for pickup this afternoon.

  • Couldn't find any in vic.

  • Put one on hold for Target Parra yesterday. Picked it up today - thanks OP

  • How do they compare to UE Boom / Megaboom, etc..?

  • Have already seen 2 listings of the blue color at FB marketplace. One selling it for $100 and the other for $110.

    Good job!

  • <MOD: Name removed>, a very friendly employee at Toombul Brisbane, just checked BNE stock. None in greater Brisbane.

  • Got excited and bought 2 Blue from Target Penrith and Target Castle Hill.

    • Pairing two flip4 speaker works flawless.

    • Any left at Castle Hill? Want to get another for pairing.

      • Highly doubt it as its a clearance item. FB marketplace and gumtree has lots available in stock though.

  • Sold out Sydney wide.

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    Wasn't the general opinion that Flip 3 is still better than 4?
    Something about having 2 drivers (stereo) instead of 1 (mono) and not working backwards with 3 (most people will still have Flip 3)?

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