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Optus $40 Pre-Paid Starter SIM Kit $15 Delivered @ Optus Online


Offers expires on 15th June
Good value for $15.
Free delivery 😊

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  • Is this as good value as the Catch 90 day 60GB sim for $9.90 after cashback?
    Catch is on the Optus network.

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      They both offer great value in different ways and just depends what you NEED.

      If you need/want 45GB ( plus 10gb bonus for netflix/ABCiview etc ) data & $10 credit, or can activate for 186 days for long life or for $ days.

      Then for many others the 90 days/ 20GB per month ( also Optus network ) would work better for $14.90/$9.90 after cashback.

      Have not looked into international call inclusions, but that could also be important for some.

  • When does the actual SIM expire?

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      When you order sim starter packs directly from either Telstra/Vodafone or Optus such as here, you usually get at least 12 months +.

      How long that credit will last from activation date depends on which offer you pick when activating, most likely from 28 days to 186 days.

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    I have been using few of these as no home internet delivery is usually very fast and fast to activate I did have one issue with one SIM not actuvating so they gave me a free recharge on another one. Most if the sims don't expure until 12/2021.

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    also you 10gb free streaming with netflix etc

  • These are usually $15 at Colworths so if you need urgently you can just get it from there. Real deal is when they are on sale for $10. The bad thing about Optus $40 cards is that they only give 28 days validity (v/s Vodafone $40 card which gives 35 days validity)

    • If you activate this Optus $40 sim pack with Epic Value you can get a 42 day expiry with 10gb data + 10gb bonus data ( even the $30 packs get 42 day exp but only 2gb data on Epic Value ).

      https://www.optus.com.au/prepaid/starter-kits?keyword_k=optu... Click on the Epick Value Tab

      I am currently on this so have to port less often now it's a lot harder to get mobile stuff done with cov rules and change

      Few months ago I activated a Telstra $40 sim pack also for 35 day expiry, but they changed it back to 28 days last month :-(

      • No I was referring to the Epic Data & equivalent plans. It sucks that telcos are changing to 28 days expiry (not even 30) which means every 1 year we pay almost a month extra :(

        • Haha, you said No. I was going to start my above comment with not correct or no, but I refrained.

          And now you start your reply with a no, even though my comment added value lol.

          I know where you're coming from, I would also like more data and longer expiry at lower prices.

          Been sim hopping for years now, always looking for a better deal lol.

  • $150 for 120 GB with 365 day expiry would suit me if I hadn't just recharged with Boost.

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    If you can find an ACN rep that can give you their number for referal, Amaysim still have a 200GB prepaid plan for $40p/m. I know this may not suit some peoe, but definitely worthwhile looking into as it also uses Optus.

  • It's not bad, but no VoLTE or VoWifi :(

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