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Dell 2408WFP for $646 after EPP with Belkin HDMI to DVI Cable and 2GB USB Flash Drive


This deal has expired, but keep an eye on Dell's website as they update frequently.

Just noticed that the price has come down (not sure if A01 revision is coming out though)

24" widescreen, 16:10 ratio, 1920x1200 resolution, 1300:1 typical contrast ratio, 102% NTSC colour gamut, 8-bit panel, 178 degree viewing angle, no bright pixel warranty, great stand, mass of inputs, portrait mode etc

There's also a guy on overclockers who you can message for the following deals:

2408 + 5 years warranty + Headphones OR 2GB memory stick(changes each week) = $675

2408 + 3 years warranty + 2GB memory stick + HDMI-DVI CABLE = $646

2408 + 4 years warranty + 2GB memory stick + HDMI-DVI CABLE = $670

2408 + 5 years warranty + 2GB memory stick + HDMI-DVI CABLE = $687


P.S. Don't forget the 3% ($19) if you go through Moneyback Co, I've never tried it myself but supposedly if you clear your cookies and disable cookie blocking, going through the Moneyback Co site to buy the monitor you get some cashback or what not…

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  • What is the link and procedure to get these prices?

    • You just click the picture in the top right corner of my post or go to dell.com.au and choose -> monitors -> home/home office -> 24" -> 2408WFP which is at $719. Then as you press the continue button at the end it will ask you for the discount coupon and enter the one I provided. The price includes delivery, though be vary as there may be a wait with prices being so low.

  • Excuse my ignorance, but this seems quite pricey compared with other 24" LCDs. For example what makes the Dell worth paying a 50% premium over this 24" LG:

    • Well it was $999 in February and on special for $798 when many people bought it including myself if you look here for example http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/3224

      Just do some research and compare the specs of this 24" and other 24" monitors, read some reviews you'll find that this screen is the best product in the price range up to $1000 or so. You will not find a cheap screen with an 8-bit panel and you can tell it's 8-bit (16.77 million colours) due to its 178 degree visibility (others are pretty much exclusively 6 bit that have 262,000 colours and use visual tricks to be 16 million colour compatible, but the trick is never as good as the real thing). There are many advantages, but you'll need to look into it yourself.

      • Nice to see Dell going for the higher end of the market.
        Im definitely going to have to find someone with one of these to see what the extra colours and the 178 degrees is really like.

        • Dell has been going for the high end of the market for quite some time now and their screens have been very popular for the price. I give it another 2 years or so and the 30" should be good enough and cheap enough for me to buy with the graphics being available at that time to run it at 2560x1600, but until then 1920x1200 will have to do I guess (ou the suffering :P ).

          It's not only the colours that you will notice if you put a 6-bit screen or especially a laptop screen next to it displaying the same picture, it's the high 1300:1 contrast ratio (typical, don't trust those dynamic figures). I had the best monitor of 2007 the Dell's 2407WFP-HC which had 1000:1 contrast and I can tell you that showing black in a dark room gave off quite a bit of light, while the 2408WFP is almost fully dark when showing blacks and personally I love that, the same cannot be said for vast majority of other monitors.

          • @Icy: Don't forget the viewing angle of those screens! Personally I found it is almost impossible to use a TN panel LCD as TV or for video playback when you expect to have a few people watching it, as almost no one can get the optimal viewing angle. Not so with the UltraSharp here.

            • @scotty: 178 degrees is mentioned at the top and couple of posts above, though I thought that this monitor needs no introduction :) I'm surprised that nobody posted it before me, I only checked out Dell's site out of habit and was shocked that I haven't seen it on here already since the price drop.

  • Must … resist … spending … money…

  • It makes me want to sell my 2407 HC and get this one :)

  • Wonderful!
    Thanks for the heads up Icy, Dell are one of the best bang for buck monitors around.

  • I am waiting for this monitor for a while.
    It sounds a good deal.
    Could you tell me what is A01?

    • the next revision of the monitor. Currently is is A00. I think the assumption is that that a new revision would result in better hardware…

  • For those who think this monitor is a little pricey, I bought the 2007 version of the same monitor about a year ago for $1200 and it is BY FAR the best quality monitor on the market (IMHO), nothing else even comes close.

    So whip the plastic out now guys and buy this one!

  • Icy, thanks for the heads up on this.

    Tried ordering one, but just got a call from dell about the coupon you used. He asked me where and what organisation this coupon is from - could you let me know where from?

  • Icy I'm also having the same problem. I received an email from dell asking to confirm the organization that the EPP is associated with. Can you please let me know also where to find this info. Thanks.

    • Code is from www.dell.com.au/epp, but it seems they're checking the EPP eligibility and that only their employees and participating organisations are allowed, whirlpool used to have a list but it has been removed from http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/?tag=Dell_EPP.

      Try Google and you might find orgs such as RACV, NRMA, RAA, various Universities and many other organisations, but they may ask you to validate it and send them an e-mail using the domain name of the organisation, some people have gotten lucky and didn't have to confirm. You can try telling them it's been e-mailed to you in a promotion see if that works…

  • @Sonic,

    Havent been able to find a company related to the code as of yet, sorry. I have gambled on my university though, as Dell offers EPP discounts to students too. Keep in mind though that it appears not all universities have this offer, and it depends on whether your university has an arrangement or not.

    If you are not a student, do you (or someone you know) have an old uni email that still works? Might be worth a go? I just tried with my old QUT one, as I'd read on some old whirlpool archives that they have EPP status. I am currently a Uni of Sydney student too, but couldn't find anything suggesting they were on that list. Worth a gamble anyway!

  • If you register on the forums at www.overclockers.com.au and go to that thread http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=645316&pa... there and send a pm to a guy called Hells Angel (works for Dell) with your contact details and what you want, Dell ring you back to confirm the order. i.e. You don't need a code and don't need to order online, and the deal is better.

    • I've mentioned that in the main post, but it seems these guys already placed the order through Dell…