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Dell XPS 17 9700 (NEW) i7-10750H 16GB RAM 512GB NVMe SSD $2928.05 (Was $3898.99) Delivered @ Dell


Only posting because I noticed the coupons shared previously by nodeahs worked on these new models as well which have only just come out.

Given these are now the current flagships of the XPS Dell models, getting the deal for nearly 1k off when released is making it a very tasty deal.

I was weighing in between the G14 and the XPS 15 (with the coupons applied) but now seeing that this one is only a couple of hundred more expensive, I think I've made my choice.

Also be gentle, first time poster.

10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-10750H (12MB Cache, up to 5.0 GHz, 6 cores)

Windows 10 Home, 64-bit, English

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 Ti 4GB GDDR6

16GB DDR4-2933MHz, 2x8G

512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive

CNC Machined Aluminum in Platinum Silver with Black Carbon Fiber Composite Palmrest

Can get the 4k model with 1tb for 3600.00 ish with discount applied, but not sure if that justifies the extra 700.00 for the 4k display and 500 gb extra (when the system can just be popped open and you can put another slot of hard drive space in yourself very easily for 100 - 200 bucks).

First Review out: https://hothardware.com/reviews/dell-xps-17-9700-review

First Impression Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyRUWM_LOPQ


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  • Will I be able to play Minesweeper on this sweet rig?

    • Yes.

      Crysis, No.

      • Not a dealbreaker.

  • +1

    Dell XPS is all good but Intel.

    • +2

      I don't think Dell will ever include AMD sadly.

      It's not as if this Chip isn't a good chip. The 4000 series is just beastly.

  • +1

    I bought an XPS 15 in 2017 that had a 4K screen? No idea how these are going backwards now with the 1080p as standard.

    • You can get the 4k option for this.

      And its 1920x1200 so a little bump up from 1080 lol

  • I'd be wary ordering directly from Dell. Lots of issues with their laptop releases historically (I personally own a 9550). Better to buy from a store so you can return if there are issues (e.g microsoft store)

    • Yeah I've read some stories.

      If something pops up and they give me crap, I'll threaten to return for a refund instead of them fixing it.

      Also not sure if these are even in stock yet in any store?

  • +1


    • +1

      Credit where credits due!

  • I ordered an XPS 15 (16GB/512GB) variant last week and it hasn't been shipped yet. Wondering if Dell could cancel the order and allow me to use all these new codes :(

    • Should do. Just contact them and say I'd like to cancel this order please. I did it a few months ago with the Xps 13 when I changed my mind.

      • I am waiting for tomorrow morning since their customer service (at least for cancellation) is not operated on weekends. I guess I would still go for the 15 inches versus 17" due to portability.

        As much as I wish for an AMD laptop, this seems to be a really good "upgradable" machine which neither MBP or SB lineup do not offer.

        • I was looking at the 15 inch model. But then I saw the 17 inch model is smaller than the old XPS 15 model… and i was like damn. That's a small laptop with a big screen.

          • @Ruddaga: Yeah! They have indeed made great engineering achievement with this new release. Also, do you know what are major differences b/w XPS and inspiron series? The latter is much cheaper for similar hardware specs.

            • @tanmay375: They claim "build quality". Things like better screen panels, parts etc. I mean its like how the G14 is more expensive then the ASUS Tuf range. Both by the same people, but one is just considered to be the higher quality build.

  • Did you get the premium support warranty? Given its a new machine, considering the next business day warranty

    • I just got the included warranty. I mean the problems should be rearing within a year (hopefully)

      • Has anyone had experience with their basic in home warranty?

        I purchased a xps 13 9350, about 4 years ago and it had the premium 1 year next business day warranty, and it was good service.

        Now the xps line comes with the 'in home' warranty

        • From what I've read it means you call up, someone takes remote control of your computer. Assess the problem and if its a hardware fault, they'll organise it to be sent in. Doesn't sound too bad.

  • Id upgrade to this from the 9560 I have. I run the xps15 in 1080p and almost never use the touch screen anyway.

    Just that the old machine still does what I need.

    • Peoples comments have made me consider switching to the 4k monitor option…. Hmmmm…..

      • The usefulness of 4k on a 17" screen is debatable, I'd say only useful if you have 20/20 vision and do design work (because higher DPI?). You also get slightly better battery life at lower resolution like 1080p, and if it's like previous models then less ghosting if you want to play games.
        The only time I've ever used the touchscreen (when I remember it even has touch) is for browsing Google maps.
        So for my use of just coding, Netflix, web browsing 1080p would have been fine. The 4k screen does look crisp though.

        • Unlikely I'd be playing games on it anyways BUT if I was, I'd lower the resolution to 1080. 4k on that GPU would just be 10 - 20 fps

        • I tested lowering resolution many times, doesn't work. Pixels need to still turn on

          On the xps the 4k bleeds and scaling is so off

          The one the I would consider is that gloss display and touch…

          Guess I'll go the non touch..

          Anyone know when the codes end ?

  • There's meant to be a 2060 version of this…

    • We didn't get it in Aus. :'(

      • I'm going to try order it from Dell USA

        This is ridiculous

        • If you want something with a bit of gaming grunt, these codes work with the Alienware ones. Can get the M15 / M17 for 3000 - 3300 with a 2070 in them.

          • @Ruddaga: Thanks mate. Its moreso the fact we pay more for lesser spec'd laptops.

            • +1

              @hubert1: I did the math. With the vouchers applied, on both the non 4k and 4k version we get it about 100-200 less than their version. Their 2060 version = 4600 aud. So don't feel too ripped.

              And I went looking for USA vouchers… they don't seem to have as many as we do (or its not the season)

              The similarly specced one (as in exact specs) was 1999.00 US no discounts (2917 AUD) with no option to put in the 2060.

              The only option that comes with the 2060 is priced 2999.00 US (4367 AUD). You could get an Alienware with a 2080 Super and 32 gigs for 4300 AUD with the vouchers.

  • still contemplating the 4k for the touch on the 15 or not, sighs, might just buy the non-touch

    Also, i talked to the rep, the track pad issue is fixed with this batch

  • Noob question, where are you guys entering the coupon code to get the discount? I have clicked right through to what seem to be the last step which says 'confirm order' and have not seen a field for discount.

    • It's above the final payment option in a small field.

  • Would it be possible to upgrade the graphics card by yourself in the future with this model by any chance?

  • Looks like EPP5 coupon is expired now

  • OP have you received your XPS 17 yet and if so care to share impressions? I'm considering one also.

    • Hey Chad.

      I only put my order in yesterday. Ended up footing the bill for the 4k version (although reviews I've seen say the 1080 panel is beautiful and you don't need it… its what I get for listening to some clowns on this forums -_- )

      Delivery date is next month, so if you do order it expect to wait. Happy to let you know how it goes though.

      • Hi Ruddaga, if you only put your order through yesterday I assume you you also could only get 2 promotion codes to work? At the checkout page now the HONEY7 does not seem to work now. I thinking to put an order down too!

        • Sorry, I put the order in around the 17/06, but the payment etc only went through more recently due the reps being slow AF to get back to me and finalise everything.

          The 3 codes do not work with each other again atm.

          To update on my shipping, its now changed to SHIPPED. So I'm hoping i will have it in a week or so. I will update when i get it. If i had to recommend, I would say get the 1080 (1200 actually) screen as all reviewers are saying its amazing enough and the 4k isn't needed (although you do get 500 gb more space on the 4k version).

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