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[eBay Plus] Garmin Fenix 6 Pro $878.28 Delivered @ NoFrills eBay


Original Coupon Deal

20% off the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Black with eBay Plus code, this watch is listed at RRP of $1,149 at Rebel and JB Hifi right now. 6 available at the time of posting.

Update: 10 more in stock as at 10:30am 16 June.

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    Can't afford it but really good price for quality watch. My partner got 5s plus

  • Good one, I see other the Garmin Fenix 6 can be had for $747.08 from the same store using the same code.

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      That model is the one without music. If you want to play music, then you have to get the pro version (the one advertised by OP).

  • I've always wondered, can these Fenix watches record / save / upload Strava sessions? It would be the perfect solution to having to carry around a bulky phone to accurately monitor heart beat, running path and timing.

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      Do you mean in terms of recording a run or another activity, and uploading to Strava? Yes absolutely, the activity syncs to Garmin connect which is then pushed to Strava. I use mine for running, i'm replacing a Forerunner 645 and the sync of my runs to Strava is seamless.

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        Surely this is a joke comment?

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          Agreed. The Fenix does so much more and they are worth it for that price. The question asked by the commenter was specific to 'monitor heart beat, running path and timing' and upload them to Strava. If you are looking to just do that you don't need to spend $100s of dollars more.

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        That is categorically incorrect. The $100 Garmin Vivofit does not have GPS built into it. Your may be uploading a route triggered by your Vivofit to strava, but that is using your phones GPS.

        These are for running phone free.

        The $300 Forerunner 35 or Vivosport are the cheapest two phone free (built in) GPS devices.

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      Yes, they also tell the time.

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        Unbelievable, what an age we live in.

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          What a time to be alive

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    Classic, just paid 1200 for the X Sapphire.

  • Thanks, just got the 6S sapphire for 999

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    Rock solid watch. Highly recommend. Hard pill to swallow price wise though. With this discount it's a little better.

    Given Garmin have no issues stopping feature upgrades when new devices come out it pains me how much their Fenix prices are.

  • These sound great.

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    For that price does it have AI that can coach you or something? Gee these things are getting expensive, seems every time I look it's gone up another $100. Too rich for my blood.

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      Of course there are other ways to do such things, but I love how easy it is to create a pacing strategy or set of intervals.

      A bit like how a Kindle has less features than a phone but then lets you read undistracted, a Fenix (I have the 6 Sapphire) is a great device to leave home with, while leaving your phone at home.

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    Now I know it's a feature rich watch but 800$?? How can a digital watch be worth this much!?

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      It's a lot more than just a watch, have a look at the listing.

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      Some watches cost thousands of dollars and only tell the time!

  • Is it worth it to pay an additional $78.4 extra to get the 6X Pro? All you get is solar charging right or are there more hardware features?

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    I have owned Fenix 6 pro for 8 months. I have not regretted paying $880 (20% off from rebel) since day 1. Whether it's worth it for you depends on your use case. In my view it's not just a smartwatch or a fitness tracker but rather a high end 'performance' tracker.

    It tracks a LOT of health and fitness metrics for a plethora of sports. For my personal usage it's worth the price tag. But if you don't need everything then one of the forerunners or vivoactives may be solid enough (save money but still get music/gps/ notifications/ always on)

  • be mindful of the screen or if you are like me, get the sapphire version!

  • Samsung Active 2 Watch has all the features for half the price. There is even a 4g LTE option. Wonder why people would pay the extra for a Fenix.

    • Maybe like… I don't want to charge my watch every day /2nd day.
      How is the Triathlon activitys on the Samsung?

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      Garmin watches have superior fitness tracking and training features, courses, segments, ANT+ for connecting devices such as cadence, power, HR, superior battery life + Samsung watches are notoriously inaccurate with GPS.

      Buy a Samsung if you want a smartwatch first and to track the occasional run far second. Buy a garmin if you want a reliable and accurate training tool, which seconds as a smartwatch with enough features for most.

      • Spot on.

  • Quick note. Kogan just sent out a 24hr deal with 20% of all of their Garmin devices. The Garmin Fenix 5 is available for $360 and Garmin Fenix 6 can be had for $799. Check your mail if you are signed up for Kogan.

    • Any chance you can post a link or code please?

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        Sorry it's expired now. The code was limited to 24hrs. Your best bet is to register with Kogan and turn on notifications for deals. They send these codes every few weeks.

        • I think I stopped them a couple of weeks ago, trying to tidy up my inbox..

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