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Dell S2719DC 27" USB-C Ultrathin 1440p HDR 600 Monitor $699 (Bonus $80 Credit) + $10 Delivery/ $0 C&C @ The Good Guys


This was a popular deal last week at $719.20

The Goods Guys has dropped the price to $699 and also eligible for the current $80 in store credit that they are running


Dell S2719DC USB-C Ultrathin Monitor stunning VESA HDR monitor is our brightest ultrathin featuring awe-inspiring visuals, CinemaColour and Dell's InfinityEdge display.

Your colours shine in any environment thanks to a peak brightness of 600 nits for the ultimate in contrast and clarity.

A wide viewing angle enabled by In-Plane Switching technology, more than 99 percent sRGB and 90 percent DCI-P3 colour coverage lets you see rich colours, greater depthand a wider range of shades no matter where you sit.

Plus, you'll see it all in stunning Quad HD (2560x1440) resolution. Whether you're watching a movie, playing a game or working on a presentation, you'll see superb visuals.

HDR movies shine like they were meant to. Visuals appear every bit as vibrant as the world around you. Engineered to power content with a superior dynamic range, you'll experience the deepest blacks, the most dazzling brights and more vivid detail across the entire colour spectrum.

With USB-C connectivity you can connect your laptop to the monitor and charge up to 45 Watts from a single source.

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  • Bought a F80 to mount my new monitor that I haevnt bought yet. This doesnt come with VESA though :(

    Also HDR isn't supported with USB-C, so thats a bit of a shame.

    • +2

      Be aware that it's a really tight fit with the F80 mount. A number of monitors with recessed mounts don't fit and mine just fitted very snug.

      • +1

        Nothing an angle grinder won’t fix.

      • How can the F80 work if it doesn't have Vesa?

      • My monitor has a recessed VESA mount. Simple fix, grab some longer M3 screws. Can be had for like $3 from Bunnings. Mild inconvenience totally worth it, F80 easily best stand I've had and the cheapest

    • Ok a lot of VESA is annoying, but HDR works for me?

  • +1

    Great monitor, paid $608 for mine direct from Dell.

    Only downside as mentioned by @ATangk is that is on a fixed stand and unable to be mounted.

  • +2

    I am hanging for a HDR600 32 4K monitor for the PS4 Pro but none are on sale.

    • +1

      the Philips from UMart was in stock but I posted it in another deal and it went OOS in under an hour.

      After considering the LG 27GL850 again, I think im back on the philips boat. But I heard there is 30ms lag…

    • You simply won't get a 4K HDR600 low ms high refresh gaming monitor for under a grand, the phillips fits into that category somewhat but it's still a VA panel and the response time is not great.

        • +8

          "Something something console gamers haha amirite something".

          • -4

            @Dubious speculation: 30ms lag on 144Hz is over 4 frames of lag. Its under 2 frames on 60 Hz. Facts are facts. Not to mention that only some games drive at 60Hz, most would be 30Hz, making it under 1 frame of lag. Indiscernable.

            • @ATangk: That's an idiotic logic, 30ms is 30ms, regardless of the framerate, it's either noticeable or not (depending on the game and person). It doesn't suddenly becomes more pronounced just because your framerate is higher.

      • VA is much better for HDR than IPS due to the much better contrast and unfortunately because it only has 16 dimming zones HDR ain't that great either

        • Yeah there's no very good HDR monitor but my usage is light gaming and PC use

  • thanks, op.
    Missed a few deal recently, just pulled trigger.

  • +1

    got my phillip 43inch today. i have to say big screen > every thing.

    • BDM4350UC?

    • Hope you don't intend to use it for consoles as HDR is broken through the HDMI port unfortunately on these

    • why not 55 inch?

  • +2

    Note the $80 credit is pretty limited - it's provided on 1st July and will need to be used by 8th July. Only get to redeem it once (so no leftover credit if you don't use it all). Only provided for online transations.

    That said, I bought an AC today in-store and the dude let me take off $80 from an additional purchase (range hood in the end) at the same time in lieu of this voucher. I was happy enough with this alternative since I was going to re-do my kitchen soon anyway.

  • Very bright. But I think the LG at the same price was a better deal.

  • +1

    no veeesssaaaaaaaaaa.

    otherwise would have gotten this.

    has anyone tried to run this from a MacBook alone with just the usb-c?

    would have thought it would put a fair bit of strain through a MacBook with the MacBook having to charge itself AND run USB-c power to the monitor.

  • I use a HP x360 Spectre with mine. Works a treat with a single cord. Charges fine. I am not a gamer.

    Gorgeous panel, improves the aesthetic

  • ETA Aug2020. Omg

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