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Dell S2719DC 27" USB-C Ultrathin 1440p DisplayHDR 600 Monitor $719.20 Delivered @ Dell


The cheapest HDR monitor I've seen that meets VESA's DisplayHDR 600 certification is on sale! Seems every other monitor on the market at this level is at least $1.1k and above.

If you're looking for sleek HDR display that actually will produce a fairly decent HDR experience unlike every other HDR 400 monitor out there, I would recommend this at it's current price.


Dell S2719DC USB-C Ultrathin Monitor stunning VESA HDR monitor is our brightest ultrathin featuring awe-inspiring visuals, CinemaColour and Dell's InfinityEdge display.
Your colours shine in any environment thanks to a peak brightness of 600 nits for the ultimate in contrast and clarity. A wide viewing angle enabled by In-Plane Switching technology, more than 99 percent sRGB and 90 percent DCI-P3 colour coverage lets you see rich colours, greater depthand a wider range of shades no matter where you sit. Plus, you'll see it all in stunning Quad HD (2560x1440) resolution. Whether you're watching a movie, playing a game or working on a presentation, you'll see superb visuals. HDR movies shine like they were meant to. Visuals appear every bit as vibrant as the world around you. Engineered to power content with a superior dynamic range, you'll experience the deepest blacks, the most dazzling brights and more vivid detail across the entire colour spectrum. With USB-C connectivity you can connect your laptop to the monitor and charge up to 45 Watts from a single source.

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  • 1440 stunning ?

  • If you can wait 2 weeks, this Philips 32” 4K HDR600 monitor with USB-C dock is $799 delivered
    If you have $1.1k budget and not in a rush, you should wait for the Philips 43” 4K HDR1000

  • It was $559.20 delivered on microsoft ebay store when there was a 20% off offer.

  • A bunch of idiots here not knowing the significance of DisplayHDR 600.

    • Agreed. I am aware of the significance but damn I wonder if I could handle the brightness. My 27" asus mg278q can even feel bright at times where it hurts the eyes and it's nothing compared to this monitor.

      • It's not as simple as turning the brightness up, what it does is it means that certain parts of the image go up to 600 nits, for example when looking at the sun etc

        • oh really? LOL I know this, but looking at the sun would be fricken bright at 600nits if my screen is doing like half that lol

  • No height or swivel adjustment is really silly.

    • EDIT: I'm dumb and I didn't read or look at the images to check if it had a VESA mount. My bad…

      That's true, but I'd strongly recommend you get a monitor arm anyways. The amount of adjustability you get is pretty good for about $30-$100.

      There's the North Bayou one which costs $45, although there was a deal recently (now expired) that brought the price down to $38?


  • Thanks! bought 1 for my wife's husband!

  • Everyone rubbishes Dell but their monitors are still the best, albeit more than your Korean knock ups with a half decent panel.
    My Ultrasharps have been better than this new ViewSonic (especially quality in general)

    • My Dell 30" is going on 12 years old now and still excellent. The only issue is its DVI-D and its getting hard with newer computers that it can feed to, without jumping through hoops with active converters etc.

    • Shout out to my u2711

    • Just bought an ultrasharp u2419dc for work at home. Much better than the HP E223s and p2419s we have at work. Lovely colour, brightness and connectivity, except I should have got a model with a higher resolution. I thought 1080p would be OK at 24 inches, but in MY home office desk situation it just isn’t.

    • Is ViewSonic Korean?

      • Oh was referring to another monitor I had back in the day (Catleap).

        Seems like this viewsonic has a mark on it, like a dead pixel or smudge. Have emailed the store I got it from to see what can be done. Didn't really need it could get an extra wide screen but was alright as a general purpose one.

  • got a question here, in the tech spec, mentioned AMD freesync, while the monitor itself only 60hz , no need to mention G-sync because this is maybe Freesync 1, but , freesync vs 60hz, how does that work? any1?

  • I've got this monitor and love it. I use it every day for work and love how it powers everything from my laptop, to my headset, to my webcam. Plus if you want to watch Netflix etc. on it then you're in for a treat.

  • Use code "EPP5" to bring it down to $683.24.

  • I recently purchased the Dell Ultrasharp u2419h model, it's beautiful and very well made. Fast delivery too.

  • I have one of these. It’s a fantastic monitor. I’ll wait for the next 20% eBay discount before replacing my second screen though.

  • I have this monitor, produces accurate and bright colours, suitable for photography work. One of the flaws are the bezels, they are quite reflective, so if you're have bright lights in your room, the bezels will reflect that

  • I also have this one and can’t fault the quality and connectivity, but damn I wish it had a VESA Mount. It’s not hard to put a large book under it, but still.

    • Oh wow, it is quite surprising that this monitor doesn't have VESA mount.

      I feel like this should be noted in bold. I personally would have bought it assuming that it would have VESA mount support. Maybe this is a design trade-off to make it this thin?

      • tech specs indicate it features VESA interface support, although from the images i dont really see how.

  • I got the U2719DC for $150 from kogan using the $500 credit from their credit card deal - great monitor

    • i got my u2719dc from the last ebay sale. I have noticed darkened corners (visible especially on a webpage like ozbargain with a white background), backlight bleeding on black background, uneven screen uniformity, and if you look at the screen closely (like 25 cm away), the screen looks kinda dirty and grainy, especially on a white background (not sure if it is due to anti-glare coating or the uneven uniformity, very obvious when compared to my phone screen).

      • Haven't had any issues with mine, maybe you should RMA it? I was tempted to get this one as my second monitor, for the HDR though. Unfortunately no VESA mount means no buy for me, so that plan is out. :/

        Edit: Actually, This isn't a true HDR monitor - it's 8 bit and doesn't support the full colour space. HDR in marketing, and brightness only - stay away imo.

  • It says VESA HDR, where the fk is the VESA mount?

    Pretty dumb to include the word VESA in a monitor as it's more commonly known for the vesa mount………

    • VESA = Video Electronics Standards Association


    • ‘My deep fryer has an ISO standard on the side but I didn’t see any Information Security documentation in the box. WTF guys.’

  • Saw a few post suggest waiting for eBay 20% deal, wondering if this product has been cheaper before? What if deal ends it sale when ebay has 20% off?

  • can anyone recommend something similar with vesa mount? i'm going to run a hdmi/usb cable from my office to the room above so i can game in there and don't have to think about work :)

  • Combine with Cashrewards for 3% cashback

  • Does anyone know if this would be compatible or worth buying for an Early 2015 Macbook Pro Retina without a USB-c portal? Also, would the quality and graphics on my old laptop be able to make the most out of this screen? Thanks.

  • Damn why only on the S series. Need it on the U series version. Better colour calibration and has the VESA mount :P

  • What is the gaming equivalent from Dell? With the HDR screen but better framerates?

  • Just some feedback. I ended up getting the Dell 27. The USB connections does NOT support HDR via USB-C as it uses DP 1.2 via the USBC connector and HDR requires DP1.4.

    I think this is the same issue the Philips monitor mentioned elsewhere has, a lack of DP1.4 via USB-C.

    Not sure what to do :( as I got this for HDR support :(

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