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TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug - $23.80, TP-Link HS-110 $29.25 (Sold Out) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Long time lurker, first time poster.

Not as low a price as the recent Center Com deal, but has the added advantage of free delivery (if you are a prime member or ordering more than 2 units)

HS110 is now sold out.

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    Thanks just ordered another 5.

    I ordered 5 on the last deal and wished I ordered more.

    This time the plan is to set the kettle up with it and the heater. So that when I wake up, hot water is ready and 30 mins before alarm goes off, the room is also nice and toasty!

    I'm sure I'll find uses for the other 3 as well.

      • I'm curious, is the app capable of push notifications based on power consumption?
        Eg a notification once the washing machine stops drawing power

      • Based on location and signal strength, if no dedicated wifi, it might impact your performance overall.

        If that many, why not just use Sonoff? Cheaper and can use ZigBee for communication

    • I ordered few to monitor my USB devices power usage.

    • What kettle do you have? I've only seen internal magnet ones which need you to physically push the lever down

      • I'm assuming it's like this?

        Have the power switch on, plug in your smart plug and connect the kettle to it.

        In the app turn off the power then press the lever down on the kettle.

        Now in the morning when you wake up, turn it on via the app, the lever will already be down, power is on, water will be hot.


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      Curious how you get a kettle to work with this since most have a physical switch that is in "Off" position and you can't leave it in an "On" position like you can with a heater.

      • you can just push down the lever on the kettle prior to turning it on via the app. At least my kettle at home and work both do

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      Unless you are tracking power usage or something, putting one of these on a kettle is pointless. You still need to fill the kettle with water, which you either have to do before you sleep or may as well upon waking, so you might as well just hit the boil switch at the same time. Who needs coffee/tea so soon after waking? kettle takes what, 3 mins to boil? I need 10 mins to find my face after sleep anyway. This solution also doesnt, as others have mentioned, hit the on switch for you when it powers on, unless there is a kettle that can do that which i haven't seen.

      • Preheating a old style coffee machine is good, but I have mine on a timer anyway. $5

    • I have 4 of them. Used them for Xmas light, now they are being used for my indoor plants' lights.

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      Why but these? You can get the same thing from Kogan for $12.50 each. They monitor power and can be flashed to get rid of the Kogan firmware

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        More details on the flashing to remove Kogan firmware please?

      • +1

        i came here to said the same thing!

      • Can you please link the kogan smart plug?

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    I’m not actually buying any of these but I’ll comment anyway so I fit in with the crowd:

    Thanks OP. Just order 42 of these so I can monitor every power outlet in mine and my neighbours houses. Mad power savings coming my way!

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      Which genuinely does beg the question how much standby power do these sockets use? And does the socket record the amount of power it is using.?

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        Forget about standby power, you'll probably never recover the cost of the device over its lifetime no matter what you do.

        • Im less worried about recovering the cost, and more curious about "the cost of convenience" when running smart devices.

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            @ash2000: If you plug them in tandem you can find out. :D

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          I bought a bunch of them. First thing I found is my PC doesn't sleep properly using $250 of power a year. I also found the TV uses 350W and was frequently left on unwatched. Yes I knew it was being left on and would turn it off but didn't realise how much power it used. So they can definitely pay for themselves.

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        I measured HS100 using high quality Power Mate energy meter:

        TP-Link HS100
        * 1.1W (in standby - with nothing connected)
        * 1.7W (in ON position - with nothing connected)

        For comparison:

        Xiaomi Smart Plug (with USB)
        * 0.7W (in standby - with nothing connected)
        * 1.3W (in ON position - with nothing connected)

        Belking WeMo Switch
        * 1.2W (in standby - with nothing connected)

        • Thanks Walter, that's useful information.

          Have you had a chance to measure smart bulbs in standby?

          Edit: My calculations indicate a 1 Watt device costs ~$2.63 per year (@ $0.30/KWh).

          • +1

            @ash2000: Sorry - didn't have smart bulbs at the time. I have LIFX globes now so will measure those next time I get my hands on Power Mate meter.

            Your calculation is spot on - I use $0.2896/KWh to calculate mine :)

            I definitely wouldn't recommend using these smart switches to "save standby power" for modern appliances. All my PC Monitors and TVs for instance, use between 0.1 - 0.4W in standby (each).
            The only thing I found worthwhile controlling was 25 -year old Marantz Stereo Amp (9.1W in standby).

            • @WalterBiH: Thanks Walter…… I'm assuming it's about the same consumption as a sockets.

              The standby consumption is worth considering though. Take for example using a smart bulb in a bed side lamp, let's say it's uses 8w on and 1w in standby.

              Assuming that light might only be used for one hour a night, it would use 8 watt hours whilst on each day and a further 23 watt hours when not in use!

            • @WalterBiH: Yes I have a 30 year old mini hifi system that used 25w is standby!!!
              Could not believe it. A lot of money per year to display an LCD clock..

        • HS110 is what people will normally get I think, since HS100 does not have energy use monitoring. Any stats?

      • +1

        Just tested, my V4 Hs110 is showing:

        Current Power:0.00w
        Total Consumption: 1.78kWh

        This is with nothing plugged in to it (i.e. current power 0.00w) but plug being in on position.

        Note slightly higher than 1.7w as mentioned by WalterBiH below.

  • Quite expensive. Are they better than Kogan or Meross?

    • +1

      I have 4 of the kogan ones and two of the power strip version of these (Kasa). The Kasa app is much better than the kogan one (albeit a bit trickier to work out) and it pairs perfectly with Alexa. I can't find the Kogan Smart Home skill on Alexa.

      I picked up the Kogan ones at $10 a piece. Would I pay 3 times as much for these? Probably, now that I also have the power strips.

      • Kogan uses Smarter Home as skilss. The hardware and software is cheap but does the job.
        Meross is premium quality, no issues. Not sure if TP link any better for higher price.

        • -1

          I can't find Smarter Home on Alexa Skills.

        • Have you got a link to the Kogan ones?

    • +2

      I've got the Kogan plugs and the HS110. The HS110 has actually failed and required replacement.

      Regardless of the failure, I much prefer the Kogan plugs. The build quality is better and they're more compact.

      Kogan plug also supports Tasmota firmware and the HS110 doesn't.

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    I bought one off Amazon last week when it was $34 and also grabbed one at Bunnings over the weekend while on a trip out for supplies, also for $34.

    Worth noting that Amazon one was Version 4 (noticeably smaller box) while the Bunnings one was Version 1.

    Online searches seems to note that the V4 plug itself uses slightly less power than V1. Not too sure beyond that what the differences are though.

    • I purchased HS110 from Bunnings 2 weeks ago. Was a V4. Have a look it will say on barcode/serial under the box before you buy.

      But it's good to know V1 was much bigger as I thought the V4 was quite chunky already.

      • Sorry I was referring to size of the packaging box, not the actual plug itself. I haven't opened up the Bunnings one from the shrink wrap to compare actual plug sizes.

        I'll be returning the Bunnings one and just ordered another Amazon one at the lower price. In my head it is worth it for the updated hardware version.

  • Whats the difference between the HS100 and HS110?

  • Are the power monitor ones worth the extra couple of dollars? I already know what the power drain devices are and use aldi ones to track. These are a little smaller and unobtrusive though.

  • +2

    25$ at mwave
    Just price match at Bunnings with

      • mWave still cheaper than Amazon?

        • I dont expect much luck pricebeating mwave but im guessing Bunnings will happily do it with Amazon?

    • Even cheaper at centrecom for $19.

      • Centrecom one is V1, which does not have "works with IFTTT" written on the box.

        Was tempted to get it, but after thinking about it, decided to not to. TP-Link page defaults to V4 specs.

      • Price showing $34 now.

  • How does this compare to the Brilliant smart plug?
    $18.55. Has been as low as $15.
    This has been my goto up till now.

    • it has been as low as $9 for Brilliant smart plug

    • +1

      The brilliant plugs work very well IMHO. They use the tuya cloud service that works well with Google and Amazon smart speakers.

      One difference is the brilliant plugs don't have power monitoring.

      You can still currently buy the brilliant (branded idigital) plugs from the Reject Shop for $9 (they will be marked at $20,scan at $9)


      • Aldi's Medion S85225 plugs with power monitor (same Tuya stuff as seemingly all others) are 7.99 on clearance. Easily flashable to Tasmota as well.

        • Bargain. But pricing is usually store by store.

  • +1

    Or there's the Arlec Smart Plug with energy meter to compare with the HS-110 for only $19.78. These seem like better deals, unless the TP-link plugs are better in some way.

    • I'd be keen to know the difference as well, if anyone has owned both

    • +1

      The annoying thing is once you go with one brand, you're kind of stuck on their 'ecosystem' unless you don't mind several apps on your phone controlling them.

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    I have the hs100 and it is quite big. Comparing with the xiaomi smart plug i have got i prefer the xiaomi one as it's quite compact not interferring usage of the next power socket and it provides with energy comsumption monitoring, besides i am already in the xiaomi eco-system with the hub and alreadg using the xiaomi home app.

    • +2

      I've been using xiaomi for years. The only downside is they (sockets) don't work with Google home.

    • Yep the HS100 is big it blocks the adjacent plug on my board. This is the main reason I resorted to the slimmer Mirabella.

  • I have one of these and it never failed me. I use it for my balcony LED strip lights during Christmas to turn on/off lights automatically. I have also used this to measure electricity usage on my TV with different settings and selected the setting which is better suited for my eyes and pocket. Also, use it with my electric blanket to turn it on before bed! There are so many ways you can use this.

  • Will this reset by itself if the wifi drops out? I have a different brand. I used it outdoor (under cover). I had to reset it every now and then. I assumed it lost comm when wifi drops out but unable to connect itself again without manual intervention.

    • Don't be fooled - this does not support energy monitoring :(
      It appears this is incorrectly printed on the box.

  • Thanks grabbed a couple of 110s

  • +4

    I have these Kogan (Tuya based) switches which seem to do the same thing as the HS110 listed, but for $12.50 per unit when you buy 4 (not inc. shipping, but for metro areas it becomes around $15 a plug). My 4 kogan plugs have been extremely reliable for the last 6 months, I control them with the Smart Life app and google home mini by voice. Don't see the value in paying double for TP Link. Smart Life app says my Kogan plugs use around 0.01-0.02 kWh per day on standby (plugged in and not switched on)

    edit: AND they fit comfortably next to other power plugs, as they are pretty skinny.

    • -2

      Main difference, Kogan switch supports upto 2.4 Amps… while the HS-110 can support upto 10 Amps.

      • +2

        Kogan is also 10 amps. 2.4 amps is the USB ports on the top.

        Maximum Load 2400W / 10A
        Voltage 240V 50/60Hz

        • +1

          Thanks GenghisGun, I just ordered from Kogan. Didn't feel spending more than double price for HS110 which does the same thing with bulky body.

          • +1

            @mitmak13: Nice, good luck/have fun. Remember you can use these with pretty much any of the Tuya apps (Kogan Smarterhome or whatever is one of them), like Tuya Smart, Smart Life, etc. Also you can flash with Tasmota if you are privacy-conscious and want to go down that route, there are profiles for these somewhere

    • Do the Kogan switches have a manual button on them?

      • Yes they do. So if internet is out, you can actuate the switch manually without issue.

  • Was wanting to measure my fridge power usage but was wondering if there is a power outage does the unit automatically switch to the on state?

    • gotta make sure your plug can handle your fridge wattage too

    • +1

      I've got a HS110 - just did a test by turning off the powerpoint it was plugged into, and it restored the state it was in (tested on and off) when the powerpoint was switched back on.

  • Electric blanket remote switching action! Buying 2!

    • Just move to QLD instead

    • this is exactly why i went to bunnings and bought two today lol

  • Ended up going to Bunnings and get the Arlec version for $19 - with energy meter too.


  • I use a HS100 to turn my Insect light on and off. It turns on automatically at sunset (a timing option in the app) and off at 21:30. My mechanical time controls always eventually failed and also got out of whack with power outages. Also when using a conventional mechanical or electric timer I was always having to adjust them throughout the year as sunset time changed with the seasons.

  • Would xiaomi ones be much cheaper?

  • Anyone got any feedback for the D-Link mini one. https://www.bunnings.com.au/d-link-mini-wi-fi-smart-plug_p01...

  • Silly question, the ad on the kogan site says:

    "Turn on your heating before you get home, switch off the lights and set the TV to turn off after 9pm. This smart plug allows you to remotely manage your favourite devices and schedule them to suit your lifestyle, even if you’re not at home"

    How exactly does it do your lights?


    • +1

      Lamps id say.

  • Anyone, from past experience, would Bunnings price beat that?

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