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HuskeeCup with Lid 8oz $9.99 @ ALDI


The HuskeeCup re-purposes coffee husks as a raw material produced at the milling stage of coffee production to make the cup

Why HuskeeCup?

A reusable cup as sophisticated as it is sustainable
Durable and reusable
Non-toxic (BPA free)
Dishwasher friendly
Universal lid and saucer
Keeps your coffee hotter for longer
Re-purposes waste material (coffee husks)

Currently $18.00 delivered from Amazon

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    I believe this is only available in black, right?

    • +3

      Not sure what Aldi will offer, but there's a natural colour too (sand) - I've got that one. They're nice cups, but note they don't have great heat retention if that's important to you.

      • +2

        Hopefully there's the sand one too because it looks much nicer. But yeah, I heard heat retention and leakiness can be an issue for some (if you want to chuck it in your bag and go - just don't do that cause there are air holes in the lid).

      • +1

        Can confirm: I've been using the larger variant for the last six months at work and it radiates most of it out through the grip where all the thermal mass is fanned out like a heatsink.

        The natural coloured one also stained slightly after I had turmeric tea in it, so beware of that.

  • I’ve got a couple of the natural coloured ones. Happy to pickup some more in black.

    I use them in the house mainly, occasionally my wife takes one with her. I use my trusted Zojirushi for takeaways.

    They’re nice cups to look at and hold in your hands but I would only ever consider them standard cups rather than anything in the realm of heat retention. Plus: it’s an Australian brand.

  • I have one and love it however it wont fit in standard sized cup holders… ;)

  • So guys, do I drink an excessive amount of coffee? Anything that small I'd be refilling half a dozen times a day..

  • Are cafes still not accepting re-usable cups for hygeine reasons? Or has this been lifted?

    • I’m not sure if all states have the same guidelines, but the current direction is that takeaway cups are ok, but you can’t give them your lid. I had to laugh as the first time this happened, the barista handed my lid back to me. I now put the lid on my KeepCup when it’s handed back to me.

  • i dont think you can use re-usable cups yet.

  • a few years a go i bought a 12oz from BP cafe and got a free coffee for $13

  • Ahh only 8oz… was really hoping for the 12oz version as that is the same as a large coffee.

  • +3

    I was gifted one of these a while ago, and find them pretty awful to drink out of. The drinking hole is recessed under a large lip. Despite the marketing, it's not fantastic for the environment because you can't recycle the plastic now that it's packed full of coffee husk. You can't compost the husk either. Go full plastic, glass or stainless IMO.

    • They seem to be quite secretive about the actual percentage of husk in the cups. I originally thought these were just 100% husk, it's a bit deceptive

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