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[NSW] Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog - $337 (Pickup Only) @ Miele Clearance Centre, Eastern Creek


These are new, but selling as a clearance by Miele themselves. Check other states outlets.

Miele clearance centre explained that they're changing the model 10797820 "C3 complete, cat and dog", although the 'new' line they'll be selling will be the same basically.


Photos of the box:

I understand these clearance centre items are normally box damaged, but we bought one today and there was nothing wrong, at all. Like from a retailer, they repeated that they have a stack of them, RRP of $749, they're selling off as clearance only for $337.

These are the genuine 'Made in Germany' ones, written on the box and advised by the rep. I checked that there is no difference in warranty compared to a retail bought one, except cosmetic issues aren't covered (but there aren't issues there).

They're open 9-5 M to F, and it's pickup only from the Miele head office near Eastern Creek. No shipping options.

The other centres might have them too, considering the guy there 'Sean' said they have plenty. They're responsive on email too.

Used the Vac tonight, it's so powerful I couldn't comfortably use it on the highest power setting as it sucks to the floor! Glad to have a bag vac too, been too long using a bag less and really not enjoying how frequent I had to empty it and get a face full of dead skin dust. Yum.

Hope it helps someone like me who's been hanging for this model to go on sale.

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  • OP, are you able to confirm which of the large turbo heads this model comes with?

    The STB 205 had black brushes inside, the newer STB 305 has red ones and a knob thing on the front to reduce suction for certain surfaces. The 305 performs notably better in thick carpets, otherwise much the same elsewhere.

    I'm guessing older stock, it must be the STB 205.

    Still a good deal though

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      Hi Click_it, the head is the STB 305.
      Thats one drawback in my 2nd hand opinion - I read a review where someone said the older 205 was able to be easily dissasembled to remove hair, the 305 he said was a PITA to clean.

      • Ahh, that I didn't realise.

        Given how long these last I wouldn't be opposed to buying the 205 separately if the 305 really is a hassle.

        But in my case I'd only be vacuuming rugs so it shouldn't get too bad. Rest is tiles.

      • Hi Jason, can you please confirm the wattage of this vacuum and model number for us please?

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          Pretty certain these are 2000W

          Thanks for the deal Jason. I just called Miele and paid for 2 asking them to put them on hold for me until I can collect sometime next week.

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    Mine still going strong after 3 years. Original bags can be purchased in bulk from eBay much cheaper than in shops.

  • I’ve had mine for 5 years and recently got the Dyson v10 absolute. Honestly I’ve never used the Miele since. The Dyson does as great of a job if not better than my Miele. I know stick vacuums have had their fair share of criticism, however the amount of dirt that the Dyson collected even after doing a run with the Miele was amazing.

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      I really cannot believe your comment though admit I only have this miele and a Dyson v8 to compare

      • I had v8 and v10. I noticed a big difference in minimum power. Not that power is everything, the key reason for dyson carpet performance is the agitating head imho.

        Have not used a miele. Would expect miele is better but dyson still good enough that you wouldn't bother with the miele. But it's carpet.. There is always dirt to be removed. You will never get it all.

  • hi, is this the same product as https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/374386

    I know sales can vary at different times and if this was a reasonable deal I was going to buy it but just the pain of having to drive to eastern creek… I want to wait it out a bit if other stores continue to have discounts.

    I currently have old Dyson V6 absolute which is proving to be absolutely useless on hardwood floors… It just pushes dirt around if it's anything bigger than the size of… dust.. it will pull hair and fine dust but CANNOT do any big particles… Would Miele solve my problem?

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      I do have dyson v6 animal and Miele c3 cat and dog. The Miele will solve your issue. The Dyson won't hold a candle to Miele both on carpet and hard floor.

  • Do they have much stock? looking for a cheap 90cm Miele oven!

  • Have had the C3 cat and dog 3-4years and it's amazing. Completely indestructible (Harvey Norman rep advertised it by standing and jumping on it) and so much suction it can lift carpet off the ground with the standard head.

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    So I rang the Keysborough store in VIC and was told that they do have a newer model for $467 (basically its the same C3 made in germany ) but will not offer the price OP paid as they dont have stock of that serial number etc.
    Not sure if anyone else had any success here in VIC?

    • did they have any other bargains?

      • sorry mate i just rang to esquire about the C3. The receptionist Amanda wasn't really that friendly lol (seems she was getting lot of calls….)

    • thanks, saved me a trip and a call… sucks they're doing the same model for more now - just a way to increase the RRP

    • Thanks this just saved me a call too.

    • Same here for Eastern Creek NSW

  • hey I thought I'd ask… haha would anyone in NSW pick one up for me? I'll organize a courier to pick it up from you.

    • Sold out in NSW - Eastern Creek.
      On the 17th when I called they said plenty in stock but you could not go in on the 17th to pick up as they were doing a stocktake. 18th Morning I went in - guess what - ALL SOLD OUT. They have a few of the other models on sale

      • hahaha ah well. I ended up picking a 2nd set up at the VIC clearance centre for "a bit" more.

        • fantastic :) I ended up picking the bagless cat and dog for an extra $100

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