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Mirabella Genio Wi-Fi Powerboard USB $39.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)



Mirabella's Genio Smart Wi-Fi power board has four plugs and two USB ports, an individual plug function via the app, and it works with Google and Alexa. It's made for use indoors and allows you to control lights and appliances from anywhere using Wi-Fi. You can even set schedules and timers, and the power board features surge protection, and a 1.2 metre lead.

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    Similar to this one from Bunnings? https://www.bunnings.com.au/arlec-grid-connect-smart-4-outle...

    On second look, the genio one has two USB outs.

    Note that the USB outputs are probably not switched.

    • They are switched

      • Oh, that's good. So can be controlled via the app?

        Also just checked that the Arlec also has two USB outputs - 1 USB A and 1 USB C.

        • The Mirabella's Genio one can control the usb points through the app. But it is either both on, or both off.

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    The bunnings one has got a USB C as well, which is better.

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    I have 2 of these.
    These USB’s don’t charge the iPhones using the lightning cable (think it called lightning).
    I rang support and was told this.
    So if you have an iPhone and I’m guessing iPad is the same, it’s not going to work unless support said you can find an old cable from an iPhone.
    I tried a few cables I had from before not knowing how old they were but to no avail.

    • Do they squeal? I have the Arlec 5 outlet version (4 switched) and the board emits a constant high pitched squeal, and also makes some strange residual squealing noise when being powered off. Primarily asking for my teenage sons, whose ears are not fans of the Arlec.

  • The USB ports in Bunnings one cant be wifi controlled

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    I like the sound of these things but when I really think about it I don't see any use for me.

    I can't figure any thing I need to remotely turn on off or need google home to do.

    What would people use this for?
    Our power boards at home has tv/ps4/Foxtel connected, don't need power off on them.
    Another has stereo/Google nest/2 phone chargers.

    Give me some hints please.

    • I have a few of the single power point ones and use them to turn power off when not at home and use them for power monitoring

      • Would there be any dollar saving for just that seeing the board is $40.

        • I don't think this one does power monitoring, but I did more for stuff like the dryer just in case we left it on after leaving. I paid $10 for them from Aldi's about 6 months ago.

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      What would people use this for?


      lights for fish tank

      • To pay extra power bill…

        • It turns the lights off for me, so i don't forget. So it actually saves me money.

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            @jv: $40 for the power board, that’s many many years of running a fish tank light before any money is saved.

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              @PVA: It's a really big fish tanks.

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      I use a xiaomi one to auto boot my PC when away from home

      • Hold up, that's useful but how? Don't you need to press the on button for your pc to boot up?

        Same goes to the kettle below, wouldn't you need to switch it on to start boiling?

        • so the PC auto-boots when power is applied.

          So while i'm away from home, i can start the PC, remote in, and trigger downloads, and auto shut down. it's all downloaded by the time i return.

          The computer turns off automatically at night, and i just turn it on when i need it, hence saving power. If it wasnt remote operated, i'd turn it on at the start of the day, and leave it on all day. this way its only on when i need it.

          fyi timers on coffee makers have existed for decades

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      we set up our kettle with it, so that every morning at 7:45 it automatically starts boiling water for us. of course, you would have to fill it with water the night before, but we've gotten in a habit of filling it after every time we use it and that way we can voice command or use our phones to boil water without going to the kitchen

      • Auto fill the coffee machine would be good 😀 always needing water or beans.

        Looking at Arlecs site then Bunnings, auto roller blinds would be good. Set them up to go up in the morn, certain ones down at night etc. wiring would be an issue I think.

        Ok google, good night. Lights off and blinds go down.. No idea if that can happen.

        Power boards not so much.

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      I got a few smart single plugs for home security
      When we are away for holiday,
      Turns on floor lights and radio at sunset
      Turns off at sunrise
      Saves me $1000s from potential burglary
      Plus I don't need to get out my warm bed in winter, just to switch off the lights
      Also smart light bulbs as front door lamps

  • Don’t suppose it does power monitoring ?

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    • I found that a lot of the Mirabella brand devices are easily flashed and work well with home assistant

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    Best thing about these is they can be easily flashed with tuya-convert and esphome for direct control in Home Assistant. I have one in a weatherproof box outside which controls my water feature, some patio lights and also some garden lights.

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