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Alien 6 Film Collection HD/4K $19.99 @ iTunes AU

  • Alien 4K
  • Aliens HD
  • Alien 3 HD
  • Alien Resurrection HD
  • Prometheus 4K
  • Alien: Covenant 4K

Don’t forget 15% off iTunes cards at Coles to bring the price down to about $17 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/544745)

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  • Game over man. Game over.

    • They mostly come out at night…mostly~~~

      • Hudson: Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?

        Vasquez: No, have you?

        So many great lines from that film so much better than any of the others in the series.

        • Alien > Aliens

          (But otherwise, absolutely)

          • @leethompson: (Sci-Fi horror) Alien === Aliens (Sci-Fi action) > All other alien films.

          • @leethompson: I think they're both good but different types of movies.

            Prometheus, while not good, was one of my best movie going experiences ever. My dad was stoked to see it on release day, but mum didn't want to go with him. I offered to go as a father/son thing.

            The movie was packed full of Alien fans, keen to see what would be an obvious masterpiece. Around the time where the guy with the pups got lost I was thinking "wait there's something funky going on here". When the penis snake arrived and the guy went to go touch it, the entire cinema stated laughing and how stupid it was, and the rest of the film was just like going to a really good comedy, it was just a really fun, funny time. My dad was getting into it too.

            A great experience. I haven't seen it since.

            • @AlanHB: Haha great description of Prometheus.
              I like the film, but yes it clearly had issues and without those issues would have been great.

            • @AlanHB: Me and a few friends all paid for premium tickets on release, was one of the most disappointing movies I have ever seen. My expectations were probably too high but wow did it ever under achieve. Basically a movie with no redeeming qualities. It was just too bad to even laugh at for us.

            • @AlanHB: Prometheus, an empty movie filled with dumb characters making dumb decisions. You are right, once you accept it is not a real Alien movie, and a bad movie - the random events become sort of entertaining. "Is that a zombie knocking on the door? WTF."

              • @Kontiki: @Kontiki: Or when the girl gets the alien removed from her womb and brushes it off like it was nothing? Weird stuff going on there.

  • Having never owned anything by Apple, is this Apples version of 4K ?

    Or are they ready for a 4K disc release but no one bothered yet?

    • Alien had a 4K remaster a while ago, it got released on disk.

      Alien: Covenant and Prometheus are also available on 4K bluray.

      The rest are HD.

      • It is worth noting though… if 4K versions of the others become available generally Apple just applies it to your purchase. SO you don't need to repurchase.

        • Caveat is that this depends on the studio… some studios remove the old iTunes listing and put in a new one, so you're forced to buy it again if you want it in 4K. Low act, but some do this. Including for this Alien series — I bought the original Alien in HD on iTunes, and I don't get to have the 4K version without repurchasing it.

    • Ahh yes, it's called reading the description properly - apologies, I had not had my coffee yet

  • Got it, thanks for the heads up OP. I am not sure why it disappeared from my CheapCharts wishlist.

  • The second film really needs a 4K release!

  • I got it. When JB HiFi has them that set for $30+ I consider this to be a good deal.

    • Difference being that if Apple loses/gives up its license with the studio to distribute the film, your copies will magically disappear from your iTunes library. It's kinda hard for them to come and take the Blurays off your shelf.

      • Has that ever happened? 90% sure it would just be de-listed from the store.

        • https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2018/09/17/apple-res...

          Apples stated policy in plain English:

          “Any movies you've already downloaded can be enjoyed at any time and will not be deleted unless you've chosen to do so. If you change your country setting, some movies may not be available to re-download from the movie store if the version you purchased isn't also available in the new country. If needed, you can change your country setting back to your prior country to re-download those movies.”

          So unless you've downloaded the files and stored them (which the vast majority of people don't, they just stream them), they can very easily disappear.

        • I bought Outrun Online Arcade on PS3 from the Playstation store. It is no longer sold as the Ferrari license has expired. The game files are still kept on the servers so I can download it anytime I want.

  • 40 years on and the first movie is still an amazing classic! I confess that it still gives me the creeps - definitely not one to watch alone in the dark, unless you have a cat with you. :-D

  • Any idea if these purchases can be played in the "AppleTV" app recently released?

  • Alien looks good in 4K.

  • Not having anything at all to do with Apple, is there any way to access the movies outside of the Apple ecosystem? Through a Shield or a plex plugin or something?

  • Digital copy on iTunes ???.. NO THANK YOU…

  • Need the 4k physical boxset from Amazon!!

    • I got the 4-film BluRay box set from Amazon US years ago - it is bloody beautiful, the care and love that went into designing the packaging for that. Plus the movies themselves, all 4 had both theatrical and director's cuts where available - Alien 3 was just an extended cut. They couldn't really call it a director's cut since David Fincher has disowned it, and fair enough, too - in any case, the extended version of that was a significant improvement anyway. Plus all the commentaries and extra features etc - if you love movies as something more than something to stare at while stuffing your face with snacks, things like that box set are a reminder that there's still a place for physical distribution.

      • The Alien movies on iTunes in fact contain all the special features of the box set including commentaries , documentaries deleted saves and the theatrical and extended cuts.
        Plenty of films release on iTunes now with special features these days and have done so for about six years now.

      • I got the bluray box set from Amazon UK years back. No probs with region coding from the UK. I ended up with two sets. One was very slow to get here so I complained and they sent a new one. Then the first purchase turned up and Amazon didn't want it back. I used for a Xmas gift.

        • I got mine from the US, also no region issues. BluRays seem to be much better than DVDs in that regard… a lot more region-free stuff. Not sure if 4K discs are better / worse since I don't have a player for them yet.

  • Great price for a great set of movies. Shame it's locked to apple otherwise I would be all over this.
    We only have the apple TV hooked up to the smaller bedroom TV.

  • Are these director's cuts or theatrical?

    • I was wondering this too.
      So, not a definitive answer, however according to ThisOrThatEdition.com:
      Alien (1979) Theatrical (117 min.), Director's Cut (116 min.);
      Aliens(1986) Theatrical (137 min.), Special Edition (154 min.).

      On the above link:
      Alien 1h 56mins;
      Aliens 2h 17mins.

      That suggests to me the so-called Director's Cut of Alien and the Theatrical release of Aliens - which is the opposite of what most people prefer.

      Ridley Scott on the 'Director's Cut':
      "For all intents and purposes, I felt that the original cut of Alien was perfect. I still feel that way."

      James Cameron on the Special Edition of Aliens, "This is Jim Cameron. What you’re about to watch is the special edition of Aliens. I actually prefer this version to the released version"

      • I threw on Alien at lunch and it gave me the option of "Play" or "Play 2003 Director's Cut".

        • Thanks. I think most DVDs and BluRays include both versions, so I wondered if that would be the case with Online formats.

      • The special edition of Aliens is definitely a far superior version and fills in some plot holes from the theatrical release. as for alien I think I could take either version.

  • Great price great movies (… mostly …) Thanks OP !

  • iTunes? 99% of TVs don't support it. Rather buy movies on Google. That way they can be played on the YouTube app. Too bad it's iTunes.