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[VIC] Any 4 Oatly Vegan Milks $16 (Save $4) + Delivery (Free over $25) @ GreenGrofers


GreenGrofers, the online retailer for healthy foods, is offering

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  • Woolies standard price for Oatly is $4.50 per litre; Vitasoy Prebiotic Oat Milk $2.50 per litre.

    No bargains here.

    • Oatly = 11% cheaper. Plus free delivery for 7+. Seems like a decent deal to me.

    • Vitasoy Prebiotic Oat Milk https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/83494/vita... is normally $3.60

      Is $2.50 for this week only

      • Is $2.50 for this week only

        Your point is*?

        * might have to highlight, this is a bargain site where the cheapest price wins, not a lets-give-out-warm-hugs-to-friendly-store-reps site

        • But what is your point? You brought into this an incomparable* product not even mentioned in the OP.

          *Yes, incomparable. Most oat milks taste nothing like oatly.

          the cheapest price wins

          For oatly, OP wins.

          What's your point?

          • @afoveht:

            Yes, incomparable. Most oat milks taste nothing like oatly.

            No, comparable.

            Oatly ingredients:
            Water, oats 10%, rapeseed oil, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphates, vitamins (D2, riboflavin, B12), salt.

            Vitasoy Prebiotic Oat Milk ingredients:
            Water, oats (min. 15%), prebiotic fibre (chicory root fibre), oat flour, sunflower oil, mineral (calcium phosphate), salt.

            Oatly has less oat in it, no fibre, and cost 60% more than Vitasoy - even if you are willing to bulk buy it

            Deal? Hardly.

            Don't believe me? Then check how many people clicked the link - a whopping 58 clicks. And that's settled the matter.

  • Good price, especially with delivery. But getting an error for delivery:

    "Your cart has been updated and the items you added can’t be shipped to your address. Remove the items to complete your order."

  • A bit hesitant to make a purchase as this store doesn't accept PayPal. Haven't seen any reviews that vouch for them either

    • Hi,

      We just lunched our store month back. Paypal payment option will available very soon. We are Australian Registered business and our website is SSL secured. so, Don't hesitate and buy from our website.

      • Thanks for the reply. Would be nice to see this deal posted again after PayPal up and running. :)

        For me the two levels of protection (PP and CC), gives me more peace of mind when buying from a new business, particularly one that is in the process of building up a reputation

  • I’m not a dairy hater at all (but strongly dislike soy milk).

    Having said that: oat milk is a terrific alternative to dairy milk and I actually prefer it in tea for its subtle but very pleasant nutty oat flavour. Oatley is very good but the price is bonkers. Making oat milk costs next to nothing, can easily be done at home but is impractical for day to day use.

    Anyway: of all the non Oatley ones I tried VitaSoy oat milk was the best. Still overpriced, even on special, but that’s Australia for you.

    • Try Sanitarium Barista oat. Must be Barista version, not the cheap and yucky So Good.

      Still $4 - I expect oatly has set the benchmark here and others are cashing in on it.

    • For espresso based coffees, such as lattes, flat whites, or cappuccinos, I find Vitasoy oat milk leaves a sour after taste. It is very good straight up or with some teas just not coffee

      IMO the best oat milk I've tried for coffee is Oatly Barista edition, the next in line is Alternative Dairy Co. Barista oat milk. Both of these taste neutral and creamy. Almost as good as dairy (which I can only tolerate in small quantities)

      Also tried Califia Barista oat milk but it leaves an unpleasant after taste. The non-barista versions of Oatly are also bad with coffee. I'm trying to remember how Minor Figures oat milk tastes but from memory it ranks below Califia

      I'm looking forward to trying out the Vitasoy Barista and Sanitation Barista version of oat milk. Perhaps I've already had them at a cafe as I don't always notice what brand of oat milk is in use

      Have to agree that oat milk does seem overpriced. Maybe it'll get cheaper when it goes more mainstream

      Btw, does anyone know of a store I can just pop into, around Melbourne, that sells Oatly for cheap? My local green grocer was selling for $4 a carton but they've since increased to $5