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Logitech G304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse US$32.99 (~A$48.14) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


After a few requests in the previous deals we now have a deal on this popular wireless Logitech mouse. It's identical to the Logitech G305 sold in other countries.

Features include a 12,000 adjustable DPI sensor, 6 programmable buttons, onboard memory for profiles, on the fly DPI, 1ms report rate, up to 250 hours of battery life with one AA battery, USB wireless receiver and Logitech G HUB software support.

Next on sale are the FIIL T1X earphones which has received a 5 star review from Scarbir due to the excellent sound. Features include Bluetooth 5.0 with a Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, True Wireless Audio, IPX5 water resistance, inbuilt mic, tap gestures, up to 6 hours of playtime, charging case provides an extra 4 full recharges, USB Type-C fast charging for the case, 3 sizes eartips, 2 sizes ear wings and a companion app.

Free priority shipping for both products. Click Proceed to Checkout in the cart to choose shipping method before payment.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate.

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  • Really excellent wireless mouse, top sensor and insane battery life (put a lithium AA in for weight reduction and better battery life). Just be aware that it is rather small and shaped like an egg. Palm grippers need not apply.

    • I have this mouse, have had it for about 6 months now and ive had to change the battery once, maybe twice. great mouse couldnt fault anything with it.

    • Not eneloops?

    • Def claw gripper mouse. Love mine. Get one of these https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/323610242407 and some Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA for a really lightweight mouse.

    • Totally agreed. Had this mouse for 2 years now and its very responsive for general use and particularly gaming at 400 dpi (personal preference. I paired this with a glorious XL mouse pad and its my favourite wireless setup. My hands are slightly moderate to large size and still find it quite comfortable to grip for at least 2hours of gaming

    • As per Optimum Tech's old video, you can also use a lithium AAA battery with a AA case for more weight reduction as well as 3d print a lightweight back shell for it.

    • I tried to pass off my old Logitech G400 to my partner just the other day. She's using a busted mouse with no thumb buttons and a broken mouse-wheel lol. She found the Logitech G400 too large so maybe this is a goer?

      • Yeah give it a punt. It's a bit smaller and wireless, so should go well enough

        • I ended up asking on r/MouseReview and discovered this "Pwnage" Custom Mouse instead. Definitely not a bargain but super cool. 😎

    • how small are we talkinjg? like a logitech MX Anywhere s2 small?

  • Decided to give it a try. Thanks OP

  • Anyone have experience with buying stuff off of GeekBuying?

    • Bought a Razor Deathadder and a G102 from their last sale, received them today. No issues.

    • I received my white one also and it's shit and fake. I made a video but havent uploaded it. If you want pm me and ill upload it to cloud and send you the link. Basically it works and all but ive used a black death adder in the past and so know what it truly feels like for CS GO. It's not meant to be this light, and the feet are meant to be thicker, smoother and nicer feeling — it's just cheap thin nonsmooth pieces of plastic. And the sides of the mouse isnt rubber as it should be. The clicks are definitely not hyper responsive and very quick and effortless as the original deathadder. The thing is, it LOOKS and is PACKAGED extremely well (e.g. the white razer light and scroll wheel light), and the razer software even picks it up. Fair enough that it's an "essential" version, but they've synonymised it with "very bare minimum to the point of feeling and performing identically to a basic $10 microsoft or Logitech mouse". For $28 i think it was actually fair due to the nice packaging and the mouse simply just working. But would never buy a replacement from here and would rather pay the full price from a a well validated retailer of razer products.

      • So you start off with saying it's fake, then you say you've never had a razer DeathAdder essential, then you compare it to another DeathAdder and say it's different then you say the packaging and everything else is exactly the same? Ok

    • Bought Razer Deathadder - Arrived in 3 weeks I believe. Shipping information will not update until product is with Australia post that is like a few days prior to delivery. But mouse came out to be alright and is working fine. Got registered with Razer as well so probably no counterfeit as well. Customer support replies after 1-2 days generally. Hope this helps.

  • ugh I just received my g102 :(

  • bought one thx OP

  • Bought one… thanks Op !

  • Any chance of deal on Razer Atheris?

  • Thanks OP, got one

  • Dammit, i'm about to buy a mouse that I don't need at all.

  • Got a weird error when I tried to pay

    "Gateway Rejected: risk_threshold"

    Oh well.

  • Of course this has to come up after I bought mine from Aliexpress…

    Does anyone know whether Aliexpress will accept return? Thanks.


      Change of mind is really difficult, has it shipped? If so you're probably better off selling it on Facebook Marketplace 😉

  • Missed on last DeathAdder deal, waiting for it to happen again.

  • Great mouse.. it's so light and comfortable I even stopped using Logitech master 2s..

  • +1 vote

    Any deals on Logitech wireless gaming keyboard to complement the mouse?

  • how is the wireless performance on this for gaming?

    • Absolutely amazing. Latency is non existent, and connection is flawless. It's their "Lightspeed" tech introduced with their G900 high end gaming mouse, which is also the same as their G Pro Wireless. The sensor is top notch too.

      It may not look like it, but this is a top end gaming mouse! It's like a Lambo in WW Golf clothing…

  • Great mouse, I am using one at the moment, great battery life but a tad too small for me causing a bit of pain on my wrist.

  • Welp im really enjoying razer mini from last deal so cant complain. Great price on this.

    • Yeah, just got the Viper Mini and am loving the light weight… the G102 used to be my main mouse and loved it, a month ago I would've bought this in a split second but now, I don't think I can go back to the higher weight. Could use the 304 for modding but the Viper Mini cable doesn't bother me at all so no point.

  • For those interested in modding mice, this is used in many custom shells with mods to make it lighter. There are also conversion kits to make many popular mice into wireless versions using the guts of this, its excellent. The subreddit r/mousereviews has plenty of info, g304 and g305 are the same mouse, just different regions (asia/americas)

  • Cheers OP

  • Great mouse. If anyone is buying for gaming and wants a lighter mouse, you can throw in a lithium energizer AAA battery to lighten the mouse to 80g with a AA to AAA adapter. One battery lasts 6 months.

  • is the g pro the same size?

  • recently bought a g403 and not a fan of the shape (coming from deathadder which suited me)
    is this similar to the g403 in terms of shape?

  • I'm not getting 48 dollars with coupon? Getting 58 is this right?

  • Fken hell bought it for 85 last month

  • thanks OP, using my 28 degrees only $47.10…..nice

  • I have an old Razer Orochi that's pretty small and cramps my hands a bit. Is this bigger?

    • I would recommend you to check your mouse size vs G304.

      I got relatively small hands and the g304 suits me perfectly.

      If you need a bigger mouse go with GPW, double the price (normal price) though.

  • Mx Master 3 deal possible?

  • I'd be all over this if it wasn't too small for my hand. Tried a g102 before but my hand ended up cramping up. G403/G703 ended up the best fit for me.

    If anyone isnt sure, try the RocketJumpNinja size guide. His reviews and info on sizing are pretty much spot on.


    Use the video on the page to find out how to measure your hand and determine grip style.

  • It's 64 AUD now when I clicked the link

  • @OP any chance you'll be doing a sale on the white version?

  • MX Master 3 deal somewhere?

  • +1 for Logitech mice. Have a G703 (the old one) and it's amazing, great shape and sensor. My only gripe is the battery life, but I put it on charge during day to day tasks so it's fine for me. The G603 seems quite nice being a G703 that takes AAs and has no RGB, and the G304 an entry level option.

  • is this mouse the same size as a logitech MX Anywhere 2S?

  • Last G102 deal was great, was running the G Pro wired and could tell no difference. Have been wanting G pro wireless but bit exy for me, hopefully this mouse is the gateway drug i need to go wireless.

    • The G703 is pretty nice, I think it's like $100. Still expensive but I can't get my head around the 304/305's shape.

  • I just bought this but forgot to change to priority shipping, is there any way I can change it?

  • I'd be very wary of any current Logitech G series mice. Both of mine have had the same mouse wheel issue where the mouse wheel scrolls in the wrong direction pretty often and the warranty service has been rather terrible.

  • Is it only available in black?

  • Any mechanical keyboard deals beside the logitech one?

  • I'm trying to buy one and getting Gateway Rejected: risk_threshold. Any ideas?

  • Ordered one at the price of 49.75$ using Paypal. My order number is 5259923 kindly please can anyone check if I have selected priority shipping thanks

  • Coupo doesn't seem to be working on the white version. Sale only for the black version?