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Jetstar Sale 10,000 Seats for $19 OW e.g. SYD/MEL<>CNS/GC/SunCoast, ADL<>CNS, SYD/BNE<>Whitsunday Coast


One fee-free date change available with fare difference, see terms here . Travel period is mid-July to October but excluding school holidays.

According to this news.com.au article:

Jetstar has released 10,000 one-way fares for $19, servicing 22 routes including Melbourne to Sydney, Sydney to Gold Coast, Melbourne to Byron Bay (Ballina), Brisbane to Whitsunday Coast (Proserpine) and Adelaide to Cairns.

Other fares available for sale from 9.00am Friday until Monday night, unless sold prior, is a $49 flight from Brisbane to Mackay as well as $79 from Sydney to Hamilton Island and Brisbane to Darwin…

[Update: flights are in both directions]

  • Adelaide – Melbourne 21 July – 17 Sept, 7 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Adelaide – Sydney 21 July – 17 Sept, 7 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Adelaide – Cairns 13 August – 17 Sept, 7 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne (Avalon) – Gold Coast 15 July – 10 Sept, 7 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne (Avalon) – Sydney 21 July – 17 Sept 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Brisbane – Sydney 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Brisbane – Proserpine 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Brisbane – Townsville 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne – Ballina 14 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Sydney – Ballina 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne – Cairns 14 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Cairns – Gold Coast 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Sydney – Cairns 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne – Sunshine Coast 14 July – 24 Sept, 13 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Sydney – Sunshine Coast 16 July – 24 Sept, 13 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne – Newcastle 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne – Gold Coast 14 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne – Sydney 4 August – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Newcastle – Gold Coast 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Sydney – Proserpine 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Sydney – Townsville 21 July – 17 Sep, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Sydney – Gold Coast 21 July – 24 Sept, 13 Oct – 31 Oct

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  • So it looks like they have designed it so you can't get cheap flights both ways for the majority of routes. Good one.

    • Not sure yet, nearly all their previous sales are both ways, but we'll find out at 9 am. 10,000 seats is a lot, so I suspect it will be both ways?

      If not might be good excuse to hire a car and road trip back.

    • you can get close though…

      Brisbane->Sydney, and then Sydney->Gold/SunshineCoast for example
      mildly inconvenient, but if you can get someone to drop you off (or pick you up), then it could work

      • Certainly an option but I wouldn't describe it as mildly inconvenient. If you take Brisbane CBD as a reference point it would basically be a 2.5 hour round trip to Gold Coast Airport. If there is heavy traffic which often there is it would take longer.

        Sunshine Coast is a bit further away.

        • It only needs a one-way car/train trip in the example.

          Anyway I believe the flights will be in both directions, as it would be somewhat redundant for them to duplicate the list with the inverse pairs.

        • As an old backpacker, I consider this two holidays in one. I get to spend a few days in Brisbane and then a few more on the Gold Coast.

          The amount of dirt cheap RyanAir flights I had like this in the middle of nowhere…

    • -1 vote

      So it looks like they have designed it so you can't get cheap flights both ways for the majority of routes.

      Also, does not include any checked-in luggage.

  • So Jetstar is counting on the QLD border opening on 14 July for some flights. If not, those flights will be cancelled & you'll be booked on next available flight (no cost).

    However if you change the flight - you pay just the difference in fares.

    But wonder how many people want to be so close to others, with distancing enforced everywhere else?

    • how many people want to be so close to others

      Well 40,000 are expected to pack into a stadium this Sunday in NZ.


      • That's across the ditch! A different world.
        And a Rugby match is like a religious service there. They'll be OK.

        There were no restrictions on physical contact. Fans could hug, high-five, congregate in groups before and after the match and fill public transport without wearing masks or social distancing.
        New Zealand has almost eradicated COVID-19

        But at least that is in the open air! And you can leave if you want to.

        • Every time I go to the supermarket I'm in close contact with others. I bet the planes will be more thoroughly sanitised than my local supermarket. Wear a mask and take all the normal precautions and it should be ok.

          • @tranter: But how long do you stay in close contact with the same people in a supermarket?? You accidentally touch them, climb over them?

            It's the prolonged contact / closeness that matters. You can't escape that on up to a few hour flight.

            The PM & others don't want people gathering close to others - saying it's irresponsible (even with masks). But on a flight you choose to do that.

            • @the INFIDEL: You have a point.

              Although the airlines will have to go the extra mile to make things safe with additional measures mandated by the government, otherwise they won't be allowed to fly.

              As time passes there will be more and more events/scenarios where people are in close contact.

              • @tranter: It's very unknown.

                The airlines are doing this to protect their business & it's income. It's in their best interests to ensure we are safe. Otherwise people won't buy flights.

                Alan Joyce said it was uneconomic to provide distancing on aircraft.

                But it is strange that in the air is considered different to on the ground. We could receive large fines now for sitting so close, for so long (15 min is usual limit) anywhere else!

                I think I'll wait & see what happens. What is the result of such close confined contact? It's a health experiment that people are paying to be part of!

                • @the INFIDEL: People have still been flying since all this started earlier this year. Would be interesting to see real research about risks of contracting coronavirus on planes when all the proper precautions are taken.

                  Don't think there are currently any fines here in Qld given out for sitting together for more than 15 mins. Things are changing quickly and rules are becoming much more relaxed. Won't be long until tens of thousands of people will be allowed into sporting venues.

                  • @tranter: Opinion I listened to today from the health checks on demonstrations - it seems those large outdoor gatherings pose little or no virus risk. Not what we were told - but no one really knows, until after the fact.

                    Being moving outdoor gatherings, people aren't likely in so close contact for long periods. Whereas allocated seated in outdoor gatherings, that would be different & different again to in an enclosed space.
                    Planes are enclosed spaces, with very close seating, with recirculated air. A very different situation.

                    Most cafes currently have a 4square meter rule per person!
                    Alan Joyce said it was not possible on board flights on economic grounds.

                    Failing to keep a safe distance (even briefly) could be enforced. People in Brisbane were fined around $1300 for that. (Home Confinement, Movement and Gathering Direction)

                    The 15 minute limit is usually taken as the minimum contact time to be infected when in close contact.

                    The combination of close contact and prolonged contact can increase the risk.

                    That's why shopping in a crowded supermarket is fairly low risk as any close contact with any 1 person is brief, but sitting in a plane for hours surrounded by the same people within 1.5m (3 seats per row, you are in close prolonged contact with around 8 other people) is potentially a much higher risk.

                    Flights up to now probably have had few passengers (essential workers) - well spaced out. That will likely be different to the upcoming flights.

                    The potential for transmission is dependent on people on a flight being infected. So data will vary.

                    I'm waiting to get back overseas. But that is a greater risk to the community than Domestic or NZ flights.

                    • @the INFIDEL: I generally agree with what you're saying.

                      But as the PM said today, and I'm paraphrasing, 'We can't shut down everything forever, the economic impact will be devastating. There are risks in opening up and there will be outbreaks. The key is to manage it'.

                      Things are moving quickly now. On the weekend there will be up to 10,000 people at Suncorp Stadium.

  • Can you choose your seat location?

    • Of course, but it'll cost extra as usual.
      So, squeeze in between your fellow passengers, breathe in & forget distancing!

    • Yes but costs extra when booking. I always skip. If you can check in at a staff counter on the day can always ask for window/aisle and they won't charge.

  • It's gonna be a bloodbath at 9am lol

    • Surveys have shown we are not wanting to fly in the near future.

      Wouldn't be surprised the offer will not sell all seats.

      I'd love to go, but lockdown has changed my behaviour. From regular flier to homebody.

      Flew for $1 each way Gold Coast to Adelaide last year on Jetstar!

    • 10.20am and I still haven't been able to search for a flight. I've been trying for over an hour.

  • +11 votes

    Last thing I'd want to do right now would be sardined into a plane with a bunch of people…

    • What about in October?

      How much longer do you want to isolate?

      • We'll see how things are in October - it could be worse! We just don't know. The comment was about now.

        I want to get back flying & travelling ASAP.

        I booked an overseas flight in early February. People here told me I was crazy to fly - there's a virus! It was cancelled. I didn't expect that.

        Next overseas flights for travellers expected next year.
        It's still a very uncertain time.

      • Until we have 0 active cases ideally or a vaccine (but I'm not holding my breath for that to happen). I would like to hope I'll feel comfortable enough by October, but who knows.

        Each to their own, but I'm still in the play it safe category and not making plans otherwise for now.

      • You can take your car and travel your state instead.

        • That's the plan, hell at this point I'll be driving to QLD to visit family rather than flying. (I'm in NSW)

  • Hi OP, when will they open the international border?

  • Wouldn't waste my money on Melbourne to anywhere right now.
    Melbourne has a significant rise in Covid cases this week. Cant see other states letting Victorians in any time soon

    • Message from QLD - NO!😉
      We know what borders are for - to be kept closed😋

      Who knows what the situation will be in the near future. Other clusters in other States are possible. Hopefully not.

      • 15 of the 21 cases were returned travellers in quarantine. Which means the system works. It’s just that Melbourne has heaps more international flights (particularly from India) than Brisbane.

        • Think you replied to the wrong comment.
          As I pointed out - it's Melbourne now, next week possibly somewhere else.

          Most cases in Australia have been like that from returning travellers, not just Melbourne.
          Sydney & Melbourne are the main arrival points - housing other State's cases in quarantine.

          Still, there is community transmission in Melbourne. That's the concern.

          The QLD Government has kept the borders closed, based on the community transmission in other States, not cases in those returning to Australia in quarantine.

        • Its so stupid that they count cases that are in quarantine already. No one cares about controlled inbound flights.

        • Not any more - things can change rapidly.

      • Didn't make it out of single digit temperatures most days this week in regional Vic.
        Boy, could I use a Sunshine Coast break!

    • NSW is letting Victorians in? Melbourne to Ballina is part of the sale.

      • I wonder what the locals of the Byron region think about an influx of people from the current main virus hotspot? Some can have very strong views, not necessarily based on evidence.

        Travelled in S Korea during the H1N1 pandemic - locals became abusive & blockaded accommodation for Foreigners. They were very frightened.

    • It doesn't matter, most of these flights will be cancelled anyway! Jetstar will make losses when running less than fully loaded aircraft, so there will be lots of cancelled flights so they can push those passengers onto the next flight, to fully load the aircraft. Not my idea of value travel!!

  • If I fly to Queensland from Melbourne, do I have to go into quarantine after returning to Victoria?

    • Do you have to go into quarantine for 14 days on arrival in QLD? That's a more likely scenario.

      It's all changing & unknown what the conditions will be at the time of flights.

      But very unlikely flights will proceed if quarantine is necessary.

      No one will take a flight to sit in a room for 14 days, & then just go back home. Governments won't pay for the unnecessary cost.

      • QLD stated last night - quarantine now in place for people from Vic!
        Happy travels - in an uncertain time.

    • From July 21 all borders should be open other than my silly state WA so no you won't need to.

    • At the moment, yes. You will need to quarantine upon arrival in Qld. There's at least a dozen Melbourne cities that have recently been added to the hotspot list. Melbourne airport included. If you've been to one of the hotspots Qld has listed, you'll need to quarantine. No way of avoiding it if you're flying out of Melbourne airport haha.

      • Melbourne airport actually isn't included so long as you don't go into the community in the suburbs near it, I believe. They changed the wording.

  • BYO frozen airline meals?

  • Unless you absolutely need to be flying, who in their right mind would want to travel by plane whilst this virus is still around and there is no vaccine

  • page is hanging already.

  • WA excluded, again…

  • Site is getting hammered atm.

  • Got $38 (total) return flights to the Whitsundays… Thank you very much Jetstar!

  • grrrr. crash city

  • I was in, selected $38 return flights then crashed 🤨

  • why one way?

  • Timed nicely for the re-launch of Virgin.

  • Got MEL > CNS return for $79ea, nice recourse for having to reschedule the hotel from March.

  • As with every Jetstar sale they publish a press release to every media outlet, which kills the site before and after 9am.

  • Site hammered. Fail.

    We’ve just been apart of a Jetstar marketing exercise. Why on earth did they let every media outlet know about this sale?

  • She's dead Jim

  • Designed for single or couples - seems like no more than a few seats per flight at $19 - but plenty of $55+ seats :-(

  • cant pay, been going for ages now

  • Been waiting for 40 mins now

  • Why advertise heavily when you can't handle the load?

  • just gonna shelve the idea and see if theres anything left at 2pm

  • It's 2020, why can't they upgrade their systems, and take counter-measures to prevent their site crashing with every sale?
    Allow a specific number of IPs to finish with their booking and then allow next ones, or something.

  • jetstar are a useless bunch.
    just wasted an hourtrying to get through n their server.
    timeouts etc.
    designed to piss us off or promotetheir services.
    why didntthey provide better servers abd why put all routes n sale at the same time.
    bloody idiots.

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