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Dell S2719DC 27" USB-C Ultrathin 1440p DisplayHDR 600 Monitor $629.30 Delivered @ Dell


Greetings everyone, seems like a killer deal on this monitor, then when stacking with 15% Cashback via Cashrewards, makes it awesome. Think it's the cheapest I've seen it.

Should come out to be $544.35 after cashback if my calculations are accurate :)

Design that shines. Any way you look.
A bright addition: Add brilliance to any space with the Dell’s brightest USB-C ultrathin monitori featuring a Corning Iris Glass light guide plate (LGP).

Made to fit in and stand out: This 27" ultrathin monitor has an elegant and state-of-the-art design. The slim stand base and thin profile—a mere 5.5mm at its thinnest and 29mm at its thickest—make it a perfect fit for various lifestyles and contemporary workspaces.

Take your view to the edge: With Dell’s InfinityEdge display, you’ll enjoy an expansive entertainment experience without borders. The gorgeous, edge-to-edge views on this virtually borderless display ensure that you’ll be immersed in the visuals, not distracted by the frame.

Brilliance any way you look: Gorgeous design features allow you to experience vivid colours in virtually any lighting environment.
Unmatched brightness: Your colours shine in any environment thanks to a peak brightness of 600 nits for the ultimate in contrast and clarity.
More detailed and stunning colours: A wide viewing angle enabled by In-Plane Switching technology, more than 99% sRGB, and 90% DCI-P3 colour coverage lets you see rich colours, greater depth, and a wider range of shades no matter where you sit. Plus, you’ll see it all in stunning Quad HD (2560x1440) resolution.
Entertainment without exceptions: Whether you’re watching a movie, playing a game or working on a presentation, you’ll see superb visuals. HDR movies shine like they were meant to.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • 60Hz

  • $534.91 after cashback

  • Will this pair nicely with the LG GL850 as secondary monitors? Currently have th 2414h but having different resolutions/screen sizes is a bit iffy

  • Dell S3220DGF was $698 on Amazon :)
    Not sure if back in stock though.

  • this or lg 27ul850?

    lg model is currently ~$716 with 20% off on eBay and it has 4k 60hz 27" IPS panel, 1x USB c capable of power up to 60W and display output, 2x HDMI, 1x display port, adjustable height and tilt with vesa mount, hdr400

    • Where are you seeing the lg 27ul850 for $716? Cheers.

      • there's a few sellers on eBay with the $895 price, 20% off for plus members brings it down to $716..

        not the best price, as it's been down to $579 before but insight info is that supplier price is currently ~$690

        • Got it, thanks!

        • I have the ul850 and it’s awesome. Single connector for my laptop, and DisplayPort for my desktop. Cost closer to $800 a couple months back.

          $579 is a great price!

  • This is perhaps better for photo editing, video editing etc. due to the high sRGB and HDR600.
    5-8ms response time and FreeSync are nice gaming-oriented features but unless you're playing strategy games, the 60hz refresh rate is not ideal.

  • This or U2719DC?

  • Luckily didn't buy it in the good guys lol

  • I'm comparing getting a 32inch vs 2 x 27 inch.
    The dells look great, but pricey especially if I buy 2 of them.

    If I'm doing just spreadsheets, word docs, web surfing and basic gaming. No photo-editing or video editing. What's the pros/cons of this Dell vs an LG 32 inch 4k monitor like this one in link.


    • I have a 27 in and a 32in curve. I was in the same boat as you few months ago, decided on going with 32 rather than dual, and I am very happy with my choice.
      I used it as my primary work from home monitor, it gives me a lot of space to do my work, and I can easily split the screen to two or three to suit my work.
      Two monitor would have been more expensive, takes more space, and different monitors may have different colouring which would be source of annoyance.
      That is my 2 cents.

    • Conversely to the other guy, two monitors affords you FAR more flexibility.

      To make a single panel work, you have to do lots of moving around, resizing and snapping of panels to make stuff work. Yes, it's bigger, but that frankly just means you're wasting more space unless you're vigilant about what goes where.

      Considering you don't care about colour matching, go for the double 27 - I opt to use one vertically. In this configuration, it's less than 30% wider in total.

      It'll cost a little more indeed, but I find it FAR more useful. Using one monitor for me is a chore.

    • I’ve been using a 32 inch Samsung 2k monitor for a while now. I can’t handle handle it anymore. I want to sell it and buy 2 x 27” instead. Nothing wrong with my monitor, it’s awesome. But I’ve come to realise I’m a 2 monitor guy.

  • How does this compare to the U2719D (other than no USB-C). i.e. how to the panels compare (U vs S)?

    • UP series are premier colour with an astronomical price
      U series are ultrasharp high quality colour accurate screens high price
      P series are professional quality business monitors
      S series are consumer monitors

  • Is this a good monitor for Youtube and Netflix watching? Will I benefit with DisplayHDR 600

  • This needs additional mounting adapter to be mounted.

    • Yeah this isn’t the monitor to buy if you’re one of those people who have to mount monitors for some reason.

  • thanks, just bought one. hopefully it stacks with the 15% cash back offer

  • Still kicking myself for missing that Samsung LC27JG54QQEXXY last week. I don't think anything comes close to beating those specs at that price (even excluding the $50 sign up).

    Spoke to them on Live Chat and they can't see when it'll be back in stock.

  • Would this monitor be good for Web Design and Photoshop?

  • Bah. Why the S series. Put it on the U series. Need the vesa mount.

  • For anyone who wants to pull the trigger, use code "EPP5" to bring it down to $597.83. Plus 15% cashback, you can get it at around $500.

  • If you can’t stand no vertical height adjustment, don’t buy! You will regret.

    Don’t worry about 600nits brightness and HDR, really not much difference for light gaming and work.

    And yes, this is not a gaming monitor. So make sense with 60hz

  • 144hz makes a difference even when not gaming. I have two dell u2717D monitors (60hz) and one lg27850something at 144hz.

    The difference when browsing the web, excel spreadsheets IS noticeable. At first, I couldn't figure out why it looked and felt different. It turned out it was the refresh rate.

    So even for uses other than gaming, I'd now recommend a 144hz monitor.

    I still use my u2717D for photography and photo editing though, as I still feel the colours are more accurate.

    • Extra “smoothness” from 144hz won’t increase your productivity when browsing the web or editing photos or spreadsheets. It feels smoother when you scroll fast but that’s about it. For that reason, I don’t think 144hz is worth the extra money for office/work use.

      • Haha. Never said it increase productivity. Just feels nice. I won't go back to a 60hz monitor, even for non gaming purposes.

        There are cheaper budget 144hz monitor, particularly from AOC.

        • Yea fair enough. 144hz definitely feels better. If two given choices are between getting a good quality 60hz monitor vs budget 144hz monitor for productivity, I’d prefer the first option. But, if $$ isn’t a issue, 144hz quality monitor for sure!

        • Yo you literally just said you still used the U2717D for photography and photo editing. So you do go back to 60Hz. ;P

      • Yeah absolutely. There is merit to being able to feel a difference though, if you've only ever used a 60hz monitor and even just moved the mouse around on a 144, you can absolutely notice it. But for productivity I'd never ever recommend one, you simply pay too much for a novelty.

  • What about U2721DE? Looks the same as U2719DC but newer, much cheaper + bonus ethernet port. Comes to $679.15 with AUAFFILIATES15%OFF.

  • 8y ago I paid 629 for a 27" Dell ultrasharp. Still going well, great viewing pleasure. Only downside is it's hard to go and use anything smaller now. I struggle at work with a 22" non ips

    • I reckon we got the same deal 8 years ago ^_^

      I'm now looking at getting U2721DE as a primary for USB-C docking to work setup. Not sure the monitors arms I want will hold the chunky U2711 though.

  • https://www.dell.com/en-au/work/shop/alienware-25-gaming-mon...

    $504 using the other code, but might be too small for a lot of people.

  • Any thoughts on this one from Lenovo ?


    standard site : https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/accessories-and-monitors/monito...

    for office use rather than gaming


  • Hi All, I am about to pull the trigger on the deal. But my pc does not have usb c or hdmi port to connect to the monitor. However I do have a DP displayport that can output 4k on the memboard. Would you know what type of cable that works to pull max 2k quality from the Dell monitor? Thank you for your help!

  • Bought from this deal on the 19th of June, got an email from Dell today advising delayed shipment date of 14th of August. Extremely disappointed… :(
    Has the same happened to anyone else?