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Sony CyberShot ZV-1 4K Vlog Camera $1,104.96 + $7.95 Shipping (RRP $1299) @ Michaels


It's not the perfect vlogging camera as all the youtubers (that got it for free) made out, the lens not being wide enough to fit your whole head with arm outstretched, and the stabilisation isn't so great, but it's a great camera none the less. The image quality very much makes this camera fantastic though, as the RX100 series really shines.

On Thursday, Michael's camera on Elizabeth Street had stock where JB/Teds/Camera House didn't and it looks like most of these guys will have stock in July.

Today I noticed it dropped in price at JB to $1169 for July delivery, but then Michaels went much lower.
Also, something to note is that $1299 RRP goes back to $1529 from July, so this is a great price.

Also to note is that Ryda.com.au has the cheapest Bluetooth grip, at $192.85, but Sony will match that.

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michaels camera video digital
michaels camera video digital

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    Good descriptions OP 👍
    What's your thoughts on the M50?

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      Thanks! You know I didn't look at the M50 yet, however, next on my youtube playlist is a video from Tony & Chelsea Northrup comparing the Fujifilm X-T4, Canon M50, Canon EOS RP, Sony ZV-1 vs iPhone. The reason I went for this is because I absolutely loves my RX100 1, and had hands-on experience with it, and a few days prior to buying the Mark 5, this came along.

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        Nice, Hope it treats you well.

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      M50 is good for videos as it has articulated screen but if 4k is a deal breaker then it won't work for you due to the severe crop when in 4k.

      It's a crop sensor not full frame so 1.6x crop factor. With 4k video it adds another 1.6k crop

      From Engadget
      4K comes with a 1.6X crop, on top of the existing 1.6X APS-C crop factor, making the sensor effectively smaller for 4K than one on a Micro Four Thirds camera (2.56X total). On top of that, the phase-detection Dual Pixel AF doesn't work in 4K; its use is limited to 1080p video and below.

  • Anyone know if the RX5 is coming out anytime soon >.>

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    You seem to know your stuff OP. Do you have any recommendations for a camera that can take good decent videos? Would this be one? I already have an rx100.

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      Oh, this is a tough question and i don't think I can answer well as I would only point to cameras I currently use & will miss a lot of cameras that are truly great or that span across various budgets or uses that will vary so much.

      Having mentioned that disclaimer: The ZV-1 does still have the persisting overheating issue at approx 4-5 min mark when shooting in 4k, so maybe not the best for longer continuous shots, but I don't think many people take long continuous footage tbh. However, I like the Panasonic GH5 when I am trying to achieve well thought-out, researched shots, although if I had more $ I would go for the S1H. I recently grabbed some awesome footage at The Big Bounce (Worlds largest bouncing castle) with a GoPro Max though the same camera at night was lacking in quality. I love the GoPro 7/8s as the stabilisation is amazing and daylight footage is great, timelapses also work super-well. Then I use my Samsung Galaxy because it's always on-hand. Lastly, I was a big Canon fan for years, but they were too slow with 4k uptake even though I loved their usability and lens selection.

      So would this be a camera for decent videos. Yes, because it seemingly shares the best video-features of the whole RX100 series, particularly the RX100 VA which it was based off, including: built-in ND filter in combination with a max aperture of 1.8-2.8, wide lens, awesome/realistic colours & skin tones with a beauty mode to help people feel better about how they look on footage, super-fast focus, great in-built mic (as great as they can get when they are built-in), the size means it's easy to carry around & use. A few quirks also like the battery life, stabilisation & field of view on selfie mode make it odd, but hey, for $1100, it is a great price and is half the RRP of the RX100 MK8 rumoured late 2020 which is looking like a winner already, and still less than the MK 5 which was the sensible option if you wanted a RX100 series for video specifically. Phew! As you can tell I don't like to generalise and say anything is best for anyone so had to explain my POV.

      Here's a link to see RX100 variants: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_Cyber-shot_DSC-RX100

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        Thanks for that lengthy reply! Will look into those cameras you listed. Already have a gopro7 and I’m liking the videos… wanting something that can change the focus too. Hmmm… you’re making me want to look into the rx 100 mk8 as I already love the rx100. Decisions.. decisions..

  • @Sony: Stop putting rrp higher now our dollar is stronger. I don't recall seeing Sony drop RRP when we had a stronger dollar than america either. Scumbags. Won't buy on principle.

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