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Apple iPhone XS 512GB Gold and Silver (AU/NZ Model) $1199 + Shipping ($0 with First) @ Kogan


Noticed this morning that Kogan is advertising the Iphone XS 512GB model for a crazy price $1199 (RRP$2189).

Phone is advertised as being supplied by Kogan themselves rather than a 3rd party as has been in some cases.
Apple iPhone XS (512GB, 2 colours Gold or Silver) - AU/NZ Model
With the usual 1 year Apple warranty.

Not really sure what the catch is for that exceptionally fantastic price for the 512GB model. I didn't notice any out of the ordinary description being tag to the sale, hence sharing it here for the OZB community. Let me know if you do noticed any.

Free shipping for those having Kogan First membership.

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  • I got a ex-demo64GB iPhone SX from kogan for $800 recently, am happy with it. I suppose $400 extra for a new one with 512GB is a good deal in comparison. Isn't the iPhone SE cheaper though?

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      Unfortunately Iphone SE doesn't come in 512GB. This phone could be handy for some that like the extra space 😁

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        Iphone SE has the button so less screen space.

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      The design is entirely different though. Screen is a lot smaller (percentage of the body), lower quality LCD vs OLED, fewer features, like Face ID.

      • Processor is faster tho isn't it?

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          I believe so. However ergonomics and usability rank higher than the minute difference between different generations of top end Apple processors, in my opinion.

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            @Rail Rider95: i guess I have been enjoying my XS and would probably miss it if I swapped for an SE.

      • I thought the XS is OLED and 2436 x 1125 resolution with 458 pixels per inch.

        • That was my point. Comment I replied to was suggesting the SE would be cheaper. The XS having an OLED was one of my points.

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    Not that crazy

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      The RRP is the crazy price, not this one.

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        They both are!

        Edit: Actually, one is crazy, the other one is simply insane.

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    This or a 128GB iPhone 11 ?

    I'd go for the 11

    • The 11 res is not as good if the XS is what it is (OLED 2436 x 1125 resolution with 458 pixels per inch).

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      11 has better camera and faster processor.

      However 11's screen is shittier and has a much bigger bazel (noticeable but not a big deal to most people).

      So depends on what features you deem more important.

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        Sharper resolution for me.

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      You linked to the 256gb version. This one is the 512gb.

      Link the the 512gb at JB for $1399

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        It's worth the premium for not having to deal with Kogan.

        • You won't find many people willing to shell an extra $200 but I guess each to their own. I've never had any warranty issues with Kogan but my purchasing experience had been smooth sailing so far hence can't comment on that space.

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          if kogan's stock is geniune AU model, Apple store shall also cover the base warranty right?

        • As long as the phone arrives you can deal with apple. Wife bought a iPhone from Kogan, when there was an issue apple was happy to fix it even though it was out of warranty too.

          • @cloudy: It does say on the website it's a AU/NZ Model with the usual 1 year Apple warranty.

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        *facepalm my bad. Thought I saw 256Gb listed

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    Does anyone have experience buying a direct import from Kogan…I’m wanting to get this. Never bought from them or a direct import before.


    • I’ve bought two iPhones from them, would 100% recommend from my experience.
      Only minor complaint is that shipping took a week + both times

      • Thanks

      • You were lucky, mine was a month+

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      I’ve bought iPhone from Kogan few years ago. Sent me Japanese version which could not turn off camera snap sound. Sold it in the end and bought AU from elsewhere

      • Japanese phones are mandatory to have photo shooting sound on all the time due to public transport perverts.

    • I bought a galaxy s7 in 2016, it was a middle east version and displayed the Islamic calendar date in brackets next to the normal calendar date. No other noticeable differences to other S7s.

    • Direct Import from Kogan would be a lot safer than say Tobydeals. Don't forget Kogan is still an Australian business, you can actually do something about warranty if they refuse.

  • Is this equivalent to the Plus size (like iPhone 8 plus)?
    Apple naming convention is confusing.

    • iPhone 8 Plus physical size is 6.5 same as iPhone XS Max/Pro Max but actual display size of iPhone 8 Plus is only 5.5 whereas display of XS Max/Pro Max is 6.5.
      This iPhone XS which is advertised here has both physical and display size as 5.8. Hope this helps.

      • 8 plus say it is 5.5" screen screen not 6.5?
        So the screen size of this is actually bigger than the 8 plus?

        • 8 plus has that thick bezel top and bottom making actual viewable display as 5.5 but physical size of the phone it’s similar to XS Max/ Pro Max.
          And yes the display size of this XS is slightly bigger than 8 plus.

          • @Smokey010: Thanks. So the XS is sufficient.
            Don't need the max.

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  • Can you do price beat with OW ?

    • Should be able to

    • Did they do it?

  • Maybe hold of until tomorrow to see if Apple announces new iPhones at WWDC.

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      Usually iPhones aren't announced at WWDC. It's usually the September event, or occasionally the March event

      • Could just be a price refresh

  • Damn, I bought the 256GB model from JB a few weeks ago for $1149.

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    This model is nearly two years old. But yeah, it's a good discount, and a great phone.

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      Agree. Almost guaranteed to be announcing iPhone 12 in various guises at WWDC this week, with a release early Sept (with a possible delay till Oct).
      I'd only buy now if really no option to wait.

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        Almost guaranteed to be announcing iPhone 12 in various guises at WWDC this week

        The last time an iPhone was announced at WWDC was the iPhone 4 in 2010: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Apple_Inc._media_event.... iPhones (SE excluded) are generally introduced at a September event and I haven't seen any rumors indicating it will be any different this year. iOS 14 will be shown next week, however.

      • lol you have no idea

    • +1

      Would love to know use-cases requiring iPhone upgrade. Since 2GB RAM upgrade, I can’t justify.

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    I’m the biggest tool. Got the 256gb yesterday for $1149 from jb

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    Why is it still worth over 1k + for a two years old phone? Really don't understand the reason people still keen to buy them for that much.

    • When you can buy iPhone 4 with the same LOGO for $50 :)

    • -1

      You don't understand because you have more sense than money.

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      Because they're a beast and despite being two years old, they're still better than flagship Qualcomm chips.

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        I am a ex- iPhone xs owner, changed to huawei mate 20 pro, better battery life , faster changing and dual 4g sim, can't complain too much, haven't looked back as yet.

    • I'm an iPhone user and I agree. Apple pricing is rich and that's the only reason why. People who justify the price are just shills.

  • Ever since the good guys deal which some of us scored amazing deals on XS models I've noticed significant discounts on this series
    I scored a Space grey 512 XS max for roughly 940

  • It's a 2 year old phone, so how long will updates go for?

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      I know the iPhone 7 which is released back in 2016 is still receiving updates including the recent IOS 13 updates.

      • Same as the iPhone 6s

    • Apple basically provides updates according to the SoC. The last year iPad Air (3rd gen) has the same A12 as iPhone XS. So I tend to believe that iPhone XS will enjoy the same treatment as a 2019 released device.

    • 5 years?

  • I mean… I'd rather have $1200 lol. but I live in recession times

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    Anyone ordered this from Kogan? whats the delivery time like?

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