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Cenovis Vitamin D3 200 Tablets $7 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Good price for some Vitamin D tablets, especially with new research showing people with low Vitamin D levels are more susceptible to getting sick from COVID-19. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/cor...

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  • nice thanks

  • Not vegan. Source: FussyVegan app (besides D3 might be animal-derived only, not sure). The app doesn't say if gluten free.

  • Good price OP, got one, thanks.

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    new research showing people with low Vitamin D levels are more susceptible to getting sick from COVID-19.

    None of those studies have shown anything at all. They're just press releases to get funding for studies.

    Professor Rachel Neale & her crew at Queensland Institute of Medical Research are about to release a rather interesting extensive, long term study into Vitamin D in Australia… hopefully put to bed many of the BS claims around it.

    Here's a interview she did last week on the Health Report.

    • I'm not so sure. My Sister is a nurse in the UK at a small Doctors practice. They all got test for COVID-19 Antibodies and 4 tested positive all had low Vit D levels but my Sister was negative but had high Vit D levels as she is a sun worshipper and takes supplements. Could be a coincidence I suppose!

      • Yeah there is definitely some good evidence about vitamin d, especially if you look at lighter and darker skin colours and the death rates of COVID-19.

        • That's just correlation, doesn't prove anything.

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            @MagicMushroom: 98% of people in Indonesia who died were vitamin D deficient. People who are deficient are 10 times more likely to have a bad outcome.


            Explains why some people can have extremely mild cases and others die since vitamin D assists the immune system and helps deal with inflammation. Explains why it is ravaging certain ethnic communities in countries far more than others since the ability for darker skinned people to produce Vitamin D is limited in certain countries because of other factors.

            That is one hell of a correlation. They are still learning as they are going but India's doctors have started giving patients huge vitamin D supplements to boost peoples levels. Lot's of countries are now recommending people take supplements.

            • @kasp: As the article said,

              significant association between COVID-19 deaths and vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency

              study focused on identifying patterns of mortality among patients infected with COVID-19 and the possible association between serum 25(OH)D [vitamin D] levels and mortality outcomes

              It does not nessasarily mean taking supplements to increase the vitamin D levels will help against COVID-19.

              • @MagicMushroom: Actually it does mean that.

                The not necessarily part is the disclaimer that it is still early days in the research and there might be another factor they are missing. However the more research that happens the more evidence there is and the more likely it seems.

                • @kasp:

                  there might be another factor they are missing

                  Exactly. Can't really conclude increasing the vitamin D levels is protective from COVID-10 or it can reduce the exacerbation of COVID-19 until an actual study involving the use of supplements to increase the vitamin D level is conducted.

                  As the title of that article said, which is impressively accurate, it only "Suggests a Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and COVID-19 Deaths"

              • @MagicMushroom: so you're going to wait for double blind studies with 100% accuracy on whether of not vitamin d supplementation works?

                it's unbelievably safe and almost impossible to overdose on VitD3, you'd be mad not to be taking it.

                an active form, calcitriol has actually shown (in early studies) to reduce bad outcomes (death) of those that already have covid.



              98% of people in Indonesia who died were vitamin D deficient

              Where did you get that stat?
              You reckon they tested all suspected covid deaths for vitamin d levels?

              And you psychtoday article relies on a preprint i.e. an study which hasn't yet been peer reviewed. It looks like that study has been withdrawn.

              Jist because you read something on Reddit, it doesn't make it true.

  • Same price at Coles ATM.

  • Ozbargained

  • The research actually doesn't imply that supplemental Vitamin D3 does anything ;)

    Sure, there is associative research that shows those low on natural Vitamin D3 don't fair so well in regards to their immune systems, but associative research never implies nor shows a bidirectional association; that is, nowhere has it been shown that artificially boosting the non-active form of Vitamin D3 does anything!

    Especially when taking a fat soluble vitamin without any fat to assist in absorption :/


    • It does if you're deficient. Vitamins aren't like popeyes spinach that make you feel super awesome, they're to keep your bodily functioning and general health.

      • Can you cite a single study where supplemental Vitamin D3 showed ANY biological benefit?

        Sure, supplemental D3 boosts the amount of D3 on a blood test, but there isn't a single scientific paper that shows that affects things like immune system nor bone health positively ;)

        I continually search the literature for any such studies …


  • Aand it's gone. Ozbargained!

  • these are only 1,000 units, get the 10,000 or 7,000 you have at chemist ware house.

    • More doesn't always equal better. Unlike water soluble vitamins there may be a threshold where too much is detrimental.

      • Yep and this isn’t it. Read up on it u have to take 1 of the 7000 for a 6 month period to get issues. If ur really deficient u can get 1,000,000 unit injections. It’s stores in the body.

      • It varies between vitamins. Your body will uptake nutrients it needs, store excess in the liver and excrete remaining via bowels/bladder. It's rarely 'detrimental' and if it is, it will say so on the bottle. There is daily limits how much your body can absorb but any excess will be peed out.

        And unless you've had a regular blood test you won't know if you need it or not.

    • do they really have those here? i've never seen anything above 1000 UI.

      I think 5,000 UI is a good starting dose.

    • CW dont have above 1,000 IU when I looked. Iherb has the 10,000 IU tablets.

  • And remember to take magnesium as well so the calcium won't float around the blood stream, causing issues…

  • well worth taking Vitamin D in the current situation with the pandemic going on.

  • "another study found that 30 minutes of midday summer sun exposure in Oslo, Norway was equivalent to consuming 10,000 - 20,000 IU of vitamin D""

    In Norway!!
    And these tablets are 1000IU.

    Seems weak. But, either way, i have been taking these for a few months now.

  • Available again

  • And possibly falls under cashrewards Health & Personal Care new 7% cashback.

  • If you don't have Vitamin D deficiency, be careful taking too much Vitamin D. It's fat based so you can get too much of it: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/vitamin-d-side-effects#...

    • "In one case study, a woman had a level of 476 ng/ml (1,171 nmol/l) after taking a supplement that gave her 186,900 IU of vitamin D3 per day for two months (9)."

      So almost a whole bottle of this a day?!

      • The tablet form is hard to overdose I guess, but some people take vitamin D through liquid form and that's much easier to abuse.

  • I used the 1000iu for a while but they didn't really have an effect,
    Save your money and get some 5000iu or 10000iu off ebay for about the same price, i can assure you you'll feel wayy better.

    15,000 iu is the sweet spot for me (the point where i feel more energetic/happier), 1000iu didn't really do anything.

    • I used 1000 IU Wagner from CWH for 2 months 2 pills a day. Increased my Vit D from 33 to 72.

      • I'm going from memory here, but I thought you need to get to 80 or higher.

        The original ranges are way under and incorrect.

  • Lacking vitamin D and COVID19. Time to get up and take a 30 minute walk at lunch time every day.

  • I like the sugar free ones. Extra sour, helps wake me up in the morning.

    Oh this is vitamin D. Yes if you're deficient then you may need more than 1000 iu daily to correct your levels. if you think you're deficient then see a doctor for a blood test!

  • Thanks OP, I wanted the D

  • Available again

  • This looks good too @ $8. https://www.amazon.com.au/Cenovis-MEGA-Calcium-Tablets-Value.... Currently $19 at CW