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Westpac Extras - UberEATS Spend $20 Get $10 Cashback (3 Times), or Spend $30 Get $20 Cashback (Once)


My husband and I both have Westpac Altitude credit cards. Just checked the Rewards & Offers (in the app) and saw these new offers. Looks pretty good, and can stack with 30-50% off local food fest offers!

Obviously targeted, our offers were also different.
One was spend $20 get $10 back (up to 3 times), other card was spend $30 get $20 back (once only). Check your offers.

Update: some people have reported also getting spend $30 get $20 back up to 3 uses!

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    Spend $30 with $20 return is pretty damn good if you got free deliveries and shopback $0.50 cash return on top!

  • Looks like it is Targeted offer.

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    Disappointing to have it targeted. I guess Westpac read my CC statement and saw I already used Uber eats and didn't try me?


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      Don't be sad! I rarely use UberEats, and I didn't get it either.

  • Just wondering is delivery fee included in the total price calculation?

    • I’m sure it is, they won’t be able to differentiate what’s delivery fee in the credit card payment.

      • Thanks :),

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    Thanks OP, got the $20 cashback with $30 spend offer.

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    Thanks OP, got the $20 cashback with $30 spend offer on both my credit cards (3 uses)

    • I got the same and read it as 3 uses too. OP highlights only one use above.

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        It’s awesome you guys got 3 uses for the spend $30 and $20 back offer! I only put down what we got, but it’s good to know there are other variances. I’ll update the description.

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    Thanks OP, $20 cb with $30 here.

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    Thanks OP posting offers.

    I’ll got nothing.

    • Same here, didn't get it in my offers :(

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    I have a westpac black altitude and don't see this reward in the app.
    Probably saw tons of uber eats transactions already and filtered me out lol

    • Same but I can see this reward in my other Westpac Card. The terms and conditions did not state Westpac Black Altitude as not eligible (only Business and AMEX). I have a current case with the previous Menulog cashback offer that has been "in progress" for like 2 months already.

      • Yeah i got nothing too on my WBA

        • Raise a case with them!

  • Thanks OP! Got targeted! Anyone having the "your payment method is invalid" error? I tried many different credit/debit cards and PayPal but received the same message. It was working a few weeks ago.

  • I have it but does anyone know if it works with my debit card as well as my credit card?

    • No, it’s linked to the Rewards & Offers of that particular credit card you clicked through.

  • I got the $20 off $30 purchase one on the Altitude Black. Some of the latest Westpac rewards are better then the ones Amex is offering lately.

  • Spend $20 Get $10 Cashback (3 Times), or Spend $30 Get $20 Cashback (Once)

    Which is better ?

  • Waiting patiently for offer to magically appear - thanks for heads up OP

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    Mine doesn't have a limit on how many uses, just says "Only 1 cashback offer per merchant per cardholder."

    Guess I will be using ubereats everyday now lol thanks op!

    • Pretty sure that means you can only use the offer once, uberEats being the merchant. That is also what it says for my offer. If you are able to get cashback more than once, please report back!

      • I know it is confusing but in this case I read the 1 cashback offer from Ubereats to be one that can be used (in my case) 3 times. Up higher it says limited to 3 cashback transactions at UberEats.

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          Depending on the terms of your offer. For some people it’s valid only once, whereas others are up to 3 times.

  • I have never received any decent offer from Westpac. Didn't get this one either. Weird.

  • ref the terms " Only 1 cashback offer per merchant per cardholder." as stated in the email. what if one has multiple different westpac credit cards that are eligible for the promo? Does it mean 1 per different card account qualifies or only 1 credit claim per customer possible? Its not very clear. Called the Altitude rep they couldn't answer the question. Used 3 different cards on last promo but only 1 got the credit.

  • It's weird Westpac never notify you about any of these offers.

    • Did you sign up to their marketing e-mails? I get notified about these offers.

  • beware for westpac extra offers its 1 credit claim per customer possible no matter how many different westpac credit cards you have or use thats been my experience now. the t/cs are as clear as mud. correct me if im wrong and someone has gotten more that 1 credit using different westpac cards .?

    • Just checked. Have got x2 $10- credits back. But have noticed the offer gone from my rewards.

    • One time they did not give me my credit, Could not explain why not. Different people rang on 2 occasions said they were looking into it but never got back to me.

      • Same. Only got credit back on one card and not the other. Rang multiple times in the past two months and the issue is still not resolved. Do the T&C's say only one per customer?

        • One per card. If you have a sup it does not count as they are clones not like AMEX where they have different numbers. If that was the issue you would think they could tell you straight away. I find their communication is poor.

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