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WaterWipes Fragrance Free Sensitive & Newborn Skin Baby Wipes 240 Pack (4 x 60) $18 or $17 (Prime) Delivered (S&S) @ Amazon AU


Good price at $4.25 per pack, compared to $3.96 per pack in the March deal but you only need to buy 4 packs instead of 9. Lowest the 4 pack has been on Amazon since August last year when it was matching the CW $19.99 special. For individual 80 packs they are $8. They aren't the cheapest wipes around but quite popular/good for sensitive skin looking at previous deal comments.

This 240pk is currently $24.99 at Chemist Warehouse (lowest was $19.99 August last year - according to Pricehipster).

How to get free delivery without prime?

(1) Click subscribe & save $18
(2) Click "First delivery on XX XXX change"
(3) Click "Get it with your next Subscribe & Save delivery, with 10% savings and free shipping."
(4) Proceed to checkout. If you don't do this step the shipping fee will apply at checkout.

Note: You can select your subscribe & save date here, eg 24th of June is the next available for me. If you have selected for example the 22nd of June, then this won't get shipped until 22nd of July. ("Including the time to process your shipment, the first available delivery day is June 24.").

Once your item has shipped, you can cancel your subscription.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I have bought more than 10 packs from Amazon previously.
    Just want to mention this product does have a expire date.
    Not sure how important is that but just want to let everyone know in case that matters.

  • Good deal. However, these wipes are wet:(

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      Isn't that a good thing?

  • I've tested a few different baby wet wipes brands and eventually concluded that my favorite is Curash, which is pretty cheap by comparison to this WaterWipes brand that i haven't tried yet.

    has anybody tried both WaterWipes and Curash and can provide some user review feedback on which is better?

    • It's been too long since we tried both alongside each other. Our go to is Joonya because the texture on it makes clean ups far easier. However, they're not selling them on Amazon or Catch just now so there are no discounts.

      • thanks for your input. the Curash one is great because it is textured as well! I'm surprised with the value you can get with it given the price point.

    • I think a better comparison would be the Curash simply water wipes rather than a fragrance free version which is usually cheaper: https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/87324/curash-babycar... . That being said, I'm pretty happy with the Curash simply water wipes and just buy them whenever they're on sale at Amazon or Chemist Warehouse.

      This assumes that you are worried about the chemicals/etc and your baby's skin (mine seems to react when using anything other than the water based ones).

      • yup agreed. haven't tried the WaterWipes one so don't know how wet it is but you're probably right.

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          This site has been mentioned in previous deals, if you are worried about chemicals etc it has some good info. You don't need to enter your real email address to read the info, just enter anything and the page will unlock.

          If I Couldn’t Choose My Top Wipes:
          Water Wipes: These wipes have always had just two ingredients listed… however one of them was grapefruit extract which the company has now disclosed contains 0.002% Benzalkonium Chloride. It was always a mystery as to what the preservative was in these wipes and now we know! Benzalkonium Chloride is a well-known skin and eye irritant and there have even been studies linking it with reduced fertility in mice. Whilst the Benzalkonium Chloride is present in very small concentrations, it definitely isn’t my preferred preservative. I wouldn’t use them every day on my child.

          Wipes I Wouldn’t Use Myself:
          Curash Simply Water: These have been reformulated in the past year. MI has now been replaced by phenoxyethanol in the ingredients… which is still on the must- avoid list… but an improvement from the MI. I still wouldn’t use them.

          Wipes I Definitely Wouldn’t Use:
          Curash Fragrance- Free: I was hoping these would have been reformulated like the simply water wipes, however they still contain five(!) different parabens, including one which is banned in Europe! They also have 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1-2-diol and phenoxyethanol. I’d definitely avoid!

          I'm not sure how important these things are, or how much you want to read into this, each to their own but might be worth a read.

          • @hamza23: wow that's enlightening. i'll look into this thanks.

          • @hamza23: And what would they use??? Sydney water wipes.

    • My sister use Curash for his son, the pink one - it irritated his skin. Not sure what other wipes to use now…

      • my boy's okay with both pink and blue versions of curash so far, but the comment above with the technical details is making me think twice about continuing to use it going forwards.

      • That explains a lot. I had the same experience.

  • Still got 6 pack from the last deal, so I'll give this one a miss and wait for the next one (prime day, hopefully!).

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    FYI as I was checking out with subscribe and save, there was an option to complete purchase to get it sooner with the same subscribe and save discount.

  • I don't seem to be able to subscribe and save correctly, I selected "set up now" for the subscribe and save 9 pack but it when it goes to the Cart for payment it still shows $45 and not #38.25, is this correct?

    • The order total should be $38.25.

      It will say total $45
      Promotion applied -$6.75
      Order total $38.25

      • +1

        Yes you're right, thank you. I just didn't progress far enough for the promotion to be applied.

  • price in description should be "per pack" and not "per 4 pack"

    • Oops thanks, fixed.

  • Available again

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