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Dell G5 15 SE Gaming Laptop RX 5600M 512GB SSD; Ryzen 5 4600H 8GB 60hz $1,439.19, R7 4800H 16GB 144hz $1,759.19 @Dell eBay store


Original Coupon Deal

Edit: higher spec model is cheaper ($1,738.15) on the dell website with HONEY7, thanks @alphalpha https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/gaming-and-games/new-dell-g5...

Link to the higher spec model: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Dell-G5-15-5505-SE-Laptop-AM...

Link to the Intel model incase you're a 🤡 : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Dell-G5-15-5500-Gaming-Lapto...

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  • Now RTX 2060 mobile is in truble……

    • 5600m is much better than rxt 2060?

      • +1

        I would say this is on the same level as an RTX 2060 Mobile, but it's cheaper

        • no it is not. check Jarod's tech videos

          • @Coppermelt: Are you going to say what you want or just hope I magically find the video you're talking about?

  • Cannot understand why now common laptop still has 8G RAM option. Opening a few tabs in Chrome and load a few document in PDF, Word, Excel etc has already occupied 60%+ memory on a 8G RAM machine. Windows 10 is a buggy and RAM thirsty system.

    • And 2 x USB2 ports??

    • partly cos a lot of people want dual channel and refuse to pay the upgrade price, so buy laptops with half the RAM they actually want and upgrade it, so manufacturers think people want half the RAM they actually use?

  • This looks like a really good price for a new model. Delivery is not until late July.

    Why are they discounting it so quickly?

  • +2

    I think the Smartshift tech is an idea with promise. Shifting power to where it's needed most, it allows the laptop to bottleneck less frequently. It actually plays out in real world tests too. At lower settings the 5600M gets better framerates as it's giving more power to the CPU than when the CPU is paired with Nvidia GPUs. We'll see in the long term if it goes anywhere, but I'm interested enough that I'm actually thinking about pulling the trigger on this deal!

    The higher specced machine is worth the money, 16GB memory and 144hz panel are worth the money.

  • the Ryzen 7 model might be better from the Dell website with EPP5 + 10% Cashback, (unless they don't stack)


    Edit: Actually HONEY7 brings it to $1,738.15 (plus possible cashback)

    • Cashback is not eligible on coupons.

    • I went to link and tried Honey7 coupon but its saying total $2045 not $1738. Am I missing something?

      • Same for me too. Showing $2045?

  • upvote for the 🤡 Comment

  • anyone know the weight of these??

    • Dell website says
      1. Height: 21.6mm (0.85") | 2. Width: 365.5mm (14.4") | 3. Depth: 254mm (10") | Starting Weight: 2.5 kg (5.51 lb)*

  • For someone new to PC gaming, how will the Ryzen + 5600m stack against the Intel + GTX 1650 under load?

    • +2

      Jarrod's Tech did a test of this Dell, and has comparison data against other laptop.
      But the 5600M is roughly between a GTX 1660Ti and a RTX 2060

    • +1

      40-60% higher FPS. The 5600M is roughly equivalent to the 1660ti which sits ~two tiers above the 1650m

    • Also the Smartshift thing AMD has implemented with the Ryzen/5600M combo means that at less than ultra/max settings the 5600M/Ryzen gets higher FPS than the RTX2060. So for esport games etc, this is probably the better option than even the RTX2060. That's if you're willing to sacrifice some of the sparkles for more FPS.

      Smartshift can probably be developed a little more to get even better results. This is the first laptop that implements it, so it's early days. Anyways I'd happily get this laptop for gaming.

  • So tempting! But the heat issue is the only thing preventing me right now :/ I could get a ASUS TUF Gaming FA506II Black 15.6inch Ryzen 7 Gaming Laptop which runs at a lower temp with similar/more power at a cheaper price

    • What's the gpu? And how much is that?

    • The GPU is one of the biggest factors in a gaming laptop, I could be wrong, but if you're getting the 1650Ti GPU in the FA506II model, then expect a good 30% drop in performance compared to the deal here.

      • 1650Ti is much slower than 5600M, the price difference is much small too .

    • The Tuf Gaming A15 has some pretty poor reviews tho

  • Jus heads up - had a friend that had to log out to get the discount for some reason - was showing not eligible in their account.

  • +1

    Guys, the price dropped.
    Now it’s $1979.09
    And after the code you can get it for just $1583.27.
    Laptop worth it.
    Checked with dell customer care, there is an extra SSD card slot, combine with Samsung SSD offer, add 1TB for $42 or 2TB for $79
    Feels good for not ordering yesterday:)

  • better price here for today https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/548714

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