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Whittaker's Chocolate Blocks 250g $4 @ Woolworths


IMO the best chocolate you can get at the supermarket.

A few other varieties on sale:

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    Whittaker's is really nice, but my go-to chocolate of taste and value remains Aldi's Dark Choceur

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      The salted pretzel flavour of dark choceur is pretty incredible.
      Nothing comes close to Whittaker's coconut block in my opinion. I tried Aldi's Moser Roth coconut chocolate block but it was nowhere close.

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        Nothing comes close to Whittaker's coconut block in my opinion.

        This. I hate you guys, stop telling me about the special!!!

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          I wish Woolies would carry the Whittakers Hazelnut block also. Hopefully Coles will put it up for sale next week as they tend to follow each other.

      • Is there a salted pretzel dark Choceur? I have the salted pretzel milk Choceur, but would love to try a dark version if it exists

    • Tried it, Whittaker's still wins.

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    My fat ass wants the peanut butter chocolate on sale. Unfortunately still full price at Big W.

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      I feel you - the range at woolworths aint great.

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    Whittakers chocolate blocks are just a little off for my liking. Trust me, I'll eat it if it's the only option but definitely not at the top of my list.

    • True that and at $4 per block it is at the bottom of the list. $2.50 per block would be ok.

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        They're 250g, not the tiny 160-180g of Cadbury blocks. And a much nicer chocolate.

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          250g block is a winner, Whittaker's have done well not reducing the size of their blocks. Any good OzBargainer knows to look at the price per weight.

          • @Matt88: The 250g size is the local NZ market size. Up until the end of last year, you could only buy 200-220g blocks in Aus (and the rest of the world,) so they've actually increased the size here recently (although price is higher too)

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          Feels like not even 5 years ago they had fairly frequent two for $5 sales at Woolies.

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            @Niklear: Yep - smaller 200g blocks though for the export market - still was slightly cheaper per weight. These are the 250g local NZ market blocks.

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      The only option? That's ok, I'll have it if you don't want. You need to stop using ms paint and start using something more modern. Then you'll see the difference, I mean taste.

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    Is the jelly tip chocolate nice?

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      I wasn't a fan. The jelly was like jam.

      • Agreed - I didn't like it either for the same reason.

        • Agreed.

          • @Xizor: Now I wanna try it to see how bad it is lol

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              @montorola: It's not a jelly 'tip'. Thin base of milk chocolate, FILLED with very sweet jammy filling and the top is white chocolate. You don't get much "cocoa chocolate" flavour…it's overly sweet, mushy, sugary.

    • Had it today, its good but not great.
      Seems like 'less sugar' than what youre used to.

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    They got rid of all the good Whittaker's flavours… Hazelnut & Fruit and Nut. The rest are no good.

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      RIP peanut butter.

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      Their coconut one survived and it's the best in my eyes.. maybe because other brands just don't have that option at all. High time Lindt or Cadbury's launch coconut flavour and I will be happy to compare.

      • Cadbry did coconut rough. This was better. You can also get coconut rough bars by nestle.

        • You can still get the Cadbury coconut rough at some IGAs… my local gets it in about once a month and it's gone within days.

          • @Fake News: I heard that Coconut rough is only produced by Cadbury during winter, as it's quite fragile and doesn't handle the heat well (if you've ever had it, you'll know how easy it melts between your fingers).

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    There used to be this chocolate

    The Whittaker's Dark Almond. That was my favourite and it is not available anymore! I really miss it.

    As ufwpd said above, RIP Dark Almond! :D

    • Still available from my local coles.

      • I can drive if it is not too far! Is it in Sydney? If you don't mind can you please mention that store location. Thanks,

        • It’s Rochedale in Brisbane, might be a bit far for you!

    • There are some Big W stores in Sydney that have it, according to their website (I'm not in Sydney so I can't confirm).

  • $4 used to be their average price till they bumped it up, which is a shame.
    Still, I absolutely love their milk and coconut blocks, respectively.

    • Yeah, it's a bit annoying that we have to wait for a sale to buy it at a decent price.
      It's better quality and value for money compared to Cadbury blocks - 180g sells for $5 full price.

      • True.. I wonder why we don't have any other popular international brands available apart from Lindt, Cadbury and Whittaker's which have a few different variants.

    • They can either increase the price or keep the same price and make the block smaller

      • Or just sell more volume to cover the reduced profits if they don't want to do both above.

      • They actually made it bigger, $4 were 200g blocks, now they're 250g.

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    This is my favourite Whittaker's flavour

    Bought it when I was in NZ. Too bad they don't have it in Australia.

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      You can get it from BigW

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      They sell them at Coles too, in the international food section.

  • My favourite is the one with coconuts

  • My favorite is their white chocolate. Woolies and Coles used to sell it but not anymore.

    Does anyone know where you can get it now?

  • Ah no dark chocolate with peanut otherwise I'd be all over it…..

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    Dark Ghana was my favourite, pity they don't sell it here anymore.

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    What is the best Australian made milk chocolate?

  • Cool, hopping over to Woolies to try.

  • this chocolate is good.

  • Lindt Golden bunnies ftw

    • Get out lol

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    Jellytip goes alright. Wish they would bring their berry and biscuit block to oz.

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    Coconut one is great

    My favourite is the black and greens or green and blacks? Dark mint choc. Every other dark mint i try is half sugar but this one is close to a 70% dark with mint. Very smooth chocolate in a thin block like Lindt - but better.

    I have to wait for it to be on special for about $3 for 90g but worth it. Think Coles and big W sell it.

  • Bought one last night. It lasted until this morning. I am impressed with myself.

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      That's some shaolin-level willpower right there

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    I loved their Mocha block they discontinued it years ago…

  • I wish they would ship over some of the L&P white choc varieties from new Zealand, I would literally drive across half the continent to get my hands on those!!!

  • They're nice but I like Aldi chocolate the most.

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