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[PC] Half Life: Alyx $55.71 (or $63.71), BONEWORKS $34.36 @ Steam


Top selling VR games for a good price. Lowest historical price for both games according to Augmented Steam.

You will need a VR headset to play these games. If you are spending over $45 AUD, you'll get a once off $8 dollar discount taken off final price in the cart. This means a further $8 discount Half Life Alyx.



Example for Saints and Sinners A$37.56 (was A$ 45.56)

To see more historical lows for VR titles, visit gg.deals for a full list.

[PC] 2020 Steam Summer Sale: Up to 75% off & $8 off for Purchases over $45 Original Deal

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  • +12

    Good prices. Now if only the Index would be a little more available in Australia….

    • +1

      Can play using a quest?

      • +7

        Yes, using Oculus Link.

        • +3

          Or virtual desktop!

        • +1

          virtual desktop is the best $30 I spent on an app, somehow Oculus sent me $14 in my email, so further discount!
          I would say better spend $30 on the app rather than the cable if you have stable 5G wifi, wirless is totally different experience, and you can watch reviews as its performance is even better than the Oculus link.

          • @rainbowyen: Only problem with virtual desktop is that if you move your head too fast you'll see black bordere

      • +1

        Can confirm. It's awesome.

    • -1

      Pimax is available.

  • +1

    Bought HL:Alyx for $85 last week. Requesting a refund. Hopefully it goes through, thanks OP.

    • +1

      They generally honour this, there's an option when you're refunding to say you want to buy it again at a discount.

      • +1

        Yeah they accepted the refund, it's processing now. Saved $30 :D

      • I assume that I wouldn't qualify having bought it at launch.. Even though I haven't actually launched it yet :/

  • +1

    Waiting for the non-VR version of Alyx, or at least a non-VR mod.

    • +8

      I think a non-VR mod already exists

    • +8

      The game is built from the ground up for VR, its not a simple FPS with a VR mod. The only way to make it work in VR would to be just to reuse the same assets but completely change levels and puzzles.

      • +1

        Which was done months ago …

        • grats? the game is designed around vr, any attempt to make it non vr is going to pale in comparison

  • +7

    Alyx is an amazing game - it truely shows VR potential.

  • +8

    This is an amazing game, if you have a VR setup, this is definitely a must-play!

    I'm currently playing using my Quest wirelessly through my PC using Virtual Desktop, and I'm very pleased with the minimal delay (the same as using Oculus Link) and great broadcast quality.

    • +1

      how hard is that to setup and what do you need?

      • +10

        Virtual Desktop on Oculus Quest ($31AUD)
        PCVR ready computer wired to router
        5GHZ router as close as possible to the play space
        Half Life Alyx on Steam

        Then a few extra (easy) steps to set Virtual Desktop up for SteamVR (Oculus blocks it by default).
        I followed this guide

        • got all that but the usb cable bit isn't working not getting the debug on connection- the one that comes with the quest doesn't seen to transfer data ugh Everything else I have.

          • @mordie71: The debug screen only came up when I installed and opened Sidequest. Otherwise, it never came up for me. Try that! :)

    • That's how I plan to play it! Glad it is working well.
      I compared Beat Saber on the Quest natively vs running over VD and the delay, while minimal, took away from the experience for me.
      But for any non-rhythm game I am sure it will be perfect.

      • Is your pc connected to your router via wireless or ethernet lan? Set this up for alyx yesterday and once I plugged a lan cable in I was getting a smooth 72fps with no noticeable lag.

        • +1

          Yeah its over LAN. Virtual Desktop reports like 24ms of latency, which is super low, but I noticed it playing Beat Saber. Like I said, I'm sure it's great for non-rhythm games like Alyx.

          • +2

            @theguyrules: My gaming laptop has built in 5ghz hotspot that I connect my quest to, and VD is giving me around 15ms, and yeah, it's still a tiny bit noticeable for beat saber, but that's the nature of the gameplay. Everything else, it's "virtually" unnoticeable. 😆

    • If you have an AMD graphics card, ReLive now works really well with the Quest and is free

    • -2

      very pleased with the minimal delay

      Wierd thing to be pleased about …

      • yes

  • +1

    I still need to get my Quest setup with Oculus Link. What's the go with getting a good enough USB C cable these days? Is the official Oculus one still the only choice or have other manufacturers come to the party with viable alternatives? I know third party ones were very hit or miss ~6 months ago.

    I'll give Virtual Desktop a go too, but I suspect my current network setup won't be up to par.

    • +1

      I use the Anker Powerline from Amazon as it's one of the "officially non-official" cables that work great with the Quest, while also providing charge. Make sure you use (at least) a USB 3.0 port from your PC.

      If you turn on Beta mode in the Oculus PC app, it will allow you to use your default Quest USB-C Charging cable for link instead. Performance is apparently good, but it won't provide a charge while playing.

    • +2

      If your PC is capable of creating a 5GHz hotspot, you can run Virtual Desktop over that. Worked great for my Alyx playthough.

      • Thats my plan. Do you have any tips for setting up Virtual Desktop or is it straight forward?

      • Is the 5ghz hotspot a feature of your motherboard, or did you install a seperate wifi card? I’d like to set up my next PC with this capability, thanks!

        • My PC didn't have wifi built in, so I had to install a network card

    • ALVR is a viable free way to go wireless. It is a bit more fiddly and not as refined, but it works fine for SteamVR

      • Do you think VD is worth the extra $$$?

        • +2

          If you are playing a lot of PC games and your wireless network is good enough, VD is worth it just to simplify the daily use. From my experience, VD Just Works, whereas I often have to much around with ALVR each time I want to use it.
          If you are testing wireless, go with ALVR. It's not that hard to set up, and will give you an idea of performance. If you use your Quest standalone and only occasionally want to play PC, this is good enough.
          The VD you need is the Quest VD through Oculus, not the Steam one. Then you need to sideload the SideQuest version. I bought mine during the last birthday sale for about $25.

          • @Sike O: Perfect. Cheers dude. Ill probably purchase VD because i'll be playing mostly SteamVR games on the Quest.
            Did you connect via a windows hotspot or the router?

            • @jsediv: I'm about 2m from my Unifi AP, PC is connected by cable

    • +2

      I ordered this cable last week from Amazon. Works brilliantly. Available in 5m or 3m.


      Looks like they also make a 4m version if 5 is too much / 3 isn't enough.


      • Nice, thanks. The 5m cord has a coupon code that makes it cheaper than the 4m, so I'll go for that one (would rather have too much cord than not enough!)

  • +2

    Anyone played either boneworks or half life on a windows mixed reality set? Or other inside out tracking without fancy controllers and external cameras?

    Interested in them but been hesitant on how well they really play on basic VR sets

    • +2

      You can refund any steam game provided that you have not gone over 2 hours of playtime. Just try and see and if it doesn't work you can always get your money back

      I have refunded many VR games (as many as 6 titles, I lost count), with reasons as simple as "too hard to play" or "gives me nausea"

    • Played both on the Samsung Odyssey+

      Zero issues with Hl:Alyx. Thinking about a second playthrough.

      Boneworks - some minor issues with Ladders a few months ago (I think this may have been improved in a later patch). Well worth trying out - I haven't progressed as far due to motion sickness.

      • Same here re Boneworks, but constantly having to press down the grips to hold things is really annoying. Runs great though.

    • I play boneworks on WMR and it's great. Only have to deal with the slight tracking issues with WMR that's all

    • My son has been playing boneworks for some time on a HP WMR set, and enjoying it a lot. No issues.

  • +1

    I dont game much and this is my first Half Life game, excluding Counter Strike if that counts. Man this is mind blowing. Would recommand anyone who has the spare money to try this.

  • +2

    My Quest arrives today! Talk about perfect timing

  • If only a decent headset wasn't $1000. Oh well.

    • +3

      Theres a few decent options available. Windows Mixed Reality isn't too bad for the price. Can usually get the full kit for around $350 during these covid times.

    • +4

      Oculus quest or Rift s are around 650 - 750 if you can find some

    • +1

      Rift S is still in stock at Amazon and it is surprisingly good for doing all the tracking through the headset.

  • How does this game compare with Half Life 3?

    • +3

      Well, it exists for starters which is a plus

  • -1

    I'm keen, but the valve index isn't available in Aus and the news is that the index is not a very durable piece of machinery, even when well cared for.

    • This game is very accessible and playable even on budget Mixed Reality headsets. The inside-out tracking of WMR (say, Lenovo Explorer) is good enough that it shouldn't be an impediment to gameplay.

      In fact the controls of the game is so streamlined, when my left controller broke I can still finish the game using only one functional controller using the official one handed bindings

  • Damn I need a VR headset

  • +6

    Someone posted me this:

    Oh man… Aside from lots of the usual AAA franchises:

    • Outer Wilds (not Worlds) is an incredible game (33% off)
    • Hades is Supergiant’s latest game, an early access roguelike, and is amazing (20% off)
    • Disco Elysium is a mindblowingly good RPG with accolades for days (25% off)
    • Baba is You is an ingenious and mindbending puzzle game (20% off)
    • Return of the Obra Dinn is painfully good, esp. considering one person made it (25% off)
    • Hyper Light Drifter is incredible (60% off)
    • Hollow Knight is by far the best of the modern metroidvanias, and is insane value even without a sale (50% off)
    • What Remains of Edith Finch heartfelt and compelling as well as having moments of gamedesign brilliance (60% off)
    • Celeste is one of the best platformers ever (50% off)
    • Observation is an interesting new take on space thrillers (50% off)
    • Quadrilateral Cowboy and Thirty Flights of Loving are hilarious and super smart (50% off)
    • Curse of the Dead Gods and Scourge Bringer are cool new roguelikes (early access, 20% off)
    • A Short Hike is a short but super cute adventure (30% off)
    • Slay the Spire is incredible (50% off)
    • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is good to have (70% off)
    • A Hat in Time is an adorable response to not having a 3d Mario game on PC (50% off)
    • Close to the Sun is pretty cool, worth a look for Bioshock fans (25% off)
    • A Plague Tale: Innocence is an interesting game worth a play (66% off)
    • Darkest Dungeon is punishing and ridiculously clever & well-made (75% off)
    • The Witness is one of my favourite puzzle games ever (77% off)
    • Dead Cells has probably the best platformer controls ever, as well as just being great overall (40% off)
    • The Jackbox games are always good to have on hand (30-50% off)
    • Don’t Starve is great (66-75% off)
    • Transistor is by Supergiant too so you know it’s amazing LUL (80% off)
    • Creature in the Well is interesting mechanically (35% off)
    • Florence is a cute little Melbourne based story (33% off)
    • Not for Broadcast is funny and creative (early access, 50% off)
    • Grow Home is an interesting platformer with procedural animation (75% off)
    • Undertale is ingenious (66% off)
    • The Overcooked games are good to have (40-75% off)
    • Dicey Dungeons is quite clever (50% off)
    • Blasphemous is a very dark/edgy 2d soulslike (45% off)
    • Gato Roboto is a fun/cute classic metroidvania (50% off)
    • Katana Zero is fun and gorgeous 2d action (33% off)
    • Astroneer is fantastic, especially with friends (35% off)
    • Ape Out is hilarious and fun (50% off)
    • Below is a challenging, beautiful exploration roguelike (50% off)
    • Subnautica is probably the only good survival game of its type IMO (35% off)
    • Ashen is a beautiful and interesting take on soulslikes (50% off)
    • GRIS is a gorgeous 2d platformer (60% off)
    • Thumper is musical violence (70% off)
    • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is one of the few co-op games that actually requires co-op (60% off)
    • Oxenfree is a cool story adventure (75% off)
    • Firewatch crazy good - story, visuals, acting (75% off)
    • Hand of Fate 2 is very clever and fun (75% off)
    • RUINER is dank as, and pretty fun (75% off)
    • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a special game (70% off)
    • Pathologic 2 is strange but interesting (58% off)
    • Moving Out is cute couch co-op (25% off)
    • Cloudpunk is interesting (25% off)
    • Pyre is not for everyone but very, very good IMO (70% off)
    • INSIDE (spiritual successor to LIMBO - 66% off)
    • Antichamber is a mindbendingly good puzzler (75% off)
    • Bastion - where Supergiant started! (80% off)
    • Braid - Jon Blow’s very clever puzzle platformer (77% off)
    • Castle Crashers is still one of my fav couch co-op beat-‘em-ups (80% off)
    • Thomas Was Alone shows how much you can do with so little (50% off)
    • Papers, Please (by the same guy) is very clever, funny, sad (50% off)
    • Spelunky has been hugely influential and is still fun (85% off)
    • Jazzpunk - I wish there were more little games like this (75% off)

    I dunno, I could probably keep going… too many good games! 🥵

    p.s. Obligatory FromSoft callout: DS3 (75% off), Sekiro (35%)

    • -3

      I see that you, too, are something of a connoisseur, my good man.

      raises glass

  • -1

    I've got an HP Mixed Reality set still in the box next to me at the moment that I haven't actually touched since I purchased it. May be time to whip it out and have a go at HL Alyx..

  • -2

    When I saw Boneworks, my brain immediately saw Bonestorm. Disappointed.

    Buy me Bonestorm or go to hell!

  • -3

    It's nice to know half life 3 is officially confirmed, but it's gonna be vr related, very much vr related given how crazy obsessed Gabe is in regards to that technology.

    (I've never played alyx, just skimmed through non spoiler content)

    However alyx starts right before half life 3, I bet that's got you motivated to play the game now.


    No idea why it's not called half life episode 4 because that's essentially what it is, but since valve knows best, I'm sure episode 4 was a pipe dream never to have a definitive answer for.

    And as to what half life 3 is, who knows? But it's confirmed.

    • Half-Life Alyx is set before Half-Life 2.

      • -3

        No it's not, prove me wrong…

        • +1

          I’ve played and finished Alyx. The game is absolutely set before Half-Life 2, before Gordon and Alyx meet. It hints towards a third game in the series, but to say any more would be a spoiler.

          It’s a prequel with its own story - it’s not Episode 4.

    • Huh? Since when is HL3 confirmed?

  • -1

    Awesome price. Been waiting patiently for the price drop. Now I just need to finish TLOU2 so I can focus on this.

  • -1

    I'll buy it when there's a 2D version available.

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