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[eBay Plus] Jabra Elite 65T $138 (OOS( / Elite Active 65T $168 (OOS), Mi TWS Earphones 2 $119 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Hi all,

Hope everyone is well! A great deal on these popular Jabra handsets, which are well regarded for their quality and sonic capabilities. Also some solid deals on some Xiaomi, Huawei and Beats offerings of wireless earphones. Please apply coupon code PVOLTAGE at checkout for eBay Plus members to reach the final price, ends 27/06 (tomorrow)!

Wireless Earphones



As usual, 100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, local Australia Manufacturers warranty.

Our warehouse team are working harder than ever to ensure that as many orders as possible are shipped out within 24 hours. Currently nearly all orders are being dispatched within 24 hours and on target to be delivered on time, but please be aware that there are some areas facing delays, so we do recommend to be patient for these affected areas, and a plan B if urgent. We would like to thank Ozbargain for your continued support during this challenging situation, and wish everyone good health and safety.

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  • I think 138 is the cheapest I've seen the 65t. Good deal!

  • 65t pickup all voice and noise around you when call, but still good price.

    • This is probably true, but so do my $300+ Sony WH-1000XM3's full headset cans. I just don't think Bluetooth headphones are quite there in general on in-call noise reduction features for YOUR voice. Wouldn't let this dissuade anyone at this price as this is the norm and you can't really expect tiny little in-ear speakers to do a better job than full-sized headphones.

      • Well bose 700 is actually really good in that respect because of the 8 mic noise cancelling feature, that's the reason I bought it. Issue with Windows PC is also now fixed.

        In term of comfort and sound quality I still prefer my old wh1000xm3.

        • Yeah the Bose do calls better, agree. However those Bose 700's are in the next price tier yet again!

      • +4 votes

        The sonys' have one of the worst mics, usually resorting to my phone when I answer calls. It was not built with calling in mind.

  • Can't recommend the 65T enough. Excellent for the price. I think I paid $180 a couple of years ago and they've been great.

    Even had them submerged….I mean cleaned by a toddler and they're still going strong.

  • are they comfortable to use??

    • I have active 65t, bought for abt $180. Not sure if I'm wearing it wrong, but it is a very secure fit. The right earbud starts to hurt after an hour, although the left is super comfortable. Maybe I'm wearing it wrong, or my right ear is odd.

  • I had the active 65T for about 12 months. They don't have any fins so basically they stay in by 'screwing' the tip into youe ear hole. As you can imagine sometimes it was absolutely fine, but occasionally (and i found it when I ran with them) the bud would become loose and so I had to try and fix it whilst running.
    Sound wise they were pretty good - they have a good app whch has a number of settings to change the sound.
    I also found the bluetooth did not work with my Garmin Venu, so I ended up upgrading to a pair from Jaybird.

  • Great deal, I've had the elite active 65T as well for about a year and they're very comfortable, don't fall out (they come with different size tips) and call and music quality has been really good.

    Pass-through external sound feature is nice as well - don't have to remove earphones to speak to someone or hear cars etc - just double tap right ear and it passes in outside noise.

  • weird the actives are showing as 148 now

  • nothing left

  • +1 vote

    I have the 75t and they are mint but I have nothing to compare them too