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Kogan nbn 50/20 $63.90/Month, 100/20 $78.90/Month (For First 6 Months) @ Kogan Internet


Decent prices for 6 months for those that are running out of their current 6 month deal.

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Kogan Internet
Kogan Internet

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  • My experience in the past with Kogan was quite good, no worse than Aussie Broadband or Superloop (FTTN)

    The lack of extra upstream bandwidth makes the 100 tier pointless for me though. I could get 77/38 on 100/40. Now there's no point going past 50/20. Thanks shitty HFC network for ruining it for the rest of us.

    • Isn't that downstream bandwidth that's the probem? Wouldn't that be from Kogan/Vodafone being congested?

      • No apparently HFC really struggles with upstream (it quickly messes everyone elses speeds and constantly needs remediation work), there are posts by people much wiser than me on this topic here in OzBargain who explain it in detail. To make HFC look more viable the NBN has reduced the upstream across the board. And most of those >100Mbit plans are actually not available on most of the HFC network for the same reason.

        Reduce the speeds for everyone and HFC looks more capable from a marketable point of view I guess :/

    • If you're on FTTP it probably doesn't really matter which ISP you choose, except those on their own especial exchanges they are all tapping into the same system aren't they?

      • HFC doesn't effect any of the other technologies, it's just HFC upstream interfering with the HFC users, a few people pushing 40Mbit upstream sees the network degrade quickly apparently, not even FTTN is that touchy. It's related to the the frequencies, HFC was never designed for upstream data it was originally a voice network with basic cable TV on the downstream, nothing serious ever moved in the other direction. Even Telstra's last plans were something like 100/5 from memory? It's now being used for purposes beyond its technical scope. But the government wants this mess of a network to look as good as possible come sale time which is why we've all been shaped to not expose the flaws in the HFC component of the rollout. That's in simple terms. Someone else could explain it better.

  • $78 month for 12 months for nbn100 please Mr Kogan.
    Happy I have still $65 nbn from Exetel just got in before the price rises.

  • My experience with Kogan was also great. Fast speeds. No drop outs public IP. Will probably end up back there when my current Belong starter plan expires.

  • Has anyone got experience with Tangerine? they seem to be $5-$10 cheaper per month with the first 6 month deals.

    • Tangerine were the worst ISP I've used. Barely 50% advertised speeds. After cancelling they kept sending bills. I'd call, they'd apologise and promise it would happen again. Next month it happened again…

      Not worth the pain

    • I'm with them and have been better than superloop and ABB for me.

    • Been with them for almost month now, works out to be great deal for me with BYO modem (Telstra modem) + ref and No contract. Only downside I have heard and experienced is call wait time is surplus 20 min.

      • I called ABB to disconnect my service earlier this month.
        Waiting time was 15 minutes. So i think every ISP is pretty much the same.
        And they refused to keep the $20 discount.
        So I switched to Tangerine 😁

    • I have the same speed as AussieBB and superloop, it depends on you POI.
      Their customer service is not in par with ABB and Superloop tho.

  • Has anyone used Kogan NBN? How is the speed with 100/20 plan during peak hours?

  • What is the cheapest NBN package (FTTC) currently available other than Belong $55 per month? Anything around $30?

  • Tangerine is slightly cheaper, $59.99 for 50/20 or $74.9 for 100/20

  • That's not cheap tho

  • This doesn't include a home number does it?

    Edit: read this in the crit info pdf

    Please note that by signing up to this Plan your existing home phone line service will be terminated.

    Can anybody recommend 50/20 with home line for ~$60? My ABB 6 months promo will finish in August I believe. Then again, we don't use home line anymore. It's just that, if we lose the number, what's the likely hood of ever getting it back? We've had the number forever.

    • Once it is gone, it is gone for good.

      Time to say goodbye to your home phone number

      • Back in the day when we got [email protected] Cable, our home number changed. Years later, moving to ADSL1, we went back on Telstra landline and was able to get back our original Telstra number though. Probably not the case anymore?

  • Churned over tonight from ABB. Speeds are Spot on at 46/18. Only difference I saw was the ping went up from 8 to 20, but that doesn't bother me at all.

  • This or Internode 50/20 for $59.99? Don't mind the ~$4 price difference. How reliable are Internode speeds?

  • Dont forget NBN 25/5 is $57.90/m for the first 6 months…

  • I tried to sign up the kogan nbn but it does not let me speficy a start date? Normally how long does it take for their service to be activated?

    • Ordered Sat, Jun 27, 4:09 PM.
      Got a SMS from Superloop Sunday 28th at 7:00am confirming my exit
      Monday 29th at 2pm I got a message from Kogan saying I was connected.

      Pretty sure my internet swapped over on Sunday. So it activates pretty much instantly?

  • Who do Kogan resell?

    Edit: Looks like Vodafone.

  • Changed over to these guys, on the first day there have been 2 dropouts so far.

    Edit: I tested connection @ 10am and got 41 mbits. I tested again at 6pm and got 25mbits.

  • Does Kogan switch you to 100/20 when you signed up to 100/40 back last year?

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