What Tool Do I Need to Loosen This Bolt?

Hello, I was just wondering what tool do I need to loosen this bolt - https://imgur.com/a/0iZlYsd? I tried a wrench but the wooden frame is in the way.


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    • This, standard spanner.

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    Hard to tell from that angle but looks like a ring spanner and some patients might get it done.

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    Seems odd. Cant get into it from the other end?

    Either way, as others have said, you are going to need a ring/open end spanner

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      This right here. Will likely have an Allen head bolt going to it from the other end.

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      Yup looks like a bed rail.

      Just need a spanner or something to keep it from spinning while you undo the hex head on the other side

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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          Looking at that bolt, I bet soon as u crack the tension it will undo by hand.

          There is a lock washer which will stop it spinning when you tension it up.

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    It's a standard hex nut. Use an appropriate size ring spanner.

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    I ratchet spanner would make your life a lot easier.

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      Ratchet spanners are really good to have but the ring end is thicker so it can't get into tight spots like a standard spanner can.

      • Not much room to swing a standard spanner where that nut is.

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          Room for a ring spanner though. Ring spanners normally have 12 contact points as well - so they're better for undoing nuts in tight spaces as you don't have to turn the but the whole 1/6 of a turn to fit the spanner back on.

          • @macrocephalic: Turn slightly, remove, flip, turn slightly, remove, flip, etc etc etc.

            Lots of the ratchet spanners are 5 degrees. Soon sort that nut out.

            • @D C: yes if you're ratchet with tools, that looks like a job for a ratchet spanner

              I'm guessing that assemble-yourself kit bed came with the spanner - which is no longer to be found - because internet …

    • Much thicker and unlikely to fit in that space.

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    Ring spanner.

  • If you get stuck, use a pair of pliers.

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  • Denis Cyplenkov will give it a crack, but don't call him a tool.

  • Knockometre fixes everything.

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    open-ended spanner

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    (Before you neg the shit out of this, it actually works. That's why cars occasionally get loose nuts and bolts. Vibration.)

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      Does your vibrator only know how to loosen nuts and bolts? What about left-hand thread, does it tighten them?

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        You need the northern hemisphere models for that.

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          FWIW, I logged in to vote on that…

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      Be sure to check back in and let us know how your vibrator test run on your nuts goes.

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        Definitely loosened me up a bit.

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    You're thinking this wrongly. Your photo is of the nut, not the bolt. The bolt is the part that goes into the hexagonal nut that you've taken a photo of.

    Get the bed away from the wall. Go around to the end of the bed, at the left side of the photo. Find the end of the bolt to which this nut connects. Turn the bolt anticlockwise. The nut may stay put & you might find the whole thing loosens up. Or you may need an open ended spanner to hold the nut still while turning the bolt.

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      These things are often concealed fittings so may only be able to get the nut from the pic end.

      • Yes, sometimes the bolt fits into a groove and you tighten the nut to lock it all in place.

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      This 100% I have a very similar bed from ikea. The bed came with a weird spanner like tool which had a weird angle, and it was just enough to wriggle into place (but not to tighten/loosen). On the other part of the bed, you could access the hex bolt that could be tightened/loosened with a normal allen key… however, in order to tighten or loosen, you would have to keep the nut in place with the tool. let me know if you haven't been able to undo it and i'll see if i can find a link.

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    use a ring spanner, and some patience. Or if you can get to the head of the bolt, use the ring spanner to hold the nut and then unwind the bolt.

    I have a bedframe with these things, pain in the butt to get tightened or undone but they do the job.

  • Mate, all these other suggestions above are wrong. You need a blow torch… Ka boommm baby!!

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    Socket won't fit? Some socket extensions flex in different ways.

    But yes, normal spanner should be good. I guess it's a 10 mm or 12 mm.

    Let us know how you go.

    • Often 11mm, as it was one size that was 'internationally' standard, being a direct equivalent [ for Government work ] of a 7/16 A.F[lat/ine]

      • Looks far too new to be an Imperial fitting; unless the bed was made in the US it's definitely metric.
        But beware - 3/8ths is just a tiny bit smaller than M10, with consequent high risk of stripped threads and rounded nuts happening. I wish the yanks would get with the program for the other 95% of the world.

  • Spanner
    standard screwdriver + hammer

  • A right handed metric discombobulator.

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    Angle grinder…

  • If a spanner or wrench won't fit into the hole you'll need a socket.

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    Oxy Torch because a bolt can't be tight if its a liquid.

  • Reciprocating saw 😄

  • Move bed out, on left hand side, end of wood there will be a plastic bung, pry it out with a screwdriver,then use an allen key to remove bolt/screw holding fixture in.

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    There is nothing a Claymore won't fix - just remember to read the directions "Front Toward Enemy"

  • Looks a tight fit…. usually a spanner will do the trick… but….. now understand this:

    Get a punch, and tap on the "RIGHT" side of the bolt to loosen. From there you may be able to do the rest by fingers.

  • Ring Spanner

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    • Makes everything look like a nail!

  • A sledgehammer. A big sledgehammer

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      Why brain when can internet.

  • need a better picture

    but a ratchet and an extension and a socket will do

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    This should do the trick

  • Blow torch.

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    But take caution and wear the recommended safety equipment.

  • your fingers

  • You need a box spanner. It is a Vertical spanner with differing sizes. Good for tight spaces especially tap fitting. Pick someone up for hardware store.

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    Its the tiny, cheap, sheet-metal thickness spanners that come with furniture kits that you need. Only they are small enough to fit in most of those holes.

    • This! I have this bed and can confirm.

      • I think this design is actually pretty common. Surprised more people didn’t give this response.

  • To loosen the bolt you probably need a hammer/jackhammer.

    To loosen the nut a simple spanner would do. You do know which way to turn, right?

    • 'which way to turn'

      d'oh !

  • can you reach the other end of the mating fastener?

    Looking at the picture, most likely you will be having some other fastener head (i.e. allen key) while holding this side not moving. let me know how you go with it..

  • WD40 and let it penetrate for at least 10 - 15 minutes.

    Then proceed as per normal.

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    A can do attitude

  • If you've tried an open ended and ring spanner and these do not fit then you need to look at the other side, which probably has a hex bolt head, hex Allen key socket or a large flat head slot. Use the appropriate tool on that (hex socket, Allen key, flat head screwdriver) and (on the side pictured) wedge the nut still with flat head screwdriver.

  • Fingers

  • Serious answer… A tube spanner.

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    Hey this is a crazy coincidence and i have that same exact bed. this is a regular spanner but often the spanner is too big for you to be able to get much movement.

    You need one of those very thin, metal spanners that come with flat packed furniture.

  • you need one of those spanners that cranks

  • you just need some long nose pliers. press hard and then turn. they're $4 from bunnings.

  • A Spanner, Spray some WD40 if it's tight.

  • Go to Bunnings and buy a mini spanner. Will fit in that space.

  • Intimate relations with it's dad will loosen that nut.

  • Leatherman

    • Spiderman

      • to be fair, both would work! :)

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    ram it with a car.

  • ask IKEA

  • What about a crackpipe? Solves most problems.

  • Mole grips. 1 tool = all household repairs

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    Thinking that if someone needs advice on how to undo a nut/bolt holding a bed frame together then the future of mankind is bleak.

  • Can OP provide an update of the status of the bolt?

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      Instructions were unclear, he's been electrocuted.

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    Just dismantled a bed from IKEA few weeks ago.
    Had exactly the same problem. I've used a long nose plyer.

  • ring spanner to loosen it up then use your 🖐

  • Thanks guys. It was a 13mm nut and a ring spanner did the trick. I am just missing one of these things - https://imgur.com/a/4yNhX5j . Does anyone know what they are called?