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Kingston A2000 1TB 2200MB/s 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD - $169.00 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


This was going for $178 a week ago. Now $169.
About $12 shipping to WA.

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  • Great price.

  • Dam I just bought it on friday, does anyone know if they'll let me refund and buy it again or get the $10 discount?

    • Really? Do you have time to waste like that?

      Can't you put that time towards your work and make $20 or more?

      If not, maybe you are living your life wrong.

  • Advantages / disadvantages of this vs Crucial P1 1TB? I can get either for this price.

    • This is faster and has more than double the write edurance than the P1. This all the way, for the same price even more this.

    • P1 is QLC while the A2000 is TLC, which is superior on paper.
      Both have DRAM.
      A closer rival would be the WD SN550 TLC. This is faster under certain benchmarks but does not have DRAM so some purists may avoid it

      • TLC is superior in all aspects. Better endurance and better write speed (once you go past the cache)

  • I have the 500GB A2000, it's worked fine. My motherboard seems to have trouble with it, and it dips to 9MB/s every 5 seconds during sustained write. I put it in my laptop and it's fine. It's around 300-500MB/s sustained until it dips.

  • Also on sale at the same price at SaveOnIt FYI

  • Bought one so I don't need to scrounge up space every time Modern Warfare updates, thanks OP!

  • can anyone tell if this can be used on a MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2013) ? Thanks.

  • Ordered one around lunch time, sadly they didn't support pickup, only 15 min drive from my home can save another $10 for shipping

  • Found this review on google

    I purchased this drive around 6 months ago to use in my ryzen 3700x build. It worked fine for the first month but then started giving me consistent BSOD errors relating to the NVME driver stornvme.sys. After doing some research this appears to be a common issue with this drive in systems like mine. The drive still works like usual when the system boots however. Suffice to say I will be returning it but I would warn against this drive with Ryzen 3000 series processors
    GeorgeW542 ยท Reviewed on pbtech.co.nz

    • No issue on mine apart from the shitty write speeds.

    • I've also gotten those BSODs with the stornvme.sys message but it stopped happening for me after I stopped using Gigabyte's RGB Fusion software. You can google RGB Fusion + stornvme.sys and you'll find it's a common issue.

  • Guys don't jump on me as I'm not up on this, but I have this(s/sung evo) in my basket at Amazon and I'm just in 'wait' mode for it to maybe drop in price along with a Sapphire pulse 5700 and hoping the ASUS B550 prime Plus will come available at some stage as well in the future and the young guys managing my build said this>>> Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 500GB - M.2 NVMe Interface Internal Solid State Drive with V-NAND Technology (MZ-V7S500B/AM) is what I should get.

    Is this in the same league?

  • TLC is like sex.

  • For just storage what type of ssd should I get? I wont be running the os on it just pure storage.

  • This compared to Samsung 860evo 1tb?

    • evo 860 is sata, this is pci express. much faster.

      • Decisions…860 is 145 after Cashback, while this is about 180+.

        • yes but think of it this way. you cheap out now - no way to add more speed later on for the $40 you saved later on.

          • @shabaka: With the NVMe, you also save on:

            • 2 cable connections, one for Sata and one for the power.

            • one HD slot, my chassis is an old one and it doesn't have slots for SSD, I'd need to buy an adaptor for it.

          • @shabaka: But is it actually ever gonna be used? Real talk. Sure the PS5 is gonna have a fast SSD and possibly texture streaming, but these games all use tons if tiny little files, and since these SATA SSDs are just bottlenecked by transfer speed rather than their NAND they will probably be just as fast because random reads and writes are gonna make an NVMe SSD fall to within SATA III speeds too. The SSD was just really a way to make the PS5 look special. My point stands as long as you aren't editing raw 4K which requires fast sequential speeds when loading media into the timeline and such this isn't gonna benefit you at all.

      • How much faster? Give me a real world estimate if you can so I have a reference point of what I can expect against my 860.

        • The difference is only obvious under certain large file transfers. Under daily use? Maybe a few seconds here, another half second there…barely noticed by most users.

          I just wanted to fill the M.2 slot and run OS and programs/games on nvme, hoping that over the next 2 years, it'll save me a few hours of thumb twiddling to break even.

          If that $40 can better go to a larger drive or better GPU, that's likely a better investment to be honest

  • actually how about the WD SN550? Good compared to this?

  • Would you guys recommend this as an upgrade from a Samsung PM961 NVMe 256GB?? I want an upgrade for storage on my laptop since my 256GB now has 20GB remaining, but I'm not sure if the upgrade is going to work and if any NVMe will work with my X1 Carbon - But the main question is, would you recommend this NVMe, or should I wait for a deal on some other 1TB NVMe (I can wait if this deal isn't anything too special)

  • Anyone got some good 2tb m.2 ssd deals? Prefer nvme

    • https://www.centrecom.com.au/western-digital-wd-blue-3d-nand... Found this but not sure if this is what you are after?

      • Yep, I have that on my cart just in case I can't find good nvme deal. Sabrent rocket q 2tb nvme is cheapest one I can find but I can't justify myself paying extra $50-60 for it.

        • Could you provide the link for the sabrent rocket 2tb?

        • The Sabrent Rocket Q uses QLC NAND, but because it has a DRAM cache I doubt it's gonna die soon. So it's actually inferior to the WD Blue in every way except for the controller which supports NVMe. Unless you're going to edit large video projects on a daily basis or copy files within the drive because you're addicted to big numbers I think you're just fine with the WD Blue.

          Edit: If you have a 2.5" bay you could get this MX500 which isn't M.2 but you save about $24 which to me justifies not having the aesthetic, and if by surprise NVMe becomes mainstream you don't have to worry about your motherboard only having a single M.2 slot.

  • This vs the 970 evo plus 1tb which can be had for about 250+ after Cashback?

    • Unless it's for constant large files transfer and writing, and the speed is essential (i.e work related), I would get this cheaper drive.

      NVMe is a relatively minor speed increase (real world usage) from sata III drives that IMHO the 970 Evo plus is overkill and most of the extra cost is lost to diminishing returns.

      In fact, gamers struggled to differentiate between them accordingly to this vid


      • Great analysis, thanks. I actually have an existing 2tb 660p, so looking for a boot drive and use the 660p as a games drive.

  • The website says: Out of stock :-(

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