Have People Started Prepping for The Next Pandemic/World War?

Interested to hear if people are making plans for the next pandemic or world war. Seems like both are quite likely given the state of the world. E.g. Looking to sell up urban rentals to buy something remote away from capital cities, starting a vegie garden or just keeping a month or more worth of groceries at all times.

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    Doing nothing different,
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    Making some minor changes,
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    I am going full doomsday prepper mode!


  • Still have surplus from first wave…

  • I'm Eneloop ready.

  • Nah, I will just loot whoever will have claimed they were prepared for the upcoming war, when police breaks down and won't do anything.

  • On the Beach (1959)
    https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0053137/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 was on TV last night.
    (Was taking notes). lol

    • For a cheery take on Armageddon watch Threads. (Just kidding it might be the most disturbing thing you watch.)

      I believe it recently had a HD release.

      • Threads is futuristic. Possibly accurate but we just don't know.

        Watch Dominion It's current and real, and Australian to boot. And I suggest the most disturbing thing you watch. And quite possibly (probably) the cause for the apocalypse.

        • And quite possibly (probably) the cause for the apocalypse.

          When a virus gets into one of the farm animals that's then used to be slaughtered for meat which we consume and get sick from it and …and turn into mindless flesh eating zombies …

          Also I watched that whole movie documentary and do you suggest any other way to sustain ourselves without killing something else?

    • on the Beach

      I'll be waiting for you, Sam.

  • I've built a bunker filled with toilet paper, I'll be fine.

  • Depending on what it is, you won't get a warning like this time around… Never thought I would see it and it has made me aware of prepping/moving to the country as an option.

  • Just completed building an undergroud 100,000 square metre shed with a wall height of 40 metres.

    Already started filling it with toilet paper.

  • Saw someone load up a full trolley/boot full of Coca-Cola 24 pack today,

    About 12 cases at least

    • I'm surprised at how often I see this happening for restaurants/cafes with milk, coke, meat etc. Surely they know there are better ways to get supplies.

      • Sometimes when things go on sale even the suppliers can't match the supermarket prices.

        • Yep. My parents used to run a catering business and it was common for supermarkets to have some things cheaper than the wholesalers, so off you'd go to load up some trolleys.

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            @macrocephalic: Worked as a store manager of a Woolworths years back and one of the things I remember is the number of small business owners (fish and chip shop, milk bar etc.) who'd buy 25-50 cases of Coca-Cola, Lift, Fanta etc. on the first day of a weekly sale. Supplier prices are ~35% higher than the promotional price at your local.

      • Yeah they do, that's why they run a business and you don't.

      • love to hear your suggestions

      • i think this is a sarcasm but i could be as wrong as people who down voted this..

    • someone should mention to him..well personally when i taste no zero coke that has been on the shelf for al ong time - it tastes different

  • Looking to sell up urban rentals to buy something remote away from capital cities

    Problem is unless you're in the desert then nothing is remote. With cars people will come and loot you before the petrol runs out.

    I'd say better do good and pray even if you don't believe in a god that what you are suggesting won't happen.

    If we think WWII was bad, think about WWIII with all the technology we have devised to destroy ourselves. I am all for advancement of our society but advancement of economy which needs to grow the working class perpetually so the top of the pyramid can get richer just won't work when there is finite resources. If the ruling elites doesn't get that then they are seriously putting all their eggs in the one basket: either Elon makes it to Mars or we're all stuffed.

  • Discoverd planking. Have some core strength. Will be fine.

  • I thought we realised from last time that we didn't need to? I dip into the one box of extra supplies my household got when I want to do some iso baking but otherwise didn't really need it.

  • All great civilisations fall just looking at history for various reasons Rome, Great British Empire, napoleons france, Han Dynasty etc

    We are probably witnessing the end of the time of the Western Civilisation coming to a close

    • Yes, it does feel to me as though Western nations have been in decline for several decades, and that the future belongs to China. White people no longer belive in their culture. Almost all of the high achievers in our schools are (mostly Chinese) Asians. Westerns are happy to sit back and let the nanny state coddle them. They no longer strive and aspire like the children of Tiger parents do.

    • Australia is southern so we would be fine. Right? RIGHT?!

    • Usually when people lose trust in the government and the government reaches a level of nepotism so bad it can't run itself anymore and people fall increasingly into poverty. I do think it's preventable.

  • I've got a bug out location with a semi bunker / container fort (buried container with a another container on top.
    It lookss like an ordinary refrigerated container at the top but I've removed the fridge parts and that now houses part of the air flow system.
    The top container is living, surveillance and bathroom. The bottom container is kitchen and storage. I'm looking to add another container but I need to save up a little bit more.
    It's pretty much off grid with solar panels, however, I'm still improving on the water systems. So far it's filtered rain water. There's also a stream nearby that I can drink after using purifying tablets and boiling.

    • Neat idea! Assuming this has been built on private land? How hot does the top container get in direct sun on a 30+ degree summer day?

      • It does okay. It's insulated. It's got a small a/c but can't use it all the time as it can draw too much from the panels. I might upgrade the solar when i get another container.
        Pretty munch hide out in the kitchen which stays surprisingly cool.
        More than a few days in a row with like any property it can get hot.

  • The consumerism is strong in this community

  • Bought some baked beans. Stock up enough and you'll have fermented enough gas power to qualify for domestic terrorism/self defence

  • I live near the CBD in Melbourne. I figure if they nuke Melbourne Iā€™m going out fast.

    Actually I will, probably, make sure I do have some hand sanitiser always the house. I did have enough, this time, but it was more accident than design. We are the sad point shopper people so we did have plenty of loo paper to tide us over, I notice the shelves are getting low in stock, again. I wonder if the manufacturers start the panic buying rumours.

  • I always try to keep 3 months worth of savings, water and food on hand. The govt tells you to keep 2 wks supply in case of disaster. You never know abt unemployment, illness, natural disaster, PANDEMICS etc. We didn't have to worry abt shortages this time around, as we had our usual store of necessities. My sister has been forcibly evacuated in the past, in FNQ because of a cyclone. She spent 11 uncomfortable days in a school hall.

    I am on my 5th home in my lifetime and have always made sure I built on high land or top of hill, with no low lying routes near me, in case of flood. I make sure I am more than 14km from coast or bay in case of Tsunami (ok, that might be extreme, but I can't swim. lol) I am in the middle of suburbia but am on 900m2 and have solar with battery backup, water tanks, vege garden and chooks. Still trying to convince hubby to build me a safe room/bunker, haha. We can be comfortable and secure for a while if anything happens, without having to rely on or expect the govt to look after us.

    • Step 1 completed.
      Step 2: Take swimming lessons.

    • What are you defences like?

      • Auto targeting turrets everywhere, uses good 30mm x 180mm anti-material and armour piercing rounds depending on moving object detected. Several SAM sites in case of an air assualt and and lava moat or haha wall in case of a ground or underground assault. Huge draw bridge - one way in, one way out, no other ways in or out unless they take out your SAM sites…or overrun your fortified palace…

        • we don't consider ourselves "preppers" as such and so no-one really knows about all of our preparations, not even family. And till now, certainly no-one outside of family. No. 1 rule in prepping is to not let anyone know you do. But you don't know where I live, so my preps are safe for now.
          Usual security for the times, we have a swann camera system, security screens to all doors and windows, and deadbolt locks on all doors and windows. If some-one wants to fight me for it all, I suppose they will win. I would be pretty useless for any physical defense, Hubby would fare much better and he may even have a (lawful) tool that goes bang.

  • It's all hype. Nothing is going to happen.

    • hey, if nothing happens, great, I just have lots of non-perishable supplies to rotate through.
      I also have car, home and other insurances. Just because I have car insurance doesn't mean I plan or hope to have a car accident.

      • But a car accident is not a breakdown of civilisation as we know it. Its a bad comparison or justification. They are two different things all together with different percentages of likeliness to happen.

        • They are two different things all together with different percentages of likeliness to happen.

          You seen who's running the world's countries right now?

          Dunno but feels that if there ever was a time when this might happen …

          • @iDroid: Crazy people have run the world for mankinds known history. Unless history is fake and the world is only 200 years old it is likely that things will just keep going the way they are going for the next how many thousand years.

  • Always prepped but always have been so nothing has changed.

  • Be funny if a second wave hits….

  • Oh shit I'm low on toilet paper. Better be prepared.

  • It's happening now in Victoria. The next pandemic that is.

  • I don't think we are equipped to defend ourselves in a World War.

  • You don't need to prep huge stockpiles of things. It's much cheaper to take note of who is and, when the time comes, go "shopping" at their house.

    • The people across the road from me. They bought 5 boxes of TP last time. I'm sure they are buying up other stock as well.