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50% off Sitewide + Free Delivery for Orders over $60 @ Hummingbird


Hi Shakers & Movers,

Humming Bird has this 50% site wide sale on every item

For eg: SHARK TANK PACK OP - $98.50 with the code $49.25

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$30 off for referee and $30 credit for referrer.

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  • Christ, now I’ve seen it all. What next, breakfast unboxings?

  • Wonder what the expire date on these products are

    • I think within the coming few months. But if you have breakfast everyday it's not hard to finish e.g. a box of muesli (5 breakfast satchets), or a tube of blendies (also 5).

      Muesli is pretty good

  • Bought four of their mugs a month ago and only have one left. Very flimsy

    • FOUR - did you buy through shark tank promo??? The cups are not cheap are they?

      • got two at 70% off and the misses liked them so got another 2 at %50. They are great size and just fit under the coffee machine but way to fragile for my liking

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