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Samsung CJG54 Curved Gaming Monitor 27” $381.65, 32" $424.15 Delivered (Stacks with $50 off Voucher) @ Samsung Education Store


Credits to Axelstrife for pointing it out in a previous deal post.

  • Curved Gaming Monitor with WQHD Resolution 2560 x 1440 delivers incredibly detailed, pin-sharp images
  • Super-smooth motion transition with 144Hz refresh rate for more real gaming experience without interruption
  • The CJG5's game and cinema display modes instantly optimize black gamma levels, contrast ratios, sharpness and color value settings for any game genre or movie
  • Samsung's VA panel technology provides a 3000:1 contrast ratio that delivers deeper blacks, brighter whites, and richer colors
  • Eye fatigue reduced with 1800R curvature & realistic viewing experience; Headphones Port: Yes
  • Multiple game modes and game style UI

Original $50 Discount Voucher Deal Post

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  • Anything in the 34" range?

    • Samsung Education Store has the following 34":

      34" CJ791 Thunderbolt™ 3 Curved Monitor (LC34J791WTEXXY) - $1019.15 Delivered

  • Well - there goes another $374.

    Credit cards have been given a touch up in the last month.

  • the samsung 27" is tempting

  • Sold out.. missed it by like 20 seconds as when I hit pay, all
    Of a sudden my cart was empty.

  • Finally managed to get 2x 27" - been refreshing this site many times a day since the dawn of time. Literally sprinted to my computer when this deal popped up.

    Thanks OP!

  • Damn, disappointed I missed out!

  • Got a 32" UHD for $425. Thanks.

  • Goddamn~~ and yet the one I ordered from Amazon still hasn't been shipped after 2 weeks…

  • +3 votes

    Goddamn, didn't get an email that they were back in stock even though I signed up for them via the site. Fuming.

  • The 32" UHD is out of stock :( Any thoughts on using one of their 43" 4K TU8000 TV's as a monitor with a 16" MBP? It doesnt have USB-C (neither did the 32" though). It mentions HDR10+ in the details

  • Be wary of Samsung curved monitors. I had one of these for 6 weeks. Woke up one morning massive black line down screen then more lines appearing every day. Sent back under warranty but retailer originally said I have no chance of replacement as its apparently physical damage (despite not even touching the monitor since install).

    • Samsung after sales is $h!t… Despite of whatever is claimed about AU consumer rights, ACCC (blah) I don't think the rights are as strong as it's all touted to be.

  • Ofcourse it goes on sale 2 weeks after i buy it for $450 D:

    Great monitor though am liking it

  • ahhh crap i saw these yesterday and couldnt muster the courage to dish out 400 bucks out of my own pocket. i guess i have to wait for the next time theyre in stock.

  • Interestingly I selected Friday/Monday as my delivery date and both my 27" monitors just arrived.

    Unboxing time!

    • I recently just ordered one. Just wondering, did you get a tracking number or did they just call/text you when it was being delivered?

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