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Galax GeForce RTX 2070 Super EX Gamer Black Edition 8GB GDDR6 RGB LED Graphics Card $749 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


Same price as this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/548458

Believe card is with better boost/OC clock & 3 fan setup.

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Shopping Express
Shopping Express


  • Oznotbehd.

    If you need something now then yeah why not.

    If not then wait.

  • SE also charge 1% ($7.49) credit card/paypal surcharge. This is probably the best buy at the moment if you need a card now.

  • Must. Resist….

    For the sake of my wallet, please stop posting GPU deals until Ampere is released :P

  • I've suggested to a friend with a GTX 970 wanting to do a new build to try to hold off until the end of the year when it's rumoured that the new Nvidia cards will be released.
    I think that advice still stands for most people. But obviously it depends if you have a working GPU at the moment and whether it currently runs the games you're trying to play.

    • I've got a 970, it hasn't struggled with anything. 144hz/1440p no problems.

      • 970 is still more than good enough to run any game available right now, but you wont be getting 1440p/144fps or anything close to it in a modern game

      • My friend is playing mainly AAA titles and building for the future as well.
        Redoing his whole rig. So he wants everything upgraded, but I've suggested he hold off the gpu till later.

        It all depends whether what you're playing runs how you want it to.
        If it does, then save your money and buy an upgrade when you really need it.
        Especially given how frequently new graphics cards are coming out with decent generational improvements.

      • I had a 960 that was barely struggling with 30hz on assassin's Creed odyssey on 1440p. I doubt that a 970 can do 144/1440p on recent AAA titles.

        I have a 1660TI now that doesn't get past 110hz on modern warfare set on high.

      • what games do you play? I run all my games on low quality 100Hz (certain games)/1440p with GTX 980. And for me I need to change my GPU to get that buttery smooth frame again.

      • Lol maybe at ultra low quality

    • I'm in this same situation. But I just picked up A VR headset and the 970 is definitely the absolute minimum for vr. Definitely contemplating this.

      • I'd still say if you can live with it to try and hold off until later in the year.
        But it's a question of whether you can handle the performance deficit for that long.

    • Would you then suggest getting one of the new Nvidia cards? - As it will be way more expensive. Depends on the budget you have I suppose.

      • I can’t make that suggestion until we know more. But I think waiting the ~2 months for more information would be prudent.

        Also, if the rumours are to be believed, at first, the lowest card that will be released is the 3080. With the 3070, 3060, etc, to be released at a later time.

        But for somebody looking at a 2070 super, a 3080 may well be within reach financially.

        • Cool. Probably if looking at a 2070 then maybe it will more likely you will look at 3070 rather than 3080 or whichever falls within the budget. I will wait it out and see as well, I'm currently running a gtx980 and it still runs great.

          • @Cranzy: Same, I was thinking of getting 2070 Super to replace my GTX 980. But i guess we will wait

            • @froddoog: Yeah, the 980s are great cards.
              I'm contemplating upgrading my whole system to Ryzen 7 3700x (Im currently on i7 4790k)

              • @Cranzy: eh! we are on the same system, im running i&-4790K too haha still great though, just want to play all in ultra sooner or later. I might change to Ryzen too, but still contemplating.

    • Yep same. Still happy with my 970 since I only play strategy games anyway. Contemplating upgrading to a used vega64 or a new 5700xt but as you say, waiting until the new tech cards drop is more prudent. For someone going for a really minimum viable card for 1080p gaming/ low setting 1440p, I think go for a 570 or something which is comparable to a 970. Jw computer has refurbished 570s for around $138 I think.

  • Just upgraded to an MSI 2080 super x trio from 2070 last week.

    Sold the old card for $650 and bought the new card for $1194. Maybe I should have bought this one in stead?

  • These GPU chip makers are adopting Apple style marketing with their pricing. Gone are the days when GPUs were cheaper than CPUs.

    • When was that ever really the case? Gamers (primary market for this card I'd expect) would almost always be spending more money on the GPU than the CPU.

      EDIT: Actually scratch that, I looked up prices for Geforce 970s and they were dirt cheap compared to today's pricing.

    • Yep. I remember when <$500 could get you a top of the line GPU. Miss those days.

  • I was going to get this card for my 3900x build but stuck with my old gtx970 and got an extra 2tb Evo plus instead. Going to wait for gtx3000 series.

  • Worth noting to those it matters to, warranty is only 2 years on Galax cards vs 3 years from Gigabyte and most likely ASUS & MSI