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Soniq 40inch FHD LED LCD TV $199 Shipped @ Australia Post


Watch all your favourite movies, TV shows or sports in HD quality picture with the Soniq 40"" FHD LED LCD TV. Built in Wi-Fi.

According to this link https://www.amazon.com.au/Soniq-F40FV17C-AU-40-Full-LED/dp/B...
It has:
Great picture quality with Full HD LED Backlight LCD Panel 1920x1080
PRO Advanced Colour Engine for advanced colour accuracy
Inbuilt Entertainment with On-board Wifi, Youtube, Freeplus View and Browser
Advanced connectivity with Built-In H.264 and H.265 Decoder for USB and Hard Drives
Record live TV on the built-in Personal Video Recorder, requires USB storage

Freeview Plus TV - you can access all of the available catch-up TV programs in one place on your TV. ;Built-in YouTube 216 application;Wireless LAN Built-in - Access the internet with built-in browser; HDMI x3; USB x2; Full HD 192 x 18 pixels; Auto Channel Search - Yes; OSD language - English; Auto Volume Level - Yes; PVR - Yes; EPG – Yes; Auto Power Off - Yes.

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  • Wow, how does Australia Post manage to ship it for so cheap?

  • Whats this Freeview that comes with the TV? It's like a preinstalled program, that only let you view YouTube? Or is it like an android/smart tv?

    • It's just the terminology for the built-in digital tuner for accessing the TV guide, and some other features.


      • I haven't watched free to air TV in God knows how long. But I remember back in the day when Freeview was rolled out. They had some kind of deal with the commercial stations. They provided the EPG services and in return, the TV's / STB's that were Freeview certified, lost the capabilities of auto ad skipping etc.. Hence why Tivo was a flop in Australia.

        • Yeah, there's the occasional TV show which the family wants to watch. I switched from using OneGuide on Xbox, and the guide is nice. Our setup allows for pausing up to 30mins - so we just use this to skip the ads for most of the shows. Streaming services have removed any tolerance for ads these days.

      • Thats what Freeview is but Freeview Plus is different. It is the digital catch up service. It is similar to the apps where you can watch whatever show you want. Hence, the need for wifi.

        • Well, it's kind of similar to the original Freeview in that it's a standardised interface across many manufacturers.

          The old Freeview standard was basically a standardised EPG service delivered using a technology called MHEG-5 (used to provide 'red button' services in places like the UK). It provided better EPG listings than the standard DVB EPG, but only set top boxes which were Freeview compatible (very few) could use it, and they needed to be locked down with restrictions on ad skipping.

          FreeviewPlus is based on a more open, modern standard, and combines internet catch up services into the interface. European broadcasters are replacing their old MHEG-5 services with the new HBBTV standard (though the transition will be slower as it's more entrenched over there), so Australia is actually ahead of the game here.

    • Buy a vodafone tv for $72, best money you'll ever spend to "smart up" your tv.

    • It's a built in chrome cast. It's runs apps well, just takes a while for the apps to start.

    • As far as I can see on my ones, it has YouTube and that's it

      • Agree. I have this TV too and there is no built-Chromecast. YouTube app works but there is not much more to see in their Smart TV implementation.

        I attached my regular Chromecast and the TV has USB ports to power it.

  • Does it come with HMDI-CEC support?

  • +4 votes

    Any idea about this one from Auspost: Thomson 43" UHD LED Smart TV - $299


  • this tv is worth the money especially if you play games. it has a PC mode that, in my opinion, is better resolution than FHD.

  • Got the 32" today for $229 from aus post. :( Decent TV though.

  • That's alot of screen for so little money. Makes me wanna buy it just for my bathroom or the roof of bedroom lol

    • Alright, I’ll wait for the next forum topic;

      “TV fell on my face, can I claim compensation?”


  • -2 votes

    Cheap monitor for WFH. Instant tax writeoff

    • Would screen cause any strain on eyes ? Any difference between TV screen and normal monitor?

  • Thanks OP, picked one up for the bedroom

  • Wasn't Soniq on the verge of bankruptcy after being dumped by JB and with no large contracts anymore?

  • So I bought 2 of these a few days back.
    Both panels have backlight issues from the get go - Australia Post support are no help (other than to take it to some kind of distribution centre as for damaged in transit parcels, didn't seem to understand I wasn't shipping it anywhere, I bought it from Australia Post), and Soniq claim that they have no more stock and to contact the retailer to get them to replace it
    Just a warning to those buying! Picture quality isn't terrible though.
    Not a huge issue for a spare/secondary TV, but both having similar issues may say something about the build quality

  • Damn if I didn't already have like 6 TVs I'd jump on this

  • Was 249. Now 199, Save 50

  • Bought. What's the cheapest soundbar I can buy to go with this?

  • thanks, bought one. good price to put it in 2nd longue.

  • bought the 43 inch with 30 minutes left till the new FY, so I guess I can write that off for WFH expense.

  • I'm after a TV for my bedroom to connect to my PC and this would have been the one if it was a bit bigger, looking for a 50+ inch. Will keep looking.

  • Looks like a good fit for a virtual pinball screen.

  • Is the Thomson 43" 4K running Android 4.4.4?

    If so, kind of a worry.

  • Has anyone heard from Auspost regarding shipping?

    Haven't received any emails whatsoever…. not surprising really.

    • I received mine today. They delivered the wrong model TV. I'm going to have to wait till Monday before I can contact them to sort it out.

      I ordered the 43" UHD LED but got a 43" FHD. I had it connected up to my PC when I realized. Damn

      • i haven't even received a tracking number… lol

        • I'm in the same position as you. Hope everything is ok as I ordered a smart tv box to go with it.

      • Hi, I got send the same 43 inch FHD. On the phone with them now. Have you managed to contact them?

        • Yes,on 1800 331 794. I have to wait for them to send a return label then take it to the LPO. A bit of a pain without a car.

          Sounds like they received the wrong model from their suppliers

          • @Snoovey: I just received an email from AUSPOST with a label I can get printed at the post office for free. Cool but I don't know why it took more than a day to deliver an email. I'm worried they will have sold out before i get a replacement.

            • @Snoovey: mine was also the FHD model, what a joke, hopefully can sort it out tomorrow and get the proper 4k model sent out. i mean the person packing didn't know the difference between 4k and FHD, even difference in model numbers and product codes…smh smh

              • @Damonator84: Same here, they're going to send out a return label but can't guarantee that they'll be able to replace the FHD model with the UHD one

                • @ytran: Refund it'll be then. Smh.

                • @ytran: doesn't look like it. I just received an email from them stating they've got it wrong, it's meant to be a FHD model. I've returned mine to the post office, now going to ask for money back.

                  • @ksama0079: Yep got the email too stating that I had in fact received the correct TV!

                    Thank you for your purchase with us at Australia Post Online Shop.
                    In regards to the case you opened (……..) where we dispatched the incorrect TV. We have investigated this issue further with our warehouse and have determined that the TV you received was indeed the correct one. The problem was that our online information was incorrect.

                    The TV that we currently have in stock is the Thomson 43" UHD LED Smart TV (model number: STVLED43FHD).

                    We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

                    I believe that you have been issued with a returns label. Please advise if you will still be returning this TV back to us? If so, once lodged, we will issue a full refund.

                    We apologise again for the inconvenience this has caused.

                    Kind regards,


                    Australia Post Online Shop

                    WTF ?

  • I received the tv today. Great unit for the pricepoint. If anyone has any good calibration settings would love to hear about how you set it up.

  • Heh, I got the one that has the correct model number.. Bit flimsy on the panel… and light.. only ~6kg… Not a great desktop monitor.. Now I need to buy a stand so it can sit behind the desk. My poor eyes.