Musashi 50% off at Chemist Warehouse


The good deal is back. Not sure on when it's finished, but probably July 9th like the site-wide sale. Limit of 20 of any single item per order it seems. Still bought about 100 bars just now without an issue. Other brands available it seems too

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  • Why did you buy 100 bars OP? Are you hoarding?

  • The wafer bars are really good

    • Although they do taste good, I wouldn't call them really good.

      11 grams of Protein (mainly Soy protein) for just over 200 Calories - is not a good way of getting protein.

      Eg. Quest bars will give you 20g of Whey protein at the same 200 Calories.
      Eg. the average protein shake will give you ~25g Whey protein for ~120 - 150 calories.

      So consider these as more of a treat than a good protein source.

  • Are these protein good comparing to other protein brands such as the popular brand Optimum Nutrition. Thanks

    • Nope musashi used to be great about 20 years ago but has gone downhill and sold out to lower quality and higher profit margins. Lots of better products out there but occasionally a good dea can be found if discounted heavily but even still flavour wise and texture wise nowhere near as good as a lot of the other brands out there

      • what else do you recommend? I've really only bought bulk nutrients. Anything good in the mainstream stores that isnt too crazy exxy?

        • Really it does depend how much the flavour and texture of a shake matters to you. To me over time i realised i might as well sacrifice a little in % / Ingredients listings and get a lot back in taste and texture. Generally when it does come to taste and texture, its quite hard to beat some of the US brands, they just have a lot more experience as well as money to throw into getting the flavours right while holding onto the protein. AS well as sadly over the years Australian and NZ protein has gone up in price dramatically due to various reasons.

          NZ Whey is generally regarded the best in the world and back in the day you could just buy direct from the dairy manufacturers where you could get a 20kg Bag/ Sack of WPI or WPC for awesome prices but no flavouring of course, its just pure and you can mix it in with what you want.

          Australian Protein i believe is generally regarded a close second to NZ Whey but like i said, prices have all skyrocketed and these days even bulk nutrients and other companies also have to order Protein in from the US which is a shame.

      • I disagree. I think they're one of the better tasting ones out there.

        Texture-wise the deluxe ones are much less of a homogenous blob than quest bars. The bodyschience are pretty similar. The best hands-down are Fulfil, but I haven't seen those for $2/bar.

        The high-protein musashi ones are fairly cardboard-y yeah but I haven't found a high protein bar that isn't

        • I was more referring to the protein powder but when it comes to bars, I find certain US brands taste way better with much better texture but it also does depend on how strict you want to be on ingredients list, I used to just look at pure protein % compared to Carbs , fats and what types of ingredients it used. But I later realised for me its worth getting something a bit less in those areas and the ones that then try to use other normal chocolate bar type flavour methods to make the protein bars palatable as well as good for you.

  • 100 bars is only 3 months worth of stock :P

  • Cheers OP! Bought 300

  • Musashi Bulk Extreme Chocolate 2kg $39.99

    has anyone tried this? how does it taste compared to cadbury?
    looking for something romantic for the gf

  • 100 bars? Aren't you better off buying in store as they give you 10% off when you buy 10.

  • Can you get the 5-10% off when buying online, or is that just for in-store.

    • Just in store I believe

      • So you get an extra 5-10% off if you buy in store?

        • Only with the bars. Buy 5, get 5% off, buy 10 and get 10% off.
          The deluxe ones end up being about $2.24 or something which is good value for how good they taste.

          • @whitelie: Cool thanks for that. I was thinking about getting the protein powder, but I'm not sure how good it is.

            • @subywagon: I'd go with the 100% Whey, 72% protein per scoop which is not far off Bulk Nutrients 100% WPC at 74% and it's a mix of WPC and WPI.
              For $20/kg, I don't think you'll find a much better deal unless you get a good price on ON Gold 4.5kg bags or 5kg of BN but not everyone wants that much.
              Haven't used it personally but I'm sure it tastes fine.

        • So if I go in store I get 10% extra off? Easy done, it's worth it as I wanna buy 20-30 bars.

  • Good for hiking?

  • I don’t have enough toilet paper to consider this deal!

  • Check local Woolies, mine has the 45G Protein bars for $2.3 on clearance for 2 weeks now.

  • Any good recommendations for Soy protein product/brand?

  • will this get me huge and get all the ladies?

  • Good stuff Ordered 3x 2Kg Vanilla :D

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