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Corsair RM750x 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $185 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Been waiting for a good price on one of these for a while now! Best I've seen in months..
Sounds like it'll take at least a month to arrive but I'm okay with that as I'm compiling parts for a new build.

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  • Got one. Thanks.

  • I have the 550watt version from amazon when it was $134 great PSU,

    This is a bargain @ $185

  • if your going to blow that much on a 750w then cough the extra $15 and get the Cooler Master V1200W Fully Modular 80 PLUS Platinum Gaming PSU for $199 delivered from centrecom IMO

    It has a much better specs and more high powered pcie-e vga power rails for future gfx needs (new amd and nvidia cards out shortly) and they will have much higher power requirements!

    A PSU like this is an investment that will outlive desktops unlike the 750w

    • You're comparing a 160mm PSU against a 190mm PSU.
      There are a virtual plethora of cases that can't fit a 190mm PSU.

      If space isn't an issue (and you have no plans to downsize case in the future), then sure that sounds like a good idea.

      However, 750w is still more than most people need these days. Especially with multi gpu no longer really being supported or optimised.

      • As always check your case and PSU requirements (use an online calculater or use partpicker's) for sure… a good psu is an INVESTMENT and most cases will fit this but yes, not all

        Its also overkill, but you can buy a nice rgb thermaltake from $75 @centrecom too (new stock due any day) thats a better buy for the specs and yes not midular but thats a gimic for smaller builds

        • Look, I agree that a PSU is an investment. Especially with warranties extending to 10 years fo a lot of big name brands.

          But as someone with a 5yo EVGA 850w (180mm long), space does matter. I'm currently downsizing to a small mid tower, and there's honestly not a lot that will comfortably fit it. And the ones that do fit, require you to remove hard drive bays usually, or interfere with long radiators.

          And with the rise of windowed side panels, I'd argue modular is more relevant than ever before.

    • I have to agree.
      Years ago I purchased an 850w and it has since been in every upgrade I've done and while it's still powerful enough for my current rig I don't think it will make it to the next upgrade. 1200W will definitely future proof. Worth investing that little bit extra and getting much longer use.

      • Just found my ANTEC 850w modular, must be a decade or more old and still 100%

        • I just clicked on this deal because my 8yr old 850W Antec PSU has started making a few whining noises when the PC is off.
          It has survived 3 PC rebuilds. What a superstar.

    • Great shoutout for that deal. Awesome price!

    • Wow thats great value. Like the other commenter said my mid tower case doesn't fit anything bigger than 160mm.
      Plus Corsair has a 10 year warranty vs Cooler Masters 7 year warranty.

      I can never justify a $3k+ hektic build anyway so 750w will last me years.

    • This is a low noise PSU mate… comparing it to a gaming PSU isn't fair because they are built for different purposes. I have this PSU and you can barely hear it compared to the previous one.

    • The amount of one star reviews this has on a amazon are concerning - https://www.amazon.com/Cooler-Master-Platinum-Certified-Warr...

      I'd take the risk if it was just the occasional DOA or bad fan but too many people commenting that it blew up their mobo for me to be comfortable putting this in my PC.

  • +9 votes

    Warning !!!

    "Voltage 750 volts"

    May not suit some people…

    • Its plenty for a single GPU with 2 pcie-e 8 pin power requirments and all but the highest end RYZEN/THREADRIPPER build… mATX and basic ATX no worries but its got no future if you want to reuse it and it wont meet future build specs. Say crypto mining or dual GPUs make a come back, well youll need a better PSU… A top psu is an INVESTMENT, you will get years and years trouble free and multiple builds from a good one!

      • +8 votes

        Its plenty for a single GPU

        Sure is, but you'll need to use a generator, so factor that into the cost.

        • The power supply only supplies what is being asked from it up to it's rated 750w.

          So if your 486 only needs 100w of power to run, that's all that is being drawn.

          Keep you generator in the shed for when an apocalypse is here.

    • watt the heck?

  • +2 votes

    I'm not sure if this is a good deal? I purchased a Corsair AX860i (Platinum Digital Power Supply) for $200 with free delivery

  • Dont forget the 5% cashback making it $175.75!!

  • Showing as $245 for me?

  • Any recommendations for a PSU around 550w?

  • Damn, I paid 165 for a 550W seasonic gold PSU including shipping couple of weeks back. This is a wayy better deal!

  • That went out of stock pretty quick

  • Grabbed one last night BEFORE the 5% cashback kicked in. Still a decent deal

  • Got one of these the other day from centrecom, i know its not the same. But still a good deal for a modular 750w. i'm no expert on this stuff though, and not sure the difference between gold & bronze


  • Seasonic focus plus or the rmx?

  • Back in stock! Just ordered again with cashback! Yippee!

    • Showing $245 for me…

    • Just bought one as well!
      Thanks for your comment as the deal is listed as expired.

      • When you check your order details, does it show
        "We’ll ship your order as soon as possible
        This usually happens when an item doesn’t have a release date, it’s pre-ordered, or it’s out of stock."

        I ordered mine few hours ago and this is still showing

        • Mine shows as "Arriving 22 July- 12 August"

        • Update on my order:
          "Corsair CP-9020179-AU RMX Series. RM750x 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular ATX Power Supply"
          Previous estimated arrival date: 22/07/2020 - 12/08/2020
          New estimated arrival date: 13/07/2020 - 14/07/2020

  • Got an EVGA Supernova G2 750W for $135 off eBay. No buyer's remorse!

    • At the risk of going off topic, what are the pros and cons of going with the EVGA vs RM750x?
      That a solid $50 cheaper and potentially less of a wait. I also had good experience with EVGA's GPU and RMA process, so this definitely got my interest. Thanks!

      • It's all out of stock, some dude on eBay just had a one hit wonder. I don't know about Corsair, but the whole power supply packaging and just feel was premium. Came with tons of velcro bags for the cables, cable ties and straps and it's all black. Very heavy and well built. Really just go for whichever's cheapest, as I said I have no experience with Corsair… they could be better they could be worse. Both power supplies themselves are A-tier in quality and performance terms.

        • No worries mate. Yeah, just had a look on fleabay and all the EVGA G2 are priced around the same as the non_Amazon RM750x…
          You did very well finding that one hit wonder!

        • @Rajeh Corsair is a well known brand, have personally used a 950W PSU from them and is going strong after 10 years of daily use along with an AIO cooler.

          Currently running a corsair 750W PSU, Corsair RAM and their AIO cooler as well, havent had any issues with the new build less than 1 year old.

  • Just got an update from Amazon, looks like delivery of these has been pushed ahead to 6th-8th July.

  • Back in stock or at least order.

    Does anyone know how silent these are?

  • Ordered few days ago as well. Initially slated as September delivery has now changed to 14th-16th July