TCL 43" 4K UHD HDR Android Smart QUHD LED TV $599 + Delivery @ Gecko Products


I have been looking high and low for a TV around 40" for a while now which has reasonable specs (including android) and won't break the budget. Finally came across this!

Other retails have this for around $699 - It is going to cost me $15.84 postage to Victoria so i'm still ahead.

Few reviews out there - all vouch for picture and sound quality. I found that with the lower end ones that offer 4k of UHD usually lack in sound quality or picture quality or both. This seems to defy all!

Never bought from Gecko so I ended up price matching at TGG. But you can price match JB or any other retailer that sells this.


Ultra HD (3840x2160)
DLED Backlighting
HDR10 Decoding
Google Assistant/Voice Search
Works With Alexa
Operating System: Android P
Storage: 16GB
Languages: English, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, French, Spanish (Latin America), Farsi, Mongol, Uzbek, Hebrew, Malay, Portuguese, Burmese
AV System: PAL, NTSC
HDMI & HDCP Version: HDMI1.4b, HDMI2.0, HDCP1.4 & HDCP2.2
HDR: HDR10 Decoding
Power Supply: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (Standby): 0.5W
Star Rating: 6 Star
CEC: 161Kwh

Now that i've found a TV - anyone want to recommend me a wall mount that won't break the bank?

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    • I guess he didn't look high or low enough

    • DO you get any warranty on it? doesnt says on the website

    • Saw this but couldn't comfort myself enough re: picture and sound quality. Decided to go with a brand and product I could physically see and hear and make a decision on.

      • that's fair enough.
        I have a 65 inch TCL that I bought 2 years ago, been flawless.
        Bought the Thomson to use as a PC monitor and if not good enough, use as a bedroom TV.
        $299 is also under the $300 instant tax write off.

        • Your TCL probably supports chroma 4:4:4, while the Thomson almost certainly wouldn't - that would be why the Thomson didn't work well as a PC monitor.

    • TCL would he a step up….
      -local dimming *software
      -android tv

      PS if you have good guys commercial the TCL can be had for cheaper.

    • Any idea if the Thomson has 4:4:4 chroma?

      Interested to know how it goes as a PC monitor, as after something similar myself.

      If JB Hifi would put the FFalcon 50UF1 back on sale for $398, would probably jump at that for $100 more than the 43" Thomson, as has confirmed 4:4:4 chroma.


        Thats the info on it … well i think it is anyways ..

        Doesnt mention 4:4:4 but it could be listed as something else

        • Thanks for the link.
          Are you sure this is the same model though?

          Indian model 43TH6000 has Android OS, whereas AusPost model STVLED43UHD has Linux OS.

          Both listed as UD9 series and have seen differences in OS between India and here on other budget TV options, but dimensions and weights also listed as slightly different (7.6kg vs 9.5kg):

          Reviews of TV-43TH6000 tend to suggest the colour calibration is pretty poor out of the box and not great output for anything below FHD, so maybe FFalcon still best confirmed 4:4:4 chroma option for PC use.

          Have looked far and wide using both model & series numbers as search terms for chroma spec, but not found anything yet.

          Will just have to wait until someone gets one in their hands to get a review.

    • Thanks, just bought one edit The Thomson

  • For a mounting bracket, I would highly recommend the Mounting Dream MD2413-MX-04 on Amazon.

    Allows for a lot of flexibility and control on how your TV looks and doesn't stick out from the wall anymore than a flat wall mount.

    I've used one with my TCL 50P8M with no issues and love it.

  • This may be a silly question but are there any 4K Tvs that allow at least a 2K display if used with your own PC. I use a few 2K monitors, and wouldnt mind alo mounting a big TV on the wall that would allow 4K on my PC as a third option.

    • Not sure I understand your question. You can use a 4K TV as a 4K PC display. You just want to make sure that it supports chroma 4:4:4, otherwise text will be blurry.

      It looks like the TCL in this deal does support [email protected] 4:4:4 (but only at 8bit)

  • Are there any low end manufacturers that use a central stand? I have a narrow cabinet that I want the TV to sit on, and every TV I come across now has stands on the edges.

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