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GOOLOO 1200A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter $79.99 Delivered @ GOOLOO Direct Amazon AU


This has just dropped to $79.99 from $119.99 again, same as the deal in May.

1200 Peak Amp Emergency Jump Starter: Enough power to boost most vehicles (Up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine) on the road!
Quick Charge 3.0 USB Port : Designed with 2 USB output (5V/2.1A, 5V 2.4A/9V 2A), the quick charge 3.0 USB port can full charge your smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices at the fastest speed possible.

5 in 1 Multi-Function: Powerful Jump Starter + Portable Charger + Quick Charge 3.0 USB port + LED Flashlight + S.O.S Lighting Signal for help. It can help you In any case especially for adventure, outdoor, daily, emergency, travel, high and low temperature(-4℉~140℉), etc.

Advanced Safety Technology: The intelligent jumper clamp features more than 5 advanced safety technology including reverse polarity protection, over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, making it totally safe for anyone to use.

What you Get: GOOLOO Compact Jump Box GP37-Plus, Smart Jumper Clamp, Wall Charger, Car Charger, USB to type-c cable, Carry Bag, User Manual, our 12 + 6 month extended warranty & 30 days money back and 24/7 friendly customer service.

2/7 11am: Expired
13/7 10am: Available again at same price.
13/7 1050am: Sold out
13/7 1150am: Available again at same price.

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  • Grrrrr just bought it here for $100 last week!

    Excellent product. Only minor gripe is no PD for fast charging (only QC). Also no multi adaptor, only USB C. Works a dream for starting up my dead battery in Hyundai Santa Fe.

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      You bought this model for $100? The bigger capacity model drops to that price every few months.

      • +8

        Yep. Car battery was dead. Couldn't wait for 'every few months'

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          You can online chat with them to get credit for the price difference, as you just bought last week.

  • Guys, this is a really good price but I am confused with this article whether it is true:

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      Special NRMA patrol vehicles are equipped with surge protectors to safely revive a flat battery in a modern car.

      They're just trying to con you into thinking they're the only ones who can do it safely.

      • -1

        actually i jump started my 2006 vw golf with the 2000A gooloo jumpstarter,
        worked fine few times then the 4th time,
        my rear right window now goes the opposite direction of the controls.(push down and it goes up vice versa)
        my rear left window no longer goes down automatically, need to manually hold down the button all the way.

        looks like they aren't trying to con us

    • Marketing spin. Yes there is a risk jump starting your car, but this has always been the case and boils down to using the correct jump starting sequence when jump starting (positive dead battery, positive live battery, negative live battery, negative dead battery/car) but these devices are even safer as they have surge protection inbuilt (I see no reason to think the NRMA have safer surge protection) and will even tell you if you somehow put the cables the wrong way around.

  • Bought 1 thankyou

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    Tempting but I'm waiting for the 2000A version to drop sub-$100 again.

    • +3

      What do u drive? A 57 sherman?

      • No but my brother in law has a tuned Harley and from experience it is impossible to bump start so might as well have as much power on tap as might be required for any such situation. Plus there are slightly more connection options on 2000A version.

        • You realise the biggest battery Harley sell is only 400CCA and this is 1200. You could jump start 3 Harleys at the same time with this…

          • @mfazackerley: More expensive one has USB C input though. I like that. I've got that one. Don't need to carry around a proprietary charger.

    • Got two of the the 2000A models on the last deal, they're great, 2xusbA, 1xusbC and a flashlight..

      For anyone wondering, it's not always 2000A start, its normal working amp is, I think from memory without having it in my hand, about 500A and there is a "boost" button, that might give er the rated "2000A" but I have no way of testing the acutal output. I'd guess there's about 8 18650s in the bigger model judging by the size, that's some pretty big numbers for those poor batteries.

      • Correct,it is not always 2000A on the other model.
        My 3.0L diesel ute was completely flat and the 2000A model sounded like it just managed to turn the engine over after a prolonged start.

        The next time, I clicked the "boost" button and started the ute with no issues. In fact, it sounded just as short as the new battery I've put into my ute these days

      • +2

        Also note that it used to be marketed as 1500A… then they magically decided it could do 2000A and just changed the printing on the unit.

        • Like Magic…I mean rounding up.

        • +4

          I think the 1500A/2000A may be dependent on the type of jumper attachment used. It seems all the magic is happening in that container and the LiPo pack is just keeping it juiced up. Be curious to see whats inside… Some large capacitors perhaps?

          BTW anyone thinking of buying the EC5-Cigarette lighter attachment - do NOT buy this one -

          Its incompatible with the GooLoo as the polarity is reversed. I blew up 2 (fused) chargers before I figured out what was wrong with it. Being only $2 unsure if I should just return it or chop and splice the cables myself back to the correct polarity. There's also a barrel connector to cigarette attachment for $6 but unsure if its compatible with the Gooloo either.

          The worst part is Amazon's stupid system recommending to buy the items together without even validating if they work…

          • @BargainKen: Thanks for the heads up, I saw the Amazon recommendation too!

          • @BargainKen: Pretty sure the smart connector and the battery control chip does all the heavy lifting/curcit protection.. Still kinda high getting if we're actually getting 2000A from 18650s!

            • @port3s: Unless they're using LiPo packs which can pump out way more current than 18650's. They're commonly used in the RC (race drones, cars) Hobby.

              • @BargainKen: guy below seems to think they're 2500mAh cells… who's opening one up?!! Where's JerryRig when you need him… sigh

                • @port3s: Not opened mine up either but quick google search on a jumpstart powerbank shows its a LiPo pack in there. Those are better suited for the high current delivery required to jumpstart a car than a regular 18650.


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        • Hey, I'm pretty sure theres a 1200A model, 1500A model and a 2000A model.. Not magic, just a different SKU me thinks.. I know it's pretty confusing sometimes having so manny mondels!

          • @port3s: Nope, there's only two main ones: This one which used to be 800A but was changed to 1200A, and the 1500A which was changed to 2000A. There are a couple of others with extra capacity but they're not commonly available via Amazon (due to being too high capacity to fly).

            The Amazon URLs didn't change when they adjusted the ratings, they're the same SKUs.

  • -2

    sounds cool, but when you open it up its got 2500mah cells inside.


    • What does that mean?

      • +6

        You're a nut! You're crazy in the coconut!

        • +1

          That boy needs therapy

    • +1

      Capacity isn't the same thing as instantaneous output current.

    • Depends on the quality of the cells. Assuming 18650's - Samsung 25R's can pump out 20A. Whatever they're using seems to get the job done otherwise nobody would be buying them.

  • This thing is great, when I had issues with my bobcat made it so easy to just jump.

  • Will it jump start CX-9 Mazda?

  • Am I missing something here or it’s saying product is unavailable ?

  • Will it jump start Honda Euro 2.4 litres?

  • Used it for the first time the other day on a CR-V.
    Worked perfectly

  • Bought one last year. Jumped one car and then died, would no longer hold or take a charge. The company replaced it a few days out of warranty but the new unit does not come with another warranty.

    • Hi Truarn,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Can you advise whether you followed the instructions by charging it every 2-3 months even if it wasn't used?

      I would like to know what may have caused the unit from not holding charge or as you said just faulty.

      Good to see that they honour there warranty.

      • Sounds like something shorted after jump starting.

      • +1

        Yes I was happy with it until this issue. I always charged it every month or so. Hopefully this new unit is ok.

    • Which car was it used on? People have said they can start their V8s on it.

      • Honda CRV so a ?4 cylinder.

        • Sounds like a faulty unit. I started a 2.4 4Cyl CR-V a week ago without issue

    • Same here, Cannot charge the unit anymore. Only used it a few times to jump start my car.

      Unit is just out of warranty i think.

      Very disappointed

  • Any smaller ones good for keeping in the motorbike ?

  • Hmmm not enough grunt for my 7008cc HSV W427 :-(

    • Did you press the boost button?

      • W427 is N/A but thanks :-)

        • +1

          Lol not on the car, on the charger mate!

          • @ccrap: It was a joke :-) I don't own a W427. I was commenting because on the specs of this it said, (Up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine) hahaa

  • +1

    I got one of these a while back and have been very impressed. Easily gets around 10 jumps out of a single charge, provided the car is not fighting.

    Has been a saviour after the car sat idle for 2 months in iso.

  • Bought one, thanks OP. Not sure if I wanted it, but one never knows!

  • +1

    Arrived yesterday, jumped my car tonight, worked perfectly.

  • Available again today.

  • +1

    Does this jump starter also able to keep charge the car battery due to long inactivity? (because of the lock down my car is not running for quite sometime)
    Sorry for asking if its a dumb question

    • +1

      no. you need a trickle charger.

      • Thanks, probably will pass this deal, saved me $80 :)

  • So my 3+ year old battery maybe died or not. Is it a good idea to buy this or just get a new battery?

  • Maybe I didn't do something right. But I got bought this very model to start my car which hadn't been driven since Lockdown started, and it would not work, even in boost mode (It turned over, but wouldn't go). Just a 4-Cyl 2L Turbo.

    • +1

      Not the jump-starter's problem if the starter motor turned the engine over… Petrol might have turned bad, or it just needs to run the fuel pump for longer to reprime the fuel lines.

  • These are great. Coworker had a sedan with flat battery. So flat engine wouldn't turnover. Hooked this up to battery, dead easy, turned key, waited a second and engine started. He was so impressed he'll be buying one also.

  • I've used this unit on 4 occasions now and it was been brilliant. Works very well and I have not charged the battery pack yet.
    Highly recommend. It definitely gets you our of trouble.
    I have even let my mate borrow it to move/start a dead car that has been sitting around for a long period.

  • Perfect item for the winter if you own a car

  • +2

    Thanks @hamza23, it will come in handy for the cold winter days in Melbourne during lock down when you don't take the car out much..

    • +2

      Don’t get me wrong, this is a great product and you won’t regret your purchase, but some advice to all… If not using your car frequently consider pooling with friends, family, neighbours and buying a CTEK charger to share around. Not only will it keep your charge topped up but importantly it will keep the battery healthy. Jump starting absolutely has its place, but jump starting your car over and over after it goes flat every few weeks while in lockdown will just shorten you car battery’s life considerably (@skinny: Btw not saying you are going to use it this way, just giving an example to highlight the point)

  • This is available again for 80 cents cheaper with code: BF49S7Z4

  • Available again for the same price.

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