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Unlimited Usenet Plan for US$35.88 (A$51.89) @ Easynews


One of the best prices I've seen for Easynews. This deal gives you 12 months of service for $51.89AUD. Usually the max GB allotment for their web service is set at 150GB/mo but this deal gives you unlimited downloads. Easynews is one of the only Usenet providers that offers a web search. That means you can search and download from Usenet on any device without the use of a newsreader or NZB.

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  • What's the word on whether they are willing to roll existing customers over into this plan?

  • Sorry for the stupid question but what is Usenet mainly used for? Google search says for news!

  • To save me looking, what backbone is this ?

  • So this news server is an all-in-one solution?

    • Its as close to an all-in-one solution that you can get with Usenet. The web search is a handy tool that no one else really offers.

  • Any suggestions on usenet reader/search?

    Have used newsleecher (all-in-one) for many years but was too expensive to keep going for benefit i was getting. Most readers are a bit naff (newsbin etc), and websearches are not as easy as in app (nzbgeek etc).

  • Unless you're already locked in to a Highwinds provider, I can highly recommend Easynews for this price. The web interface means you can download directly from your browser without worrying about a newsreader or indexer.

    I used them for years but eventually quit because of the high cost - I was on one of the smaller GB plans for USD$9.99 per month.

    • I think I’m 19 years with them ;-) Just got a 77% discount offer so took it up in a flash. F’n expensive previously.

  • I'm having trouble using this via NNTP. Turns out that their systems see me as being "Over Quota" when I've purchased the unlimited plan. Does anyone else have this issue? I keep getting a 502 authentication error.

    • was just about to report this as well. I've used 3gig via NNTP on a test download after I purchased the offer and it now says i'm over quote too, and have the 502 error.. I've sent in a support ticket about 2 hrs ago. lets see what happens.

      • Looking at the deal link, it seems like they've taken it offline. Maybe the deal was a "price error". I've raised a ticket as well.

        • Try using incognito or a private browser, deal is still working for me.

        • looks like its been fixed on my account (well for now anyway) account now notes as active, rather than over quota, and is working fine.

          • @Khunaus: Thanks for letting me know. Just looked into mine and it's active as well. Tested it and it works :) not as quick as newsdemon but good enough and it's a steal at this price.

            • @pawan1993: btw I never received an update on my ticket… it just started working… I'm getting full speed on my account (11 MB/s+) well as fast as my HFC will allow.

      • The offer is (now?) showing a condition: "Unlimited NNTP means no more byte counting. Download Usenet articles to your heart's content! Please note that this does not apply to web downloads."
        Does this change people's positive view of the offer?

  • Any usefull links to show me how to utilise Easynews like a seasoned pro?

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