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Oppo A52 (Dual SIM 4G, 5000mAh, 64GB/4GB) $254.15 + Delivery @ Allphones eBay


No eBay plus needed this time. Two colours available.

AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, 24 months Warranty

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  • +18

    +1 for a great phone.

    Bought it a couple of weeks ago and it's been great.

    5000mAh Battery (Averaging 9 hours SOT)
    1080p screen
    Snapdragon CPU
    Dual Sim + Micro SD Slot

    Can't go wrong at this price.

    • Any idea if this has band 28?

      • +6

        Yes Band 28 as well.

        • +2

          Cheers mate almost jumped on the Nokia 6.2 deal earlier lucky

          • +2

            @DannyBoy: Lucky you waited!

            I keep seeing people complain about the Nokia phones just failing on them.

            My brother used to have a Nokia and one of the updates just stuffed the whole thing up (constant overheating, battery drain, and the phone auto resetting all the time) and they never bothered patching it.

            Oppo seems to be pretty reliable so hopefully this phone lasts a while, but so far it's been great.

            • +1

              @mangobango: True. I've owned the Nokia 6.1 2018 for a bit which my mum now has, I can't fault that particular one. It has on at least 2 occasions completely blanked and had to be restarted but other than that it's been fine with the updates.
              I didn't neg you btw.

              • +2

                @DannyBoy: I have a 6.1 2018 and despite a bare-metal reset a couple of weeks ago it's still locking up randomly, slowing to a crawl, etc.. And I'm resetting it every morning. The A52 is atop my list of replacement choices.

              • +1

                @DannyBoy: Haha all good!

                But yeah maybe you're one of the lucky ones to have a good Nokia phone. Always seem to see people complaining mostly about the USB-C port (among other things) when a deal for one gets posted for them.

                • +1

                  @mangobango: Yes, the charger port is pretty messed up on the 7.x I have

    • Wait does it really have nfc? The eBay site didn't say and gsmarena left it blank. It's very important to me thanks. I kept holding off buying a xiaomi budget phone cuz of this.

      • +2

        It did in specs down the bottom

      • +3

        Yes this has NFC

        • Cheers to both of you

    • Does it have multi-user mode? My Reno 10x zoom was upgraded to ColorOS7 but doesn't have multi-user mode

      • +4

        Just checked, multi-user mode is there.

    • compare to huawei nova 3i???

      actually rom 64gb is a setback…

      • +1

        The A52 came out around a month ago, compared to the 3i which came out in 2018 so more likely to get more updates.

        Oppo also has a bigger battery, better fast charging, and Snapdragon CPU.

        64GB rom doesn't really matter as it has a microSD slot (I believe the 3i has a shared dual Sim/microSD slot, whereas the A52 has dual Sim AND a dedicated microSD slot).

    • thats a lot of phone for $250

    • Been using it for a week, haven’t faulted it yet. Good phone for the price paid.

  • +4

    It's a great phone with excellent specs for the price!

    • +3

      Its amazing. I got one for wifey to replace her beat up s8 and it blows my mind how affordable and feature packed this thing is

  • +1

    Does this phone have an operational FM radio function?

    • +2

      Yep it has an FM Radio app.

      • +1

        Great. Thanks.

  • +1

    Showing as "FREE Standard Delivery - Registered" - however when I login it shows $13.80. Might be worth checking out as a guest…

    • Any luck with the Guest method?

      • Err already own it. Paid $267.95 on the last deal…

        • does it have a notification led.

  • +1

    pretty good phone for its price!

  • Is it dual 4G + 4G standby?

  • +4

    if only wireless charging….
    wow has nfc at this price.

    apple, look at this please!

    • -5

      This phone is 35% as fast as the iPhone SE2020. It's slower than a pixel 2.

      Wireless charging will lower battery longevity.

      • +18

        If it does have only 35% of the speed of an iPhone SE (2020) then the math adds up as this is about 35% as expensive.

        • That's correct. ChiMot was saying about Apple to look at this, but it seems perfectly balanced for the price. It's likely cheaper than a refurb pixel 2 (I hope).

        • It is as fast as a phone needs to be. Don't expect gaming performance on a budget phone.

      • +1


      • +1

        Apply cool water

    • +2

      apple, look at this please!

      Lol, there's no way Apple could supply their level of support (hardware warranty, OS updates and one on one in store help) at this price point. It's simply not a market Apple is interested in.

    • +5

      whats so good about wireless charging? the phone has to sit in one spot, which ends up more restricted than a cable

      you can get 3m cables for a few dollars, and walk around the room while charging the phone

      • I agree. Also, worse for the battery because charging stop and starts every time you pick up the phone to use it.

        But, the USB port on the phone will last longer.

        • +5

          On the contrary, short charge cycles benefit Li-ion batteries

      • -5

        first of all chi charging is looking cool… besides speaker phone serve the purpose if need to make a call.

        besides who would walk around with charging phone?? interest to experience electric shock?? or walk a circle with radius of 3 meter??
        jogging in circle??? like tying a lace on the neck lol

        • +1

          if you get electric shocks from your phone while its plugged in, you should be more worried about the house burning down with chi

          and yea you can walk around if you want. or if you never like to use the phone while standing (?) you can still use the phone while sitting.
          either way you dont need to stick your face next to a powerpoint or chi mat, or yell at your speakerphone to read out internet comments

          but hey chi charging looks cool, great. you can get the same look by placing it on a table

  • very tempting. however being oled screen user for too many years, i don't think i can go back with non-oled screen phones anymore.

    • I was the same, I had a Pixel for a couple of years, but honestly the clarity of this screen is really great.

      You won't get the Ambient/Always-on Display being an LCD, but the colours still look very vibrant.

    • Compared to my AMOLED Mi 9T Pro, it's still a very good screen.

  • +3

    Hmmm wonder what phone i need to look for to upgrade from the Samsung S7… maybe i'll just keep it for a bit longer. lol.

    Great price.

    • Still running S7Edge and yes the specs here are tempting, as well as the S7Edge likely to be stuck on Oreo.

      Just read the review of the a52 and its camera quality at low light is going to be a problem.

      Used to have a Redmi Note 4X with damn good battery life (though no NFC) but once I changed over to the S7Edge, its low light PQ (especially with kids and also convenience in travel) won me over. Incidentally just came back from a day trip to Queen Mary Falls and surrounds, had in my day pack my Canon SLR, a GoPro Hero 8 Black, and a Mavic Air drone - guess which device got most of the pictures and videos for personal use?

      Might have to stick to flag ship phones and accept shorter SOT for me (though I am not a heavy user).

        • +2

          Night sight software may improve on a low light shot for relatively still objects but I don't think it is good enough for taking photos of moving objects such as moving children indoors where a single shot with high shutter speed needs a highly sensitive sensor. Nothing beats high quality hardware to begin with.

  • +13

    Just another confirmation that eBay Plus is useless

    • +4

      But without eBay Plus, you don't get that adrenaline of an item selling out while you're in the checkout!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I just placed an ordered.

  • Damn good phone for the money. Only had mine a week but no complaints/ regrets.

    • does it have a notification led.

  • Just bought one- Thanks OP

  • -1

    192 grams


    • +19

      Are you one of those people who doesn't use a mouse if it isn't below 85 grams? Never understood it, are you made of straw or something.

      • +2

        Tennis elbow

    • 5000mAh

    • Received it today, no joke it feels a tad on the heavy side. Comparing it to the LG v30 I have.

  • +1

    Is this better than yesterdays Samsung a31 I got for $217. I could sell the Samsung for $300 and buy this and have change.

    • Yes

      • How is this better? The snapdragon and GPU?
        A31 has a better camera and Super AMOLED, plus I prefer Samsung interface.

        • compare to huawei nova 3i?? no nfc for sure

        • Snapdragon and GPU are better in the Oppo, plus it has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner so a lot less finnicky than the in-screen ones.

          Camera can be improved on the A52 with Gcam.

          As for the screen, AMOLED looks great and is good for Always-On display and whatnot, but honestly the A52 screen looks very vibrant. Doesn't feel like an LCD at all.

          But yeah end of the day up to you, I saw a lot of complaints about the A31 locking up, seems pretty buggy right now (check the reviews tab)

        • Horses for courses maybe?

  • +1

    Damn is this the new budget king phone? Not much wrong with it. Only negative I can see is having to use colorOS. Although at this price point you can probably forgive that.

    • +3

      Just put a launcher on it.

    • +10

      ColorOS 7 is honestly really good. They did away with the iOS clone look and made it closer to stock.

      That being said though, you can just run a different launcher if you want.

      • Can I get it to look like my old Moto G7 OS?

        • I assume so.

          G7 OS looks pretty clean/stock so you can always play around with the homepage and set it up the same way it used to be (or go with a custom launcher, ie Nova).

  • Has anyone managed to get free postage? Mine was free but then went to $27.60 even for click & collect, and even though I’m checking out as a guest. And no postage discount despite me buying two (presumably they’d come in one package).

    • +1

      Never mind. I got them, postage and all. Thanks, OP - now I can stop agonising over which phones to get my teenagers.

      • +5

        Just argued with eBay support about this. They claim free postage is only for certain postcodes and because you aren't signed in, eBay displays free postage. However.. I checked and can't find a single postcode that qualifies for free postage. All Phones online is based out of Parramatta if I'm not mistaken and no free postage anywhere around that area.

        EBay are just shonky and will do anything to avoid losing any margin

        • For reference if anyone else can be bothered raising a case, I ended up winning my argument with eBay and was issued a $13.80 coupon code to use on a future purchase (essentially a refund for the cost of postage).

          EBay's first level support is pretty much useless and ignored multiple screen grabs which showed that the listing offered free postage to a neighbouring postcode but charged postage to that postcode once logged in. I had responses from at least 5 different reps before finally having my case reviewed by a supervisor who acknowledged their listing was misleading and issued the code.

          Although they eventually did the right thing, I have to say that I'm really not impressed with eBay customer service and actively seek less convenient / slightly more expensive options just to limit how much business I give eBay. I'm so glad Amazon exist as they've been amazing to deal with and since becoming a prime member over a year ago, my online shopping habits have increased 100 fold..

        • where did you see it says free postage to certain postcodes?

          In the postage and payments details (next to description tab) did not mention anything associated to free postage.

          Can pls advise?

          • +1

            @thomalfa: The listing shows free postage if you aren't logged in. If you still see a postage cost, try opening the page with cookies disabled or viewing in a secret tab / incognito mode

            • @ChmpgneTasteBeerBdgt: ohh… ok and it seems the postage cost just applied back once you input address.

              am i looking at the right thing here???

      • which phones to get my teenagers.

        Now you have battle which color to buy. 😂

        Oops i think it's not the right time to comment abt color I guess 😤

        • +1

          Commenting about colour is fine. The trick is to not be an arsehole about it, which most people can manage reflexively.

          • +1

            @mickeyjuiceman: "hopper" last time I checked we are still supposed to uphold freedom of speech

            ( less those new stupid hate speech laws ), so I saw the funny side

            to your joke and not offended like some softies.

  • +1

    Has anyone bought an Open Box from this vendor? What's their experience?

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