Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: SMALL (365 Days FLEX | 80GB) $150


Small by name but big on inclusions, 365 Days SMALL FLEX Plans represent unbelievable value for heavy talk and texters.

Free SIM card included
80GB of data
UNLIMITED standard national calls for 365 days
UNLIMITED standard texts and MMS for 365 days
All for use within Australia
Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to use your FLEX Plan data at anytime during the 365 day period
Incredible value prepaid plan – no hidden fees!

**Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 30/09/2020. Activation must be made before the voucher expiry date**

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Referee will receive $5 credit to spend (min. $200 spend). Referrer will get $5 credit after the referee has made a purchase (minimum $200 spend, within 14 days).

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  • I'll stick with Boost, unless Kogan can better it

    • Boost = Telstra
      Kogan = Vodafone

      Telstra > Vodafone

      • Not for everyone.

        Vodafone > Telstra for me.

        I switched from Kogan to Boost now back to Kogan again. Nice to have visual voicemail again too.

      • It's more about the inclusions;
        international calls. Boost has been $135 not $150, with 80GB added bonus upto 120GB.

        120GB for $135 with international calls > 80GB for $150
        though, yes, some of those deals are not available today. have been in the past 3 months though.

  • Purchased the $150 Boost sim kit today since they are not selling on their website anymore.

  • Optus has 120gb for $150

      Includes up to 3 instant rewards after successful activation and a chance to win 1 of 8 Suzuki Balenos.

      and free stake knives

  • Isn't this their normal, longstanding price?

  • No deal
    Boost is better value as it includes international calls (to selected countries) and regularly sold at $135 ish
    Gets same data allowance…
    Plus it uses telstra network…

    • Boost deals are over, even 150$ recharge is only available for a couple of months more.

      • Is this stated anywhere? If so I might stock up on the $150 recharges - dont need any until 2021.

        I know in store recharge has been stopped, but didn't hear any mention of $150 plan being stopped, or that th recharges would be stopped. Any confirmation?

        • https://boost.com.au/shop/150-prepaid/
          "CURRENT CUSTOMERS: Recharge available to customers who activate before 10 August." ??

          My wife only recently ported to Boost and would likely have renewed on expiry so will be watching this development with interest. The wording is vague and could have a couple of meanings…

          • @Sven Nijs: That indeed does not bode well.

            Also, just realised - without being able to pre-purchase vouchers in store, how could we stock up on vouchers? All the electronic replacements I assume won't let you do it until near expiry, or would at least force you to apply it to your account early.

            Also wonder why Boost is doing this - you'd think they'd keep their most popular plan.

      • This is the SMS I received from Boost. I'm not getting the impression that the recharges are being discontinued from website at the end of the SMS.

        Hi there, from today $150 recharge vouchers will no longer be available. You can continue to recharge on our $150 plan using the Boost website, app or #111#. More info bst.st/010720


        • Yes, but the removal from the website dropdown menus and the fact it says you need to activate by Aug 10 doesn't bode so well - seems more like a removal of the $150 plan ultimately (even if grandfathered), rather than just changing the methods of recharge.

          • @dealz4all: They might just be trying to limit losses of sim swapping overheads? It aligns with what they've said but doesnt seem quite right to me. Who knows.

            At the moment though I think it'll stay for at least this year

          • @dealz4all: The SIM pack has been stopped.
            The recharges have not stopped except for in-store recharge vouchers.

            Also, where do you get 10 Aug from? Is that from the current sim pack you have just bought?

            • @lomie: Just noted a new line on the direct page URL: https://boost.com.au/shop/150-prepaid/

              $150 PREPAID RECHARGE

              CURRENT CUSTOMERS:
              Recharge available to customers who activate before 10 August.

              Well well, so those who "activate" a Boost SIM after 10 August will not be able to recharge $150 plan, ever? Looks like Boost's prepaid plans will undergo an overhaul in August and there might be more plan names rather than the current "Boost Anytime Plus" which seems to be default for all.

              • @djoz: Thanks for that.

                Maybe it also means that you can't actually activate a new sim pack ater Aug 10 ???

                • @lomie: The Sale of a new $150 SIM pack is anyway stopped since 30-Jun-2020. I am not sure about the activation of already purchased such SIM packs. Boost has not been very clear on the FAQs regarding this change.

  • This is ozbargain not ozrrp.

  • This is their normal price. Not really a bargain as such.

  • Not really a bargain. You can get either boost (which has all the perks as Telstra) or from catchconnect you should be able to get the $150 for $115 or less and get 120gb (use unidays and gift cards at 15% less or if you are lucky even at 20)

  • Ah, Optus has $150 for 120gb. How is this a deal?

  • Not a deal - this is normal price, and you can get the arguably better Boost deal (Telstra coverage) with same data for the same price or cheaper.

  • Boost is finishing their deal? My current plan finishes in 12 months and I was hoping to get a $150 recharge by then, not sim pack.

    Do the $150 recharges have a long expiry or best to trash my current number and just start a new SIM pack?I think they expire in like a year

  • BOOST has the longest wait time on hold, and worst customer service in history

    So painful they refunded my $150 SIM purchase but let me keep the service!

    • Are you saying you got $150, 80GB one year for free?

      • Unlikely, IMO.

        • Totally correct, i am not the only one either

          • @8200: I don't blame you. They took 53 days to port my service. I must have spent about 15 plus hours on hold to them trying to get them to connect my service.

      • Yes, it was earlier in the year when they where way overloaded with emails, call on hold was like 80mins.

        Oh, and i also got a further $20 credit being for a temp. SIM card i had to buy to have a phone service, sure was free+ but very painful experience

        Telstra craps all over Optus in reception, and i have actually used the O/S free phone calls to China and Japan for free

        • Man, I should have given them a call and stuck with the wait times. Just let the phone play onhold music while I wait. That would be the bargain of the century. And get my issues solved too.

    • At least, you can get to talk to someone. When COVID-19 chaos started, I tried to signup with Vodafone and could not get through anyone in sales! I gave up and ported to Boost.

      • You think that’s bad, I tried to port to Vodafone from Amaysim during COVID with a starter kit. They wanted me to reply to their sms but my Amaysim plan had finished so I had no credit, so couldn’t reply. Tried calling them but they wouldn’t take my call as they were only taking emergency calls. To top it off, I just realised they had billed me $30 for the last two months for a service they never even provided!

  • Woolworths are doing $150 for 84GB, 365 days (on the Telstra network)

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