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Eva Air: Brisbane - Amsterdam US$900 (~A$1250) Return Business Class @ Google Flights


Scattered dates in December… enjoy enjoy enjoy (10 words) :)

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    Mistake fare that's bound to be canceled - Normal EVA Business fares around that time are $4000-5000.

    That being said who knows if you'll actually be allowed to travel in December and given I've had one EVA flight canceled and it's taking a while to get money back, I'd say this isn't the safest gamble right now.

  • Wasn't international travel delayed til mid next year?

    • Believe that was Qantas. Nothing official from the govt regarding this.

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        Incorrect. You cannot leave the country unless you get a special exemption.


        • OOo nice thanks for the fact check.

          Let's keep our borders closed till next year.

          I bet Olympics will be canceled next year too

          • @Turd: Olmpics and Euro 2021 (formerly 2020) will both be cancelled I'd be willing to bet. Which sucks since I had tickets to the final.

            • -2 votes

              @jubbing: 100%.

              I was already saying Olympics 2020 in Japan was going to happen back in Jan already, and lo and behold…

              The world has changed now without a vaccine we'll have to change our lives.

              At least I reckon 5 years for things to be back to "normal"

            • @jubbing: Euros is still a chance given Europe is going pretty well with covid since a few months back.

        • Or are normally are a resident in a different country. No special exemption form required.

          • @TEER3X: I'd buy it if the Business Class ticket guarantees an exemption for business purposes. Alas I doubt that'll pass for Dutton.

          • @TEER3X: Only IF "you’ve spent more time outside Australia than inside for the last 12 to 24 months" or "you can submit a request for a travel exemption"

            Your request will need to include evidence, for example:
            - documents showing you have an established and settled home in another country
            - the location of your immediate family members
            - an employment contract for work outside of Australia
            - school enrolment for dependent children
            - evidence of ongoing business/property interests
            - evidence that you are a dual national or hold a valid visa for another country
            - evidence which shows that your absence from another country is temporary and you intend to return there.

            I would say that would probably rule the majority of us out.

        • Wow, didn't realise that was the case! Trapped on the island

        • You cannot leave the country unless you get a special exemption.

          This is actually a violation of fundamental human rights.

          Article 13(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

          "(2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country."


          • @vikvance: I totally agree.
            I have a dying family member overseas and Au govt declined my travel exemption.
            Talk about freedom.

            How can any other country be satisfied only with 2 week quarantine, but not Australia?

            • @maiuspala: How come many other countries have much higher COVID infection rates than Australia?

            • @maiuspala: I feel for you - My father died in Feb in the UK. I attended the funeral via a terrible video call with a picture quarter the size of my phone screen..because of restrictions only 10 people could attend the venue (and no gathering otherwise) and it was limited to 15mins! I was supposed to be on an overseas trip in April which got canned and have another trip in December which I can't cancel without total loss - hoping restrictions do ease by then at least, though not expecting much!

            • @maiuspala: What about everyone else's freedom to not run the gauntlet of dying from covid?

              • @Azzazz: No mate, this is another example of australia being a nanny state for you. Taking freedom away from you, because they dont trust you staying in quarantine on both ends of the trip.

                • @maiuspala: Why should they? Time and time again people have broken quarantine and once the cat is out of the bag from one person breaking the rules, it means death and economic destruction because one person who refused to follow the rules.

                  Id rather a nanny state until covid is over, the alternative is what the US have.

                  I don't think you understand the consequences at all. Look at VIC right now.

                  • @Azzazz: It must be our different upbringing, if it is so easy for you to give up your rights and freedom, not so much for me.
                    Im a grown up and take responsibility for my actions. I also expect to be teated that way.
                    But trust issues seem to be a common theme in australia

                    • @maiuspala: Understanding the obvious outcomes of letting a deadly virus out of quarantine is not in any way related to anyone's upbringing.

                      It's individual freedoms Vs everyone's freedom. Some people may not be able to comprehend past the scope of their own wants/needs (in this case, wants), which is why we have a health authority giving recommendations, luckily.

        • Mental health requires legal ingestion of truffles. Would this pass?

        • You would seriously have to be mad to book this. You won't be departing, so don't fool yourselves.

  • Incredible find. Difficult to bet on it given the current climate, but wow! Good work OP!

  • some error, it shows me now 10k rtn for those dates on evaair website

  • how to get out of the border is the big problem now.

  • I wonder if you can book this then change the dates to next year as some airlines are allowing one free change and waving F&T difference due to COVID.

    • Looks like they have a convoluted change process, and that they don't waive the F&T difference only the change fee

  • Same price on Expedia but border issue 🤷‍♂️

  • Great price but looks like only the 3rd party sites have that price now, eg expedia. Can't seem to see that on Eva's website no more. Also note that its not direct flights, route is via taipei and bangkok.

  • wouldnt mind going to amsterdam for a coffee

  • I might need the $1250 the way the economy is going. Doesn't stop some people given the Hilux and Ranger Grant going around.

    • We've not seen the end of it yet. Come September when mortgage holidays end, jobkeeper ends and jobseeker returns to a poverty payment we are going to drive off an economic cliff. The language Morrison is using at the moment gives a good going that a return to austerity is coming.

      • The language Morrison is using at the moment gives a good going that a return to austerity is coming.

        The scary one is for the government to pay back all the debt they will hold official interest rates at 0.25% and let inflation run like 3% (government is paying 0.25% interest on bonds when they get to collect more GST etc on 3% inflation of prices) to inflate away the debt.

        Going to be fun times.

        • You do realise that Australia Federal Government doesn’t really borrow at the cash rate. This rate paid between banks and the RBA for overnight cash settlements.
          The Government borrows longer term out to 15 years. The price the bond and therefore interest paid is determined by supply and demand. In the event of inflation this will tend to have a negative impact on the demand and therefore the price paid for Government debt declines (yield increases).

          But yes the sentiment is correct the Government would love demand for their debt to remain high but also have inflation.

          • @Ashbargin: The RBA is targeting a yield cap of 0.25 per cent on bonds with maturities of up to three years and is prepared to buy bonds to keep rates within that ceiling if necessary. By simply announcing the cap on yields the policy has been effective, with the bank "only" having to purchase about $50 billion of bonds itself.

            Link to the article

            Effectively they are making bond holders accept a 0.25% yield by manipulating the yield. If you want to give government $100 and RBA jaw bones the market to accept 0.25% and inflation is 2% you lose.

    • Hilux and Ranger grant

  • Great deal. Book the flight to just get yourself quarantined in Amsterdam for 14 days on arrival. Then another 14 days when you get back! Awesome.

    • No quarantine for Australians or people coming from Australia in the EU.

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          Yes. EU have Australia on a list of low-risk origins for tourists and are open again for us to travel to…if you can get permission to leave Australia!

          Worth noting they're going to be reviewing the list every two weeks, so that could always change.

        • EU classifies Australia as low risk but compared to Australia a lot of European countries are higher risk. Depends on if people want to risk it.

          Will be a few young people who might try it, come back with it and end up in hotel quarantine then some sucker of a security person decides they want a bite of the cherry then you got a Victoria style situation again.

      • Who knows what will happen by that time.

  • Worth taking a gamble for that price. Booked, thanks OP

  • Come December, the flights will be cancelled and you'll get a refund in the form of flight credits for $900.When border does open, the new fare will be $4-5k+ for what is a two stop-over flight.

    • So you definitely can't get a cash refund? Not sure that I would want a $900 credit.

  • Booked. Thanks Op. Hope they honour it.

    • Short Answer : It's Royal Laurel

      Long Answer : All three you mentioned are business class but it just depends on the Aircraft Type.

      Royal Laurel - 787 and 777 Aircraft
      Premium Laurel - A330 Aircraft
      Business - A321 Aircraft

      From Brisbane to Taipei it's onboard their 787 with the newest business class. Then the onward flight to Europe is on the 777.

  • Don't mind booking just to fly biz ;)

  • Don't you need to quarantine back in Aus for 2 weeks at your own cost now when coming in from abroad?

  • Wow wouldn’t mind trying the Hello Kitty Airline.

  • I've also booked - who knows what will happen. If it's not honoured, nothing lost. If the borders are still closed - i believe the tickets book into C class so only would incur a $70 refund. Just see what happens…

    • Called flight centre they said the policy is changing everyday has been changed 6 or more times from March,their advice is not to book otherwise you may not get the refund which is around $1200 down the drain

  • The only question is how to get out of the island

  • $1277 AUD with flight centre.

  • I'd be careful trusting any airline with my money at the moment. Eva Air is not government owned. Looks like they got a strong cargo business but are still writing massive losses like most other airlines at the moment. Unlikely you'll find travel insurance that will cover you for bankruptcy or Covid.

  • Imagine that you take the plane thinking you'd get to see Europe, you get out of the plane you realise it's Amsterdam in USA … you think you are dreaming but no matter how hard you pinch yourself, you can't make the karens disappear

  • This will depend on whether there is a vaccine available by December. I'd imagine if there was one available, I think you might be able to travel freely if you have a certificate that you have been vaccinated.

    I'm predicting this is how travel will open up.

  • Amsterdam ain't a nice place off your face.

  • whats their cancellation policy like? what if you pay for it now. flight gets cancelled or you arent allowed to depart and you rebook it after july 2021 for a cheap flight to EU will they still honour this price in business class ?

  • Looks like party is over…

  • You're kidding if anyone thinks we can travel internationally until well into next year…..

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