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[QLD & Northern NSW] Economy Beef Rump Steak $10/kg @ IGA


Looks like QLD and northern NSW only. Available for $16/kg in Sydney. On front page of catalogue until Tuesday 7th, but check your local one here: https://www.iga.com.au/catalogue

Appears IGA X-press stores are excluded.

Shows up as $24/kg in their online store which might be the normal price.

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  • Certainly a good price at $10/kg but how is it?
    It’s probably my prep but I’ve only ever had a few good rumps and they were expensive ones that were a gift.

    • I'm gonna buy & freeze some but I usually just use steak for curries etc.

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      Sous vide is the answer & then brown in the pan/bbq

      Or for the kids i do a 10mins roast.
      Pan fry eat side for about 2mins, slice it up thinly, them pan fry again a minute each side… before you do that, chuck a couple of jacket spuds in the nuker.

      • I’ve never had sous vide, would like to try it but usually just dry brine for 24hrs before cooking in an old cast iron pan.

  • The IGA (the big one, not an express) in my area in Brisbane does not stock this. It is almost always like that with IGA. They advertise those meat and seafood deals but hardly ever stock them. They will say we do not stock the item advertised, but have rump in slices only so the pricing is different. Other times, they simply say we do not follow the catalogue.

  • I picked some up tonight, pretty hit and miss first 2 cuts off the wide end us some pretty heavy grizzle.

    Will see how it goes as we head I further but it’s $10/kg worse case stripped for casseroles it’s still cheaper than Casserole beef.

    It’s pretty standard hit and miss with iga tho, we get the $14.99 rib fillet sometimes it fantastic other times not so.

  • Nice! Will give it a go for some slow-cooked curries

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