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Tenda Nova MW6 - 3 Pack $150.23 Delivered @ Harris Technology via Amazon AU


On sale under lightning deals for 6 hours as at time of posting. Normally $199.98 for the 3 pack.
This is actually a really good cheaper alternative than the big name brands. Like the Google Nest, Eero, etc.
I just set up the 2 pack half an hour ago and it's even better than what I was expecting.
Super easy to set up.

Edit: 100% claimed Join the waitlist and check the page, you only have a short amount of time to purchase. Note that the waitlist might not be able via mobile site/app, request desktop site.

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  • Thanks just ordered

  • Does this works with TPG NBN (HFC) ?

    • it should because I am on HFC with Tangerine (was with ABB, Superloop too)
      I have one running for more than 7 months now and it was great device.

    • It doesn't do VLAN tagging if that's what you're asking.
      I have to plug mine into a different router that does that for use on my TPG FTTC.

      • HFC is different from FTTC

        • FTTC and HFC delivery method being different is not the point here.

          The difference is VLAN 802.1q is done from the ISP level by TPG.

          Hooking up the MW6 to the NBN connection device doesn't connect with TPG and you have to use an extra unnecessary router.

          The ISPs you have been with don't use VLAN 802.1q and doesn't affect you.

    • Hook up MW6 to the modem you have now. Tenda Nova MW6-How to set AP mode

      • Sounds like you may have this. Is it possible to set up this mesh router if you can't access the isp router? I forget how to get into it. does it just need to be plugged in, and no special settings in router?

  • Hey OP. Free delivery if prime member so even better deal. Cheers

  • Damn, purchased the MW3 earlier this week…

    • You can have a combination of MW3 and MW6's.

      • But the backhaul network will be limited to 100mbs due to the mw3s. I have mw3s in combination with an ac68u. Very happy with the mesh.

        • I was using the AC68U as well but got this to replace it. The NBN point was installed in the back room of my unit and was getting dead spots and so much buffering on the 100 plan. Looks like the MW6 has fixed it.

          • @jemlang: I also bought the MW6 to replace the rt68u due to placement of nbn modem in one corner of the house.

            My experiece was the deadspots were eliminated but I found the wifi performance was not on the same level as the Asus. It's not noticable with streaming or browsing but certainly felt on downloads. I ended up buying an Asus blue cave and reinstating the rt68u in an aimesh setup.

            • @ddhar: I also have the RT68U. How did you go with the Aimesh setup? There's plenty of dreadful reviews out there which puts me off buying another Asus for the aimesh.

              • @SarsCov2: I was initially concerned too but AiMesh set up was seamless for me. I basically reset the RT-68U to factory default, placed it close to the Blue Cave during set up, logged into the Blue Cave portal and let the AiMesh wizard take care of things from there. The performance was way better than the Tenda (to be fair, the MW6s are individually cheaper and look very sleek to the Asus units).

                Post setup, I noticed new firmwares for both routers but have decided against updating them (can't be bothered to troubleshoot should something go wrong or AiMesh is reset).

  • It's also free delivery even if you dont' have prime for the next 10mins (Think that's what it said)

  • How would these handle my smart house? I've got probably 100 devices on my wifi. I've got a Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 and it's been crashing regularly in the last few months. Would these be an upgrade or a downgrade? I just bought some cooling fans for the nighthawk in the hope it was a cooling issue, but who knows? It's a piece of crap these days (was great when I bought it).

    • +1 vote

      It says "mesh Wi-Fi lets you Link up to 90 wireless devices" but take it with a grain of salt.

      • Should probably be enough. I've bought a set, if I don't like them I'll upgrade the parents wifi.

      • +1 vote

        All routers used to advertise that they can link up to 254 devices 10 years ago but in fact, they couldn't.

    • What on earth do you use 100 separate devices for? Let's leave out phone, TV, lights and hubs, which should be around 20 all up.

      • Haha.. once you get into smart home, number of devices build up fast. Just my downlights use about 30 connections. Each downlight is wifi connected.

      • About 100. Don’t know exactly how many. It just adds up and up. Vacuums, lights, heatin/cooling, air purifier, gadgets, probably 10+ computers/tablets/phones. Yeah, I got a problem.

    • I probably have similar number of devices as you do, was facing similar issues with earlier setups. I've since moved to unifi for Gateway, switch and AP. I use 2 APs in mesh config. Works flawlessly. A bit expensive but works well with a lot of wifi devices connected. Official number of devices that can be connected with unifi is 250.

    • +1 vote

      Definitely no. You need a router which has a lot of ram to handle many devices at the same time. Your Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 has 256 MB ram and this Tenda has only 128MB ram. The tenda is only suitable for a house which has less than 20 devices and requires good wifi range. For your demand, you have to find some router which has 512 MB ram or more.

  • I have NBN, my internet is slow at some places, will this really help?

  • im a prime member but it's saying 10 bucks for delivery?

  • 100% claimed.

  • Booo, just missed out

  • Damn, missed out.

  • Ordered while 58% claimed. Hope I don’t regret 😁

    • Mate you’ll be back for more don’t you worry. I bought 3 mw3 already.

      • Hope it’s good. Wanted to get eero but waited too long and mid - year sale ended!

      • Can you tell me if you need to access your router's config/settings to install this mesh router or do I just need to plug it in? I have forgotten the user and pass, and i'd have to reset it, which would then reset all my voip information which i've also forgotten, so would be good if I could just plug it in, and nothing else

  • its back again. just ordered one.

  • at normal price for me now.

  • Ordered - never used Tenda products before, so hope this goes well…

  • How do I keep missing these? Don't y'all have every square inch of your house and you extended family's houses covered yet?

  • had it in my cart with 3 minutes to go but when selected checkout, it was removed and back to normal price. not happy

  • how did OP spotted this deal?
    can't believe I missed this…..I actually needed it!

    if anyone don't need it/regret buying please PM contact me!

  • Damnit I missed it

  • Got these from amazon for $199 the other day. Totally worth it!

  • got these recently MW6. they work really well!

  • Actual good boys know it's tendie nova

  • +1 vote

    Missed out again, why good deal always on when I'm not checking OZBargain? 😩

  • Hey I just got these, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to fix individual IP addresses for my specific devices. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • So got this lighting deal…connected em all and speed (while connected to router_5G) came down from 75-85mbps to 25-35mpbs with this nova mesh!
    Anyone has any tips or hacks to share I am missing more than half of my regular speed :(

    • 75-85mbps to 25-35mpbs with this nova mesh!

      Make sure you are connected to the 5GHz WiFi, channel width on the router 20/40/80 MHz, Security mode WPA2 AES

      • So I have just connected one Nova with ethernet cable (Port inside my house from the router in garage hils home hub) and rest two seems to be picked up wireless automatically. And now I am connected to the Tenda mesh wifi , not to my router. I don't see any option 5GHz WiFi, channel width on the router 20/40/80 MHz, Security mode WPA2 AES in nova mesh.

        • I don't see any option 5GHz WiFi

          Nowadays some router is auto select.

          In that case should be fine, did you try another device, like laptop or phone, make sure the device support AC1200 or more.

  • Hi All, I just received the MW6. Currently the TV room/Kitchen (back of the house) and the theatre room (front of the house) has a switch each connected via the ethernet port at the wall. The main modem is in the middle of the house. What would be best setup? I was thinking to connect each Nova to the ethernet and make all devices wireless.