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Samsung 860 QVO 1TB SSD $145 (+ $19 CashBack) + Delivery @ MSY and BudgetPC


Good price for Samsung QVO drive. This QVO drive is better for storage or as gaming drive.

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  • Why is better for storage or gaming? What is it not good for?

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      Not as good for boot drive, better as a secondary.

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        Why though?

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    Not worth it when TLC drives are in the same price range. Even the 860 EVO is only $20 more.

    It's not just about the endurance loss, it's the caching this uses in the 1 TB model. Move up to 2TB or just get a TLC option with decent caching.

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      not to mention when cash paired with cashback its the same price

    • so is the cache in the 2tb acceptable?

      • Yes, and 2TB TLC seems to be pricier. If you're sticking to 1TB, better off looking at TLC, probably NVMe if you don't have one due to the new tech coming in with next-gen GPUs (DMA).

  • would rather spend the extra $10 and get the 1tb evo… which is exactly what I did. Finally an upgrade for my steam library

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    Samsung recently announced the new Samsung 870 QVO SSD range.

    Hopefully prices will keep falling in the future.



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    The evo was $145 lol and is better than the qvo so this isnt the best deal but still good

    so the qvo ssd is $126, title is different compared to the others…

  • QVD's speed is only tiny bit slower compared to EVO, but there are some odd balls that will run like 2-3x faster on EVO; I think that's because the program is able to fully utilise the differences of the cache between the drives.

    what really differentiate the two is the expected life expectancy, EVO have a 5 years warranty, while QVD only have 3, this means that Samsung is expecting QVD to only have 3/4 of the life expectancy of EVO on paper; it may die not long after the warranty expires.

    to explain the difference in technology, watch this video.

    certainly I'm not saying that the technology is bad, they exists for certain applications, like a secondary drive for storing all your files and games backups where very low frequency writes occur, so when you get a new computer, you just move the drive across to save significant time with migration progress.

  • I use QVO for backup files ok? Not accessing everyday

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    Personally i would go for the 860 Evo 1tb The price difference is not much, 860 has longer warranty and endurance…

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